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Chapter 12 - The sphere of the seventh spirit. Enigmatic images of spiritual conditions.

12,1. Look, the seventh spirit is already waiting for you. You can immediately proceed into its sphere, that you may see the revelation of the truthful ways of salvation and its eternal order. You are now in his sphere and you are looking around completely overwhelmed and perplexed. What do you then see, which has put you in such a strange state of mind, as if you do not know whether you are surrounded by something humorous or something serious? But I do exactly see what is happening inside of you and your inner words, which you barely know yourselves, lay open before me.

12,2. You consequently say: Whoever can, can find the explanation of the marvelous things we have previously seen from this image, let him who can take it, take it! We see instead of an unraveling, only a not directly abhorring, yet still an even more confusing knot! Therefore: Who can take it, how out of this, the unraveling will come forth? We cannot. What then should this mean? Here and there arises a conical mountain. People are ascending on one side and glide down the other side. When they slid down, they go stand there and laugh at those following them, while they say: So, this was then true, that a fool gains ten! To the other side, we see a whole lot of swings, each of which is hung between two rather strong, high trees, being mightily swung. Also, there stand a multitude of spectators, mockingly laughing at the swingers, calling at them: Hey, you fools, why are you so happy on the swing where you indeed are energetically swinging to and fro, yet staying put at one place? The swinging length of your swing is the whole journey which you travel over and over again. This is the second scene we are viewing, you are saying to yourselves. You continue: on the other side, we see a ring wall. Inside of this ring wall is cyclic tracks, closing into the center in a spiral fashion, to the center, where a tent is erected. On these tracks are people running towards the tent. When they reached it, they turn around and run to the outer ring wall. All around this ring wall stand here and there groups of people, mockingly laughing at these cycle-track-racers, asking them what they intend to achieve with this running. Some of them cease their running, climbs unto the ring wall, saying: how could I have been so stupid, I have almost killed myself, running for nothing?

12,3. At a fourth location, we see around water bowl with a diameter of about a thousand klafter (1900 m) and a depth of about one klafter (1,9 m). In the middle of the bowl, a huge spade is put into an even motion by an attached construction of beams. With this, the whole mass of water isforced into a uniform, cyclic movement, being the quickest close by the wheel, yet becoming slower with increasing distance.

12,4. On the surface of the water, a great number of rowing boats are available. In the boats are people exerting themselves to get in from the shore, closer to the spade. When they get there, they quickly tire and are pushed to the shore of the bowl again. At the shore again stands a multitude of spectators, heartily mocking the foolish seafarers.

12,5. The seafarers do not look as if they bother too much with this. But some of them, who have already been washed out to the shore more than once, finally steps out of their boats onto the shore with bored and sorrowful faces and cannot be astonished enough that they have let themselves be washed along on the surface of the water for so long for nothing and nobody, by the water spade. Only a few of them watch this silly spectacle for a while and laugh with the other spectators because of the still very busy seafarers. Others remove themselves, shaking their heads and search for a peaceful spot somewhere to take a rest from their foolish and senseless exertion. This will then be all we will see in this promising sphere of this seventh spirit. We do very well see that such manifestations often happen, but it still stays the same. Who then can see a solution and above all, the truthful ways of the Godly order in these manifestations, must have more light in his eyes than a whole legion of main central suns concentrated at one point! What we can gather from this occurrence, is what the sages of old once have said: There is nothing new under the sun, but everything follows it's old, set cycle and that all over again, the same way again, from the beginning.

12,6. Again, I quote to you another, also old proverb, derived directly out of nature, saying: who is blind, see nothing! Look, there is nothing to be said against this proverb, for such, it is in general in this world and especially about the inner perception of the spirit. The whole world looks like a Thomas who said: If I cannot grab His hands and see in bright sunlight with my eyes, it is for me as good as nothing and it tells me nothing.

12,7. I would first want to ask someone who alleges thus: can you take hold of the stars of heaven with your hands and can you see them in bright sunlight? Look, you can do neither one nor the other. Do the stars therefore not exist, because can do neither one nor the other? You tell Me: at least I see the stars at night and then I can calculate their orbit. But I tell you: your testimony does you, regarding your sharpness of mind, no great honor, for you by this openly acknowledge that you know My order only from your night side, while the order of the day is still hidden from you. Would you have no night, you would exist on a bright day like a blind and would not even dream about the order of My things. It is pitiful if you can only find your wisdom regarding the order of My things, only through your night and not through your day. Look, it also becomes quite clear through the things you have just seen.

12,8. Two curious and sensation-hungry people scale a mountain and believe that they can grasp the secrets of the heavens very well up there with their minds, and can tap up till the last drop of what exists from it. They, therefore, put in much effort to climb up against the steep cliffs of this conical form mountain. The higher they progress, the less footing they have to stand on. When they reach the very summit, they finally have no more place to stand, become dizzy and, since they find no heavenly handle up there, they let themselves rapidly slide down the other side, to the same plain from where they departed. At the end, they do not know the purpose of this climbing of the mountain anymore and they can do nothing other but laugh at themselves, saying: Now we know just as much as before; all our efforts were foolish and silly. We tried by the climbing to aspire to pass by others. Why! Only for all of us to slide down the other side again? What did we gain to those who never set foot on the mountain? Nothing, for firstly are we just as far as they are and secondly, we are getting laughed at by them because we have put in so much effort to gain one and the same goal, while we could have gained it much easier.

12,9. Do you not yet make something out of this image? I will tell you yet another thing, then you will understand this case better. How do you interpret this text: “My yoke is easy and My burden is light”? If I proclaimed it, who is forcing those who want to come to Me, to scale mountains to reach me, while I am waiting on them on a flat land and on a straight road? It is for this wise reason thathuman worldly wisdom must become blunt by itself in time, for it should become obvious that at the end it can achieve nothing other than what could have been achieved a long time before.

12,10. Furthermore, can you also find an explanation in this first image for what you have seen in the sphere of the sixth spirit? When you would follow the history of the exertions of the dragon according to Revelation of John, it would become clear to you how much effort the dragon has put into again arise from his abyss, or like the first image of today, to climb to the top of some or the other mountain. What did all his efforts achieve every time?

12,11. The higher he climbed, the less ground he has to stand on and if he would have reached the top already, what should be the consequence? That he would again quickly go down into the depths from where he surfaced, for he could not maintain himself at the top. If anyone would focus on himself, then this is certainly the story of his working history, for it can impossibly be greater than the pinnacle position on which the willing worker finds himself. It will become clear to anyone striving to be at the top; therefore can no one stay on top. Everyone will certainly be overcome by dizziness! The result is that he will leave the top again and quickly slide down the other side. This is a very wise lesson from the school of the eternal order! Her name is “loosening”, which contains as much as the destruction of all selfish desires.

12,12. It has no use if someone would announce before climbing the mountain: listen, brothers, climb with me, I know the right way. Come with me, for only along this way will we gain a sure foothold at the top. We have heard the spirits call out at the beginning in the valley: A fool makes ten, and look, not only ten but a whole multitude scramble behind such a one. Since a conical mountain only has one top, it can be reached from any direction, but then it follows: till here and no breadth of a hair further! Fate wants that man would quickly slide down the other side again to again reach the state where you initially started out from. See, this image already gives an important solution for what we have previously seen in the sphere of the sixth spirit. The following scenes will bring us another solution. Therefore, stay for now in the sphere of the seventh spirit, until we found solutions for all the images. Next time, it will be the swing's turn; then the ring wall with its spiral tracks and finally, the water bowl. Therewith, enough for today.

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