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Chapter 14 - The ring wall in its corresponding image. Forms of the different Christian churches.

14,1. When you would investigate, our ring wall a little closer, you would see that there are inside not one, but multiple tracks starting at the side of the inner area, spiraling inwards alongside each other, towards the closed in tent. If you would look even closer, you will also discover that all these tracks are laid out in such a way that one can reach with no one the entrance to the tent. Yet it is said at the entrance of this splendid terrain: whoever can find the narrowest way and proceed on it, not deviating from it on side roads, will definitely and surely reach the tent, where a great reward awaits him.

14,2. What would this strange course of a spiral track then mean? I will give no definitive answer; you will find it as soon as you have had a closer look at it. Therefore, give detailed attention to this truly foolish, but in her foolishness, meaningful playground!

14,3. Look, at every place where such a track begins at the outside to the center, a track leader is stationed, as well as a track director and a great multitude of lackeys. Look how they all sport extremely serious and solemn faces. On the broad wall, you see a great multitude of people of both sexes. Look how, at the onset of a track, those of common mutual interest praise and promote their track leader to be the only correct one, saying: Everyone, come here! This track is the only right way by which you will certainly find the entrance to the tent and also the tent itself, where an invaluable treasure is awaiting you! But look, the track leader standing at his side, calls out, saying to the guests: do not allow yourselves to be deceived! With us you pay much less track fees, for our track is the oldest, therefore also the formally acknowledged one; because of her, many thousands have already arrived at the tent and received their high reward. But the first track leader immediately comes closer, protesting vehemently and urgently warns the guests to not follow the deceptive lures of the second track leader. The second track leader excitedly opposes against such blasphemous speech and calls out with a mighty voice: I do not say that you may not come here; I leave it to your free will whether you would come along my track or not, because Ivery well know that my track is the oldest and only right one, I would want to drag you there by your hair. It is lamentable enough that one should force unto fools like you such unspeakable bliss with violence! The first track leader again raises himself and again calls out mightily: Then indeed follow my neighbor! You sure do know that his track near the tent has a hidden and covered up abyss by which everyone who shall walk this track, will irrevocably fall to perdition. At this declaration, the second track leader reacts even more heftily, sends his lackeys up the wall without a word, let them forcefully herd together a multitude to walk down his track. When they offer to pay the track fee, he magnanimously boasts: I do not receive anything from you, I only want to ensure your bliss; therefore, walk my track. You can run or restfully wander, as you please and I will surely guarantee that you will find nowhere on my track a baneful abyss, but that you will all reach the tent, well preserved. My only prerequisite is that you would not leave my track. If you would leave due to error or of your own, I will not be answerable to that, for on any other track you will, instead of ending up in the tent, find yourselves in one or the other hidden abyss. So, we see the multitude proceed.

14,4. But see, close-by is standing yet another track leader. He creates no uproar, pulls a very amiable and compassionate face. The guests ask him why he does that and what then is so close to his heart. He answers with very meek and soft words: Who would not be sorrowful!! These poor people are all going the wrong way, while only this one is the only correct way, going virtually straight to the entrance of the tent. I do not tell you to come here, but when you would have experienced everywhere that you have achieved nothing with your senseless, useless efforts, you would find yourselves automatically on my track. I tell you: I do not even condone for anyone to walk on my track and by that cause jealousy in the cunning track leaders besides me. If he would everywhere have convinced himself that he has been deceived, he will without hesitation come to me and will willingly pay a high track fee if I would only open my track for him.

14,5. Look, a fourth track leader, slyly looking back at his neighbor, shakes his head and finally says: Just go forth! Who laughs last, laughs longest! I tell you, my helpers, leave all these wall guests. Let the fools do what they want, we do not invite anyone. You can go over the wall to the outside, catch them there and bring them here. As soon as the fools are brought here from the outside, we will be well assured that they will not seek any other track and will step on none other than ours. We only set up a banner stating: “The only right track to the goal!”, look thereby very busy and the fat fish are all ours.

14,6. But look further! Alongside here is yet another, very narrow track, seemingly very poor. The track leader sits at the entrance, concerning him for no one. His few helpers are following his example. See how many guests go over to this track leader, secretly asking him: How is it with your track? He says nothing else but only these words: My track testifies of itself. Whoever wants to walks on her, will convince himself whether she will bring him to his goal or not. This enigmatic and secretive words surprise many and many track guests begin to follow Him.

14,7. If they ask after the cost, He says: there is no price, but whoever wants to walk this track, gives everything he has, for he will also find it all back. I Myself though, needs nothing. At this prerequisite, the lovers of this track lookup strangely then pull back again into the wall.

14,8. But look, alongside this one, there is yet another track. He has a real moper as track leader. He erected a complete house in front of the track. He invites no one, but if someone would come to him and ask: what kind of track is this and does she lead to the inside of the tent? Then the track leader says very softly and secretively to him: Friend, there never has been a track like this one; only this one is the oldest and is connected to the entrance of the tent. Would you like to walk it, you will not be sorry? You only should pay the track fee, of so much, in fine, jingling coin. You will get a bill for that same amount. If you properly follow the track and do not let yourselves be deceived, you will, without doubt, get inside the tent and with that, you win the grand prize. Should you get lost, all is not yet lost for, with this bill in your hand, you will receive back in jingling coins all, with interest. As you would see, this track leader has a very significant influx of great and small, but not because of the track, but only because of his money management. Therefore, he bursts of gold, silver, and multifarious noble stones. He does not concern himself with the tent in the least, for his business is only money matters. As such also his track walkers do not reallyconcern themselves for whether they reach the tent or not, for they indeed have the bill in their hand.

14,9. But look even further. There lies, even more, less trodden tracks. The track leaders are tolerated by the head track leaders only up to a certain level. They, therefore, sit very restfully at their tracks. If a pilgrim comes by at one or the other, it is good. If no one comes, they do not grow grey hair because of it. They are in a certain sense not dependent upon the yield of the track, but they provide their sustenance by means of various stalls, erected at their tracks. Would they secretively be asked by someone: Is your track the right one? They would carelessly answer: If this would not be the right one, which one would? See, as such is the cyclic track terrain is populated with pure track leaders: the great, the calling, the moping, the silent and the secretive. Apart from a single track, namely the narrowest, you will everywhere find wanderers and seekers. But because all the tracks are fended off at the end, all these track walkers finally end up against the outside of the tent. Nobody reaches the entrance, for as many, as you see rushing there, just as many will find disappointment at the steep wall, will turn around and again seek for freedom, since they achieved nothing for all their effort. Everyone jostles around the track leader who is giving out jingling coins. And look, even other track leaders send their helpers secretly with bags full of silver and gold and let him give out bills for that.

14,10. Nobody turns to the poor Track Leader resting at the entrance of the narrowest track. He, therefore, has little to do and would someone go to Him, he will be mocked, or be held back with force by the other track leaders.

14,11. But now, have a good look, how they have set up on the wall, a noticeable multitude of able spies, whose eyes follow the narrow, un-treaded track. A few amongst them says: Look, that track truly leads to the door. But if all tracks around here only lead to the blind wall, who knows of this narrow track do not actually leads to the entrance?

14,12. Look, many already are walking around over the wall, following the track with their eyes. The track leaders do not realize the meaning of this wandering, but woe unto them all if these fortunate spies would discover the real direction of this narrow track. Then things will fare badly with them, for they will be held answerable. All the tracks will be destroyed and made equal to the narrow track and the inconspicuous Track Leader will bring all unto Him.

14,13. Do not wonder about the repetitive laughter going on upon the ring wall, especially at those track leaders who are screaming the loudest. This laughter has its well-founded reason which you can believe: all the current main tracks needs to be bombarded with mocking laughter. All their doctrines and great promises need to be brought to shame when the main track is found! You can indeed believe it, what this spiritual imagery is teaching you, such is reality.

14,14. There already are many keen-eyed track spies on the wall and they have investigated only half of the track yet. Another few glances and steps and you will see that the narrow way will be heavily trodden upon. Her travelers will arrive without fail at the entrance and come into the tent, will there receive great treasure and present it to all the guests.

14,15. When this will happen, it will be over and done with all other tracks. The guests will thrust themselves over from the other tracks, tear down the fences and will come to the entrance of the tent from all sides!

14,16. It is barely necessary to say that the first track denotes the Kingdom of hierarchy, the second one the Greek church, the third the Protestant, the fourth the English Church and that the other smaller tracks represent other smaller tracks. By knowing this, you would also know what this image means. When you made it your own, you will find that much of what you have seen in the sphere of the sixth spirit, will become clear. Next time, the fourth image, but enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-14 Chapter