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Chapter 15 - The bowl with the laying scoop. The prophetic sphere of Daniel.

15,1. If you have looked well at the fourth image from the beginning, the following logical questions should have risen in your minds: Why is water in this round bowl made to continuously swirl around by means of a scoop? In the first instance is the answer already contained in the meaningful question, namely, for no seafarer to come too close to the gearing, and secondly: to push out everyone who would want to get to the center of the bowl, back out by the outwardly swirling water, despite all efforts.

15,2. A rower can put in no matter how much effort, he cannot reach the gearing to bring it to standstill, which would enable every seafarer to get to the center, take hold of the gearing and remove it with joint effort from the bowl, for to have the whole beautiful, restful water surface freely available for everyone's well-being.

15,3. Now another question surfaces, namely: what is then so peculiar about this center of this water bowl? Even though the wheel exists there, there still is all around a spacious water surface available. Whoever wants to row about on his boat, can still do it to his heart's content and do not need the center for it.

15,4. All good and well, if you do not know what the center point, above which the water gear is attached, hides. Only when you know this, one would utter in himself the express wish: away with that wheel with its many scoops! It is of no benefit to us. To explain that the water would not become foul because of the constant stirring by the gear, would be completely senseless if one would measure up the immense damage of this, against the use of this place above where the water gear is installed. To not leave you for too long breaking your heads about it, I will immediately tell you.

15,5. This place is a source of living water. But this source has been properly secured and so to say, sealed with lead; not a drop can bubble through. Yet, all boasters who have vested interest in the water, says that the life of this water is only dependent on them. They have the power to make the water alive or to kill it. The gear was supposedly given to them by God, as well as the ability to bring the water to life, if it is propelled by them. Would the water not be driven by them, it would become dead and would serve nobody for life anymore. They also say: This bowl is, among other similar bowls in the vicinity, the only one containing true living water. In all others, the water is dead and its movement, imitating living water, is nothing other than pure deceit. Whoever let himself be deceived to take his rowing boat to any of the other water bowls, will perish without fail.

15,6. The proof that this is the only bowl containing the living water, is firstly its age and secondly, its extraordinary beauty and exaltedly built structure, serving the living gear. The third proof is its extraordinary size, showing this bowl to be the only real one. The fourth proof is its public use, seen by the fact that its surface still has the greatest number of rowers. The fifth, that all water bowls came forth from this one, shown by their striking resemblance with the only, true water bowl.

15,7. Now look a bit further. More than two-thirds of the rowers, still being driven out to the shores, have long ago seen the futility of their monotonous and useless journey on the water and therefore leave their boats. They step out onto the shore completely dismayed and disappointed, turn their backs to it, saying: do we not have something better to do than to let us be cheated for so long already with that living water? People have told us: Just persevere, journey so many times, take care to exert the right amount of power, to ensure that nobody firstly would get to the gear, secondly also not too close to the shore, but to continuously stay in the area of the water between the gear and the shore. If one would come too close to the gearing, the intense power of it would soon paralyze you. Because of this, he would soon be irrevocably documented as a dead person.

15,8. Now we have wisely again ended up on the shore; what a wonder that we are still alive! Those stepping out of these rowing boats say: would that it would also occur to the others to just have a look at the shore, to let them see that there is much more life than on the dumb water surface. They would quickly steer their boats to this much more joy-giving shore and would not take notice anymore of all the mighty boasting of those positioned on the edge of the water gear.

15,9. They continue speaking: All praise and honor to the Master for giving this into us! But the question is: where would we now get other, better water from?

15,10. Many of them say: Look, there in the direction of the morning, not too far from here, are mountains. Who of us does not know that the mountains always have good springs? Let us go there promptly, then we will surely find purer living water than this old, watergear-driven living soup. Look how a multitude secretively gets away and journey to the mountains. This is already a good sign. Yet, we still want to stay at the water bowl and see what is still going to happen there.

15,11. Do you not find it conspicuous to see that there are among the guests on the shore a lot having binoculars? They inspect the gear from all sides and see that it's scoops are completely rotten and ragged. More than half of it is already missing. What becomes of this? We will first listen to what our onlookers are telling each other.

15,12. Look, there indeed are standing quite a few clever ones; they talk very excitedly. One says: what have I told you? The moment has arrived: the great screamers are sitting with their hands in their hair! They cannot stop the gear to replace the scoops, for if they would do it, the water in the bowl would become still and it would soon become clear to every foolish rower that it is no living water. Neither could they dare to drive the gear harder, for the few remaining, leaking scoops would also break. So, if this would certainly happen, tell me once, best friend, how would it fare with the living water? For the scoop-less gear will, even if it would turn ever so vigorously, not be able to move the water and give it even less apparent life than all the thoughts that have not yet occurred to us.

15,13. The second says: Brother, I see very well how the situation is turning out. If the rowers will notice this, which is according to my observation certainly the case, that the movement of the water is becoming more and more sluggish, a part of them would become convinced that things are not well with this so-called living water, making it better to rather walk out on the shore! Another part will indeed, because of the lesser resistance, approach the so-called holy site of the gearing with little effort, and they will see with their own eyes what we can see clearly from the shore, namely the condition of the highly praised, mighty gear. You know, the pompous one with a vested interest are saying that it will never break down and still has the same power to enliven the water. What would they say if they would count the scoops and discover to their surprise what is lacking and also see the critical and significant damage to the scoops which are still attached to the loose gear? Do you not agree with me? He will quickly turn away their boats from the gearing and row to the shore.

15,14. The others say: this is a done deal; especially when the water closer to the shore are barely being moved anymore, they would proclaim something to the extent of: Listen, sea captains, remove yourselves quickly from this surface, to not face the danger of navigating over an increasingly stinking mud puddle instead of over living water!

15,15. How does this dialogue suit you? I believe it is not a bad one. Yet, at the shore is standing yet another group, measuring the depth of the bowl with small sticks, while empty boats are drifting in every direction upon the surface, acting as if they are the rightful navigators of the living waters. Look, over there is a few depth gauges out onto the shore, earnestly conversing. Do go over there and listen to their discussion.

15,16. Listen to the words of the first one: I have always said it: this whole pool is a shallow disaster; the water is artificially colored dark, but have nowhere any significant depth. Since there is already something in this water which could easily make it murky, it should be diligently stirred to preserve the apparent freshness. Now the situation is very clear to us. What do you think, in what way should we put an end to this already overdue foolishness?

15,17. Listen to another one saying. Two ways. As you see, those having vested interest in the water, are caught up in a thousand fears and have no idea how to repair the rotten, old gear anymore. What is easier than to dig a canal, to let their fantastic water secretly drain away to the lowland; when their bowl contains no water anymore, their gear can turn as much as he wants to, but you can be assured that all rowers still rowing, will soon steer towards the shore, where they will become convinced that life is to be found in abundance there.

15,18. And listen, a third one is saying: Have you not heard that in the place of the gear, the actual source of living water is to be found? If one would be able to conquer it, it would mean the greatestgain! Listen, a fourth one says: I've just had a very good idea! What would you think of it if we should forgo the draining of the water, but dig a tunnel without any trouble to the underside of the gear? If the living source is there, we will for sure let her emerge from there, that she can spread herself in her fullness of life overall vast valleys and plains like a sea. When this happens, these gear turners can turn their gear as much as they want to, and we can be sure that we will be able to count those still willing to be lured onto the water in their rotten little boats, on our fingers.

15,19. The first says: Bravo, brother, this I would call a good idea! Let us immediately roll up our sleeves, for they have not put this gear on this place for nothing. They are anxiously hiding what is underneath. They know that it will be their sure downfall and therefore they have cautiously hidden and sealed it. We have decided; therefore, it is also decided in heaven and now the building of the tunnel shall commence.

15,20. Now look further: He, together with many more set out for the lowland and already at first glance detect there, him being a mountain expert, indications of the presence of living water. They begin to dig and with the first shovel already discover a rich source which immediately strongly surges out also with the mighty radiation of the sun. They continue digging, enlarges the tunnel and since they do not encounter rock, they make rapid progress.

15,21. Look how the already discovered springs have formed a shining brook, searching its way through the valleys. Many who are not far away walk as quickly as possible to the brook, who have already enlarged itself into a significant lake. Its pleasant aroma permeated the whole region and its shores become more and more populated. Now our tunnellers have only a few meters more to go to the main source. Look inside and see how they are coming closer to the main source inside the strongly illuminated tunnel.

15,22. Now look, one of them makes the determining blow and the source has been opened! She carries the workers to the open into the eternal, infinite freedom and rewards them with eternal life. With great force and abundant riches, they gush over all valleys and plains; they flatten mountains and all who were dead are brought to life with her water.

15,23. But look, those having vested interest in the water see this too, and they scream murder and burning on their water scaffolding! But it is of no avail. They powerfully drive the old water gear, but one after the other rotten scoop flies off. The water surface is littered with empty little boats at the shores. Everything having feet tries to reach the life-giving water. Only those having vested interest in the waters now sit, as you are used to saying, in sackcloth and ashes! A few grab the bad, broken scoops of the gear and swim to the shore as effectively as possible, to the blessed shore. There will remain very little rescue gear for the main parties concerned, for the boats all have drifted to the shore and nobody wants to steer them there, to save them. Their water begins to stink terribly and the living water refuses to enter there.

15,24. Look, this is how it is; this is then the full unraveling of the abominable image, which we have seen in its fullness in the sphere of our seventh spiritual hospitable friend.

15,25. You do now understand these images and this is enough, for this also gives us a view on the spiritual sun. As you have encountered on the sun all material conditions in correspondence with the named celestial body, as such is also the nature of the spiritual conditions.

15,26. Who then is this seventh spirit in whose spirit you have seen this? Look, it is an old spirit especially destined for this time; this is the spirit of the prophet Daniel. Now that you know, you can again come out from his sphere and next time you will find yourselves in the sphere of the eighth spirit, who has just come to us. Therefore, again, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-15 Chapter