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Chapter 17 - The sphere of the ninth spirit (Gospel of Mark). Guidance in the true spirit world. How the evil of physical love is seen in the hereafter.

17,1. Also, this ninth spirit you shall see and talk to in his sphere. He will guide you to different places, where you will see and understand everything which was still strange to you up till now. Out of this, you will also see much of what you have seen up till now, in a brighter light.

17,2. Look, our hospitable friend is already standing there; enter therefore his sphere immediately and follow his instructions.

17,3. You already find yourselves in his sphere. Take notice of what this new guide is going to tell you. He says: Best friend and brothers, come, come with me to see what the infinitely great Fatherly love have done and how generous He always is. Rejoice exceedingly that the Master has delight in it to show to you new things in the spirit; for you will see with your own eyes how unfathomable the ways of the Master is and how inscrutable the council of His infinite, eternal wisdom!

17,4. Look around you as far as your spiritual eyes can reach and tell me what appears before your eyes. I do see that you feel embarrassed by the magnitude of the scene, are at your wit's end with it and do not know where to begin! Therefore, I will describe to you clearly in words everything you see.

17,5. In the direction of midnight, you see a rather barren environment; high, steep mountain range after the other look down like threatening judges upon beautiful plains. Here and there between the mountains and smaller hills you discover buildings looking like your homes on earth; here and there, more in the lowland, is also a little church. In the higher spheres of these mountains you see grey clouds drifting by and up high, the mountains seem to consist of pure snow and ice, kind of like the high glaciers upon your earth. You also see that the whole northerly region is cut off from where we are now, by a great and broad river.

17,6. When you follow the flow of this river, you discover that she has her origin from the region between the morning and midnight and flows along almost in the form of half a circle, between evening and midnight. Her water surges up in mighty waves; therefore, there is only one single ferry, or rather a ship pushed by the current, making the passing of the river possible for the inhabitants living on the other side of the river.

17,7. You would want to know what kind of inhabitants this is? We will soon know. Come with me; the boat is indeed at this shore, and we will cross the river easily and effortlessly. You want it andlook, we are already at the riverbank. Step into the little boat with courage and do not fear the foaming waves, nor the dark depths of the river. We will steer the boat so well that not even a drop will get into it.

17,8. You are sitting in the boat. See, the journey fares better than you thought, for we are already in the middle of the river. Do not take fright of the monsters raising their heads above the river, with gaping maws looking like they could devour whole worlds. For look, we are almost there and now we have reached the other side. Step on shore before me and I will follow you and fasten the boat.

17,9. Look, we are on land. There, situated rather deep in a valley you see the dirty town. Let us go there and look at what is to be seen. Here we are; how does it suit you here? You get chills of it. I tell you, this is still looking good, but it will become even worse.

17,10. You say: Best friend and brother! We are content with this, for this excessively loathsome houses look as if part of a burnt downtown in some of the other dark corner of the earth. The people we see here, look so homeless that one can barely imagine something worse than this on earth. A pair is just approaching us; the man is half naked. The naked parts of his body are emaciated and dirty and it looks as if he has a burning wound on his chest. His hair is more than half-charred by fire and half of his face looks as if burnt. His companion seems to be his wife. Master, what a pitiable female figure! She looks as if she has already lain underground for three years. Only over her shoulders is hanging a few dirty rags, looking as if they've just been taken from a tar pit. Her bare feet look like fleshless bones and her arms! One is a partly burnt skeleton arm and the other is covered with pus and boils and her head, what a facial expression! Truly, whoever can find anything but death, must have a high degree of wisdom.

17,11. Yes, my best friends and brothers, do not let yourselves be brought off balance by this scene, for these inhabitants of this region are of the best-looking and this is but the beginning of the great misery accommodated in this region. But let us now go to the town itself, where you will see truly astonishing things.

17,12. There stands the first house. Look inside through the low frame; what do you see? Oh, you draw back in a fright; what is in there? I very well know that there exists no perfume! On the floor of this room, you see half decomposed human beings caged in together, cuddling their stinking, rotten flesh which partly hangs from their bones. This sure is no praiseworthy scene, but it can be no other way, for this is how fleshly love is expressed here.

17,13. You ask whether these beings are completely lost? You sure do know the great love and compassion of the Master. Look, the flesh or rather fleshly lust of all these beings should be devoured in the most loathsome way possible before they can get into a condition where any help will be possible for them.

17,14. Do you think that seen from this point, these highly miserable beings are unhappy in this condition? Oh, no not completely! Would they feel unhappy, they would want to quickly flee, for each of them still have enough strength to move himself upstream, for the water possesses a purifying and healing power. Only, the physical pleasure is their element, therefore they chew on their flesh until it is completely devoured.

17,15. You ask: Do these people have anything to eat and are they still able to take in any food! Come with me to the second house and look inside through the frame, then you will immediately see a meal.

17,16. Well, what do you see there? You are not able to keep looking! Why then did you jerk back from the frame so quickly? Yes, look, it also brings with it fleshly lust. On earth, you have a saying: They are so fond of each other, they can eat each other! Therefore, you do not have to be so aghast when you see how the residents of this house eat away each other's rotten pieces of flesh already full of maggots and worms. As such the flesh needs to be digested, if the spark of their better spirit still wants to be freed.

17,17. Now you ask whether these poor beings have nothing to do. Also this we shall see. There already is another house. Look inside through the partly decayed frame and you will immediatelysee with what the residents of this are busying themselves with. But once again you flee away from the frame. What repels you from the frame in such haste? Is it so peculiar to see in the right light, how the residents of this house fishes up from the stinking muck on the floor the partly decayed rags of flesh and rub it over their bare bottoms, or if when they have created some kind of skeleton with such pussy rags of flesh, they immediately again think of sensual intercourse and makes every effort to give themselves still some sensual, physical pleasure!

17,18. Why then are you so surprised of this spectacle? Does it go any better upon earth? If you would perceive so much tender flesh, so admired upon earth, with spiritual eyes, you would see even greater wonders than here!

17,19. You ask: Do these poor beings have no concept of the Master and absolutely no longing for Him? First, proceed a bit further. Look, there on the hill stands what looks like a filthy ruin of a prayer house. We will go there; who knows what spectacular things we discover! Look, here behind the mountain is an already ruined entrance. We only must look inside, and we will immediately find a suitable answer for your question. Well, you almost fall backward of fright! What amazing things have you discovered?

17,20. You can barely breathe, let alone speak! You should still not react like this, for this excursion to not be over too soon. What you have seen here, however, is nothing but completely natural. Think it over; the sensual and greedy person is carrying this with him everywhere. Also, when he would enter a house of prayer, he can see what he wants and his sensual love will therefore always be active. Every object will be colored according to her personality. As such will, every object looked at by a sensually lustful person, spiritually be seen in such repugnant sensual love. Because of this, you have seen in the place of the altar, nothing other but pure sexual organs of both sexes. A poorly situated, the unattractive cross statuette was hung and decorated on both sides with such objects of lust. You have even seen how a few people dawdle along as if in a museum in this house of prayer and become completely consumed in looking at the named works of art and take much pleasure in it.

17,21. Do you find it to be excessive? I tell you: it is not excessive in the least, but it is the pure, sober truth. For there are among you on earth many people who do think of the Master every now and then, especially when they see wood carving of Him, depicting Him only grossly materialistic; but how long does such a reminder last? Only one look at one or the other kind of attractive woman and the remembrance of the Master will be just like the image of Him, decorated and weaved together with all kinds of charming body parts! On earth, such things are hidden by the skin, but in the spirit, all these are open and bared to see.

17,22. You ask: Best friend, deeper down in this filthy valley are still many such woefully decayed dwellings; is this a continuation of these fleshly laudabilities My dear friends and brothers! It is only a trial, we want to look at a few more of these palaces and I think you will have enough to solve this issue. I do think you will have enough and I am sure there is no further question for the others, as you can see, of many palaces. Behold, we are already in one. Just look into it and you will be amazed at what all you will see there at a glance. Well, well, you start to bend over here as if a grim colic had gripped you! What is it then? I do not find anything new; they are apparitions of your earth, just as they occur there. You see nothing else here but a lot of women lying over dirty boards, which still look quite reasonably fleshy; only the sole circumstance that very wildly sensual looking and really being male beings walk between the women and cut holes in the flesh of the women with pointed knives and then apply their genitals into these fresh wounds. Furthermore that women bind the men's hands, then fasten them to a stake with a rope, then make their way over the male genital parts and tear the same as with glowing teeth; and that even moreover, in reverse, the men tear out the women's breasts and hang them on their genital parts, some of them are even hung on their whole body with such torn female breasts and that this disgrace, of course, looks very bloody indeed – but it's all that you are so horrified about, so the whole circumstance!

17,23. You say now:"No, but that is an exaggeration after all." "I say to you, however, not at all; for if on your earth you would only contemplate the carnal desire, how different it is, with spiritual eyes on a square mile of space, you would get to see completely different things. You can believe it, if some of the inhabitants of the earth would not keep away punishable state and bourgeois laws,you would see wonders of what truly hellish inventions would come full of the carnal lust in the daylight!?

17,24. Do you have any wish to look at the next house? You shake your heads and therefore I will not guide you around anymore, but I will briefly tell you that you would not see anything better, but only worse. As such you would have seen in the next house all kinds of desecration of boys. Would you go further, you would see how young girls are being forced and lured by sensual men into fornication. But because the viewing of such terrible abominations would rather hurt than benefit you, it is better for you not to see it!

17,25. Yet, I do have to tell you that, the more one look at all this, the people's flesh do look as if fuller and more complete in a certain sense than those upstream. This is because those upstream are even more exposed and deprived of their flesh than those living more inland.

17,26. Look there, deep in that filthy valley, there you will even see houses burning. You ask what it would mean? This means that the fleshly lust has degenerated into maliciousness, depicting jealousy upon your earth. In such a dwelling, you may not look inside if you are not prepared for it, for such a viewing could cost you your life! As such we have nothing more to find in this valley and next time, we will go to another town. We will see how things will fare there. I tell you: Do not expect too much, for we will yet see many other things. We will leave it at that for now.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-17 Chapter