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Chapter 13 - The swing at her corresponding image. Ceremonial religion cult and the worldly life.

13,1. You must have already more than once have seen such a monotonous garden airship, very well known to you by the name of 'swing'; you would also have taken part in such a repetitive journey. What have you felt when such an airship was diligently pushed to and fro by an artful taskmaster? You say: We felt anything but pleasant and when we left the vessel, we almost vomited due to the terrible swinging journey! For this reason, we also lost any desire to ever again take part in such an airborne journey.

13,2. I say: your description is very good and we will be able to use it very well for our purpose. Have you ever questioned yourselves what would become of such a swing if it would be brought into rapid motion by the enthusiastic pusher? You say: oh yes, then she would tip over, with the result that it fares badly with the airborne travelers. I say: good, also this tale we will be able to use very well. Give us regarding this yet a third question, namely: how far do the travelers in such an airship travel? Answer: after hours of moving to and fro, they have come so far that they get off at the same point they started out from. What kind of journey is that? Answer: An imaginary journey, for you, are in fact put in motion, but do not progress any further than the swinging length of such a ship and one would have to succumb to be even laughed at by a snail, whom, even with an incomparable slow creeping motion, would make more progress in a few hours than the full length of the swing's furthest reach. Likewise, do we see in the sphere of our hospitable friend how a multitude of people let themselves be wildly swung to and fro in great swings. Have a look: if the swing still swings with moderation, the swingers calls out to the commander: swing harder, harder!But when the swing reaches almost half a circle, all are screaming: stop, stop, otherwise the swing might top over and then we are lost!

13,3. Do you not yet see something in this strange image? O it stands so clear before you as a sun before the eyes! If you would just have a look at the ceremonial religious cult, you will immediately understand our image.

13,4. A child, born and baptized in such a ceremonial church are spiritually seen, already put in such a swing and when he lays in it, the swing is gradually put into increasing motion. Because of the motion, the person thinks that he is making heaven knows how great progress and he is going forward! At first glance can anyone see how far such a journey will go! This airship hangs between two pillars. The one means the so-called rock of faith doctrine, the other though, the necessity of state and politics. Both are planted as solidly as possible and connected by crossbeams. As such continues the journey between these two pillars and no man can move himself any further as the length of the rope onto which this meaning full airship hangs. Some swingers quickly become nauseous and jump off at the very first repose by which they can benefit. A very few leave such a transport device for good. Only those having vested interest in such a device stays in it pro forma, allows themselves for appearance's sake to be restfully pulled to and fro and praises and exalts such a device, whose movement is, according to them, exceptionally beneficial for your health. By that they also attract strangers and tell those so foolish, to get into the traveling device: would you want to fully experience the enjoyment and perfect satisfaction of such a journey, you must let yourselves be blindfolded. Since that then deceives many to go and sit in such a device blindfolded, it happens that they enthusiastically begin to call out: Yes, only now we begin to understand how much secrets are kept behind the monotony, for the going to and fro have stopped and we are flying through infinite space. This just must be a wonder! Who would ever have dreamt that there would be something so great, behind something so monotonous?

13,5. When then such blindfolded air travelers think they have traveled far enough, they will request from those who have vested interest in the swing, to let them free again. But those parties concerned, who very well know what consequences the freedom would have for the freed ones, urgently tries to dissuade them, saying: Woe unto you if you would dare this for, n the sphere where you are now, you would be eternally blinded if you would ever take off the blindfold. Only when we arrive at the great destination of life, can you remove the blindfold and then you may see how we brought you safely, in exchange for minimal recompense which you paid for the great journey, to the destination.

13,6. Well, a few allow themselves to be deceived and bravely hold on to their blindfold, but others, disgruntled by this enigmatic, indefinite, blindfolded journey, tears off the blindfold and realize to their great vexation that they still find themselves between the two pillars. They now sincerely wish to get out of the transportation device but is still moving too strongly and they are forced, despite their resistance, to join in on the monotonous journey. If they would begin to complain to their leaders, they are admonished because of multifarious reasons to be silent, to not be rudely thrust out of the swing, which they would not wish to happen. And now look: to ensure that these protesters would be compelled to subject to the verdict of those with vested interest, a fire is kindled on one side of the swing and to the other side, a great number of spears are installed!! What is left for these protesters? Nothing other than to allow themselves to be continuously swung to and fro, paying for the swinging trip against their will. How do they yearningly long for the moment the swing will stop! But how and when will this happen?

13,7. We will calculate this very easily. Look, the close-by swing is swinging very hard, almost completing a full half circle from left to right. But look, because of this vigorous swinging, the pillars begin to sway with the rapid movement of the swing and because of the intense friction, many threads of the swing's rope have already worn out. This weakness of the airship is only detected by those with a vested interest. They, therefore, cannot allow the vigorous swinging anymore, for they say: If we will let things go too high, the ropes will break and we will end up either in the fire or on the spears, together with our passengers. Therefore, we inconspicuously bring the swing to a halt, draw up a treaty with the protesters and unnoticed settle according to their wishes while welet things run its course while it lasts. For we see very well that we will achieve nothing more with violence.

13,8. Now look again. The swing is moving very irresponsibly to and fro over a much smaller distance and those not blindfolded anymore jumps off one by one. We see almost no passengers anymore, except for those with a vested interest and a single blindfolded. You also see that the managers of the swing put in diligent efforts to support the swaying pillars with various props as well as possible. Paid servants climb up high along ladders to try to fix the severely damaged rope, fastening it again to both pillars with very weak cords. Because the rope is not hanging still, but still swings to and fro, they are not able to fasten a secure loop anywhere; it is then too long, then too short, making it impossible to make any satisfactory contribution to the preservation of the main rope. This is an obvious, clear characteristic of the current situation.

13,9. Those who want to regard it as only an image of empty fantasy, only should cast a cursory glance upon the doings and actions of the current world and he will clearly recognize these fixing and knots between countries, peoples and church denominations. I want to draw your attention to various negotiations between states among themselves, resulting in various agreements. Who only want to investigate it with only half open eyes, will very clearly see the meaning of the above-mentioned arts and braiding work with ropes and cords. One or the other will now oppose Me, saying: if the situation is thus, why do the seeing protesters go accord with the fixing and strengthening of the ropes? You have the answer clearly before you: because the swing is still vigorously swinging and they are also still inside this swing, they are almost just as afraid as those having vested interest, that the rope might snap prematurely. They, therefore, condone the knotting of the rope in order not to be caused to fall hard due to a premature breakage of the rope, that is to say, together with those having vested interest. That this continuous fixing and knotting of the swing is a clear sign of the weakness of the main rope is now obvious to you. Would a country or people consider himself strong enough against another, it would because of its well-known power, give orders but would not make use of any fixing materials. Since he does know his inherent weaknesses, he takes his refuge into secretive strengthening, but despite all this, the already weakened rope will not last one second longer, because it already has hidden weaknesses in it, due to excessive wear.

13,10. Should the main rope break, all the straps and cords will immediately perish with it. Look, this brings us to the second image.

13,11. Look at all your church and political situations combined, or compare every detail of it with our image and you will discover that it precisely concurs with it in general as well as in every detail. For you to understand it even more clearly, I want to take something from the sphere of both the church and the state. From the church, we take for example the ear confession. The position of the swing, where it is at its lowest point closest to the ground, is the sinful condition. Man confesses and exalts himself again, swinging to heaven, but falls back again just as quickly. At the lowest point man again confesses and then swings to the other side again up to heaven. As such man repeats this swinging action all his life and takes decisions for life at the resting position of the swing, usually again together with confession. Then the swing does not again swing upward, but man leaves life at the same point where he began. What progression the spiritual man has made by this, you can gather from the image in the sphere of our spirit on the spiritual sun, namely that he will keep on swinging until the rope finally breaks, or if he would get rid of his blindfold. To this given measure you can measure the whole ceremonial church event and you will discover nothing but 'the swing'. The actual being of current church life can also very efficiently be shown by every church bell which, with every swing, makes an enormous, monotonous noise. A harmonically sensitive ear could listen as much as it wants to and can for that purpose go to stand at any possible place, he will not hear it differently than exactly continuously the same monotonous sound which could be clearly heard from the very first blow of the clapper. Such a listener will then proclaim the following: From afar it is still possible to listen to this sound, but up close it is intolerable; saying as much as: if it is not in my vicinity, it suits me! Thus, we have an example from the church sphere. Now, one from the state sphere.

13,12. Look at your industry and to all monetary issues, being the central point of all state-life. Who does not see the business of this continuous swinging, have to be blind sevenfold? You will detect, generally as well as in singular instances, the upswing and the soon to be followed gliding back. One country swings upwards, the others fall back and reach the lowest stance of his swing. Soon will the once high swinging state begin to fall back again and another swing upwards. Every time you have noticed a kingdom which reached the highest pinnacle, it was a sure sign of its soon plummet, which happens much faster than its upward swing.

13,13. Would you look at different rich individuals who gained from the privy swing, you would see that they, in their own swing where they find themselves on the so-called highest point of their well-being, already began to sink back. It is always only a matter of the length of the swing ropes. If the ropes would be very long, the swing goes slower and goes further. But even if a swing rope would reach from the sun to the earth, the fixed swing will, the moment it reached the highest point, immediately plummet back into her insignificant depth. As such is the whole of worldly life nothing but a mere swing! You can look at it any way you like; whoever wants to show Me any progression in that, I will give tenfold eternal life as a gift! You can also apply the proverb of the old sages, saying: there is nothing new under the sun! This is also My opinion, for, by such generally selfish moves and progress, there will be found very little that is new under the sun.

13,14. Happy are those who can retreat from the swing, for on free ground he will achieve with a few steps in a few minutes more than with all that swinging in many thousand years. Who then wants to become perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect, he needs to avoid nothing more than the swinging activity everywhere in the world. It is better for the eternal life of the spirit to drag along a heavy cross than to swing ever so softly into eternal death.

13,15. Well, hopefully, you would understand this image properly. We will, therefore, take a good look at the next image. But we will leave it at that for today!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-13 Chapter