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Chapter 16 - The sphere of the eighth spirit. The world clock and the “last time”. The “New Jerusalem” from the sphere of Swedenborg.

16,1. Our hospitable friend is here already; go then into his sphere. Also, this spirit you will see inside of his sphere, where you will be guided by him. Take again well notice of what he will let you see and what he will say, for from this much will be clarified unto you, which you have not yet completely understood. You already find yourselves in his sphere; trust him, he is a competitive guide and in him is much wisdom out of Me. Along the way, you will indeed get to know who this spirit actually is. Listen then to him and do follow him!

16,2. The spirit has just told you: Come, come, beloved brothers, as the Master wills it; I will guide you through the Kingdom of truth and love!

16,3. Look there, to the morning, to that exceptionally majestically beautiful mountains. Look how the Godly sun, in which the Master dwells, already stands high above the mountains and see how beautifully her rays falls like a lovely morning red in the valleys and other depths of the world!

16,4. Look for now also backward, then you will see a great sea, alive with the movement of many great waves. On the waves you see many ships; some are huge, the other small. You see how the waves surges towards the shore to absorb these delightful rays of the sun. The ships upon the great sea have also set their sails to steer towards the shimmering shore. By this, you can recognize the latent power of the rays of the Godly sun, in which the Master dwells.

16,5. But now we turn to the mountains. There we will see and view things of a vastly different nature, how the Godly truth reveals Himself there. You ask, saying: but dear spiritual friend and brother, that radiating mountain still look very far off, how can we get there so quickly? O dear friends and brothers, do not worry yourselves about that, for our will shall take us there. You want it as I do and look, we are already here!

16,6. You say: O dear spiritual friend and brother, it is delightful here; we would want to stay, for never have appeared before our spiritual eyes something so enchanting, as this view from this high mountain.

16,7. There, to the midday, you see something strange and you do not know what to think of it. You see hanging from a high firmament, a hanging golden rod, slowly swinging to and fro like the pendulum of a clock. You want to know what it is. I tell you: let us go there, then you will soon discover.

16,8. Do you see behind this impressive sun pendulum the extraordinary big, square building, raising himself in pyramid form step by step to its pinnacle under the high, apparently heavenly firmament? We will go there and have a closer look. The inscription on the one side will show us the meaning thereof. You want it and look, we are here!

16,9. Look up there. On the tenth step, you see the two great, light radiating pyramids; Look what is written on each of them. You say: The writing is foreign to us. Well, then I will read it to you. On the pyramid is written: “This is the great time measure for what is created”. On the other pyramid is inscribed: “Only correct movement of all things and occurrences according to Godly order”. From these two inscriptions, you already can put together what this appearance wants to convey.

16,10. But come up high with me, at least until half the height of the building. There we will look at the dial plate of this great world timepiece, upon which you will very easily be able to see what time it is right now.

16,11. Look, we again are already at our destination. You are surprised that this dial plate is provided with numbers only at one side, namely the left-hand side, but still just like your watches, from one to twelve. The right-hand side turned to the morning side (east), is completely without numbers. This is because the evening side (west) only depicts the temporary and the morning side, the eternal and thus the spiritual.

16,12. When the whole of material creation realized, this great, light emanating hour-hand stood right at the bottom, on the number one, which you see still strongly radiating.

16,13. But where is this hour-hand now? You say: He shows directly upwards and almost at the end of its last number. He only must pass two last dots, then his point will enter the numberless light side. Do you indeed know what this means? Look, this denotes “the end of time”!

16,14. Yet you ask: Will all cease to exist when the hour-hand will come to the free, white surface! This will be shown by a next dial plate, positioned higher up. Go therefore a few paces higher up with me.

16,15. Look, there is already another dial plate. What do you see on it? You say: there we see exactly the opposite; the side turned to the evening is dark and numberless. The side turned to the morning is inscribed with new, brightly shining numbers. Here, the one is above, the twelve below. The great hour-hand already touches the first dot of the one, shining like a bright morning star. Every number forming a great circle to the bottom shines brighter and the last number's glow is like that of the sun, gloriously shining in the morning. You have all taken good notice; but what does it want to say?

16,16. This you will learn immediately. Look, as such is an old, dark time passing over into a new, shining one. Therefore, shall these things not perish, but it will be given “a new time”. As the first time was a time of perishing, a time of night, this coming time will be one of rising and a time of the day! Now you understand the meaning of this great clockwork. Let us then again divert our gazes from this and have a closer look at those things which are still in endless, wonderful abundance around us.

16,17. You see in the direction of the midday an exceptionally great, square building, looking like a great cubic of about twelve thousand klafter long; breadth and height, therefore, equal to length. On top of the four corners, you see four gigantic human figures, with four different animals at their feet. We will go there immediately to see what it means. You want it and therefore we are, as you see, on the shining surface of this great cubic. Look then, there in the middle of the shining surface stands yet another, strongly radiating cubic, with a completely unsealed book lying upon it.

16,18. The seventh seal you see already broken and from this seal you see various gigantic forms arise. Many spirits clothed in white, carrying great trumpets, soar to all sides. Look, one is blowing the trumpet and from the trumpet comes forth many things like war, dearth, famine, and pestilence. Look, another blows on his trumpet and from it comes a devouring fire. Wherever it falls, it devours everybody and it melts away the hardest stones like water drops on a glowing plate. Look once again, yet another one blows his trumpet and a great flood, full of multifarious abominable beasts; look, down there, how the old earth drowns in this flood. And look there, a fourth is blowing his trumpet and a great, fiery dragon plummets down, bound and shackled, to where you see an endless depth in an immeasurable, boiling sea of fire.

16,19. But now, look at the four gigantic figures on the corners. Also, they are equipped with great trumpets. See, the one in the direction of midnight blows his trumpet powerfully, out of which a spirit comes forth, holding a big sickle to punish the earth with. Look, the one in the direction of the evening blows his trumpet and from it comes forth another spirit holding a glowing and fiery broom to sweep the dirt from the surface of the earth. Now look, in the direction of the midday, the great spirit is also blowing his trumpet and from it come forth a multitude of spirits equipped with a variety of baskets with seeds, to plant a new fruit in the clean, swept earth. But now, look, the spirit in the direction of the morning is also blowing his trumpet and from it comes forth a shining cloud. On it, you see innumerable multitudes. Above this cloud, you see a radiating cross and on the cross, stands a Man, meek like a Lamb!

16,20. See, this is the sign of the Son of man. With this, we have also seen here what can be shown to you; everything of this is the light of the truth, from where you perceive these things.

16,21. You are shifting your gaze to the morning and see to your great surprise an unusually beautiful, big city, radiating like the sun above her. You would want to know what this city is and would like to have a closer look at her. You want it! Look, the city is already right before us.

16,22. How does it suit you here? You say: Unspeakably well and good, for here we breathe pure love and everything we see, has a peculiar soft, mild and love-breathing character. You proceed talking: how beautifully shining are the walls of this city; how exceptionally exalted and magnificent her gates and what an indescribable glorious light radiates to us from every gate! Countless overjoyed multitudes of angelic spirits wander in and out of it! Oh, what good dwellings must be in there!

16,23. You say that you would want to look around inside the city. Also this you can do. But I tell you beforehand: This city is so infinitely big that we would not even with the greatest speed of thought in no eternities can pass through her completely; for this city becomes only big, yes endlessly bigger and bigger, the more one penetrates her inner being and look into the city through the gate.

16,24. You now say: In the Name of the almighty Master! What endless magnificence and endless row of dwellings! It seems as if there is no end to this street we are now looking at. Yes, I tell you: You could wander forever along this street, but never reach the other end, and of such streets and plains are countless many in this city. Would you like to know the name of this city, then read the inscription above this gate. There is written: “The holy city of God”, or also, the new Jerusalem.

16,25. But I, who have guided you around here, is the spirit of Swedenborg; with this, you have seen what you were granted by the Master to see in my sphere. Thus, we will go back again. Look, we are again at the place from where we departed. Step now out of my sphere and go to Him, Who is waiting for you and Whose Name is: Holy, Holy, Holy!! Well, you are here again; have you taken everything well into yourselves?

16,26. You answer positively, but I tell you: What you do not yet understand, will in due time and indeed in the sphere of the next spirit, become clearer. Thus, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-16 Chapter