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Chapter 11 - The sphere of the sixth spirit. Peter the rock.

11,1. Since our loving spiritual hospitable friend is here already, you can effortlessly and immediately find yourselves in his sphere.

11,2. Well, you are already in his sphere. Why are you now suddenly looking around you with anxiety? You say: because we find ourselves upon a high rock and am surrounded by nothing else but an endless, heaving sea. It seethes and waves menacingly around this lonely rock on which we find ourselves and it seems to be bottomless. What will become of us if this sea will surge over our weak rock with her mighty waves? We have only our sure destruction before us! Where would we find rescue if all these waves would crash over us?

11,3. But I tell you: You have judged badly. Relax a bit and look in the direction of the morning, where the great water surface is beginning to turn red, then you will immediately have a change of mind. You already are looking in the good direction; and, what do you see?

11,4. I can see an even greater fear is taking hold of your hearts and you say with a shivering voice: Oh, Master and Father, save us unless we completely perish! For just as high as the mountain tops, are terrible monsters rising their heads above the endless, vast waves of the sea and they are charging towards us at great speed. [Jesus]: Oh, you small of faith and faint of heart, why are you, while I am still with you, afraid of things that have no meaning? I tell you, use your keen sight, for what you now see, is extremely important. Strain your eyes even more towards the direction of midnight and tell me what do you see there.

11,5. Now you are taking, even more, fright and can of sheer, foolish angst, utter not one word anymore; what then is there? You see the water mass parting and to the sides of the wet walls in the depth, a menacing fire, surging upwards more and more, devouring the steaming walls of the sea. In the mid of the fire, you see a great, fiery dragon. He has seven heads and on their heads, ten horns. With his mighty tail, he splits the waves and from four heads, who already erected themselves above the waves, he vehemently spits great fiery bullets to all sides over the surface of the sea. You now also see how a great mass of countless bats and other nocturnal animals flee into its four wide-open mouths and how he hastily let it descend into its flaming gullets. Around the heads, you see hovering menacing cumulus clouds, restlessly swirling around the horns, filling it with lightning, which is being thrust out onto the restlessness of the waves. You see it and you are oh, so afraid! But I tell you: Look very well for the second time; you will see behind the dragon something else. Look, there is a chain around his tail and behind it, an innumerable amount of smaller chains, being dragged along by this mighty dragon on its fiery trail.

11,6. You anxiously ask: Father, what will happen with these wretched slaves of this dragon? But I tell you: Have a good look, then you will soon discover how these slaves behind this dragon jubilate with swords in their hands, saying: Honor to you, mighty prince, you have conquered the peoples of the earth and made the heavens to pay you tax! Thus, you became a mighty ruler among God and all creation. Heaven, earth and all abysses must bow down before you and the earnings and works of the Son out of God you have defeated and you have made all upon earth, above the earth and under the earth, taxable to you. Well, what do you say now of these adherents of this dragon, now that you heard this? You shudder in the deepest of your being. But I tell you: Keep standing right where you are, your eyes fixed in the direction of the evening, then you will immediately see another image before your eyes.

11,7. You are already looking. What anxiety-inducing thing do you now see? With hesitating voice, you say: Master, if it is going to continue like this, then we are hopelessly lost, for the dragon have draped himself in a wide circle over the waves of the sea like a mighty, immeasurably big snake. We are encircled by him as if with an incalculable, great, fiery ring wall. We see no escape anymore; Thus, we are unavoidably his prey! We cannot arise from where we are standing; what will then become of us? To all sides, we see the vast surface of the sea glowing strongly. Countless vortexes are emerging on the glowing and violently steaming surface. Fiery volcanoes haphazardly thrushes glowing waves as high as heaven. O Father, help us before all these threats come even closer! Then, when the glowing waves, full of pestilence and stench, full of curse and consuming fire will devour us, will You then pull us out of the endless, eternal, abominable abyss?

11,8. Oh, you of little faith, why are moaning so pitifully and anxiously! Look at once to the midday and you will immediately see another scene. Do you see how there, behind the wide and mighty glowing snake circle, gigantic angelic beings, armored with mighty swords, awaiting only a sign, a small wink from Me, to incapacitate the snake? First, look around you at all sides and count the judging angels. Are there not twelve? Yes, so it is! Look around you. The angels received the wink and look, the snake is lying there, dead and cut to pieces. Her pieces are sinking into the depths of the glowing waves; the waves thunderously crushes in on it from all sides. And now look, where is the waves, where is the sea!

11,9. Peaceful land replaces the abhorring flood. And look, from all sides come, amiable messengers, carrying My living Word in their hands and sowing it all over like wheat kernels. Nowlook to the direction of the morning: a new, glorious sun is rising! From the heavens are falling abundant dew on the new soil of My compassion and mercy and new, delicious fruit germinates everywhere. Do you understand what you saw! I tell you, this image is very close; it is happening right before your eyes. You should therefore not be anxious, for you have witnessed in this image of higher spiritual truth, the end of the shameful fornication. Now look around once more and look at the spirit in whose sphere you have seen all these. Do you know him?

11,10. You say: Oh, Master and Father, he appears to be familiar, but we still do not really know who he is. Would you, therefore, tell us who our hospitable friend actual is, who has prepared for us in his sphere such a horrible and joyous meal? Then I tell you: This hospitable friend you should recognize easily if you would pay a bit attention to the place where you find yourselves. To whom did I say that he would be a rock upon whom I want to build My church, against which the gates of hell would not prevail? You say: to Simon, who therefore was called Peter. Well, he is also our spiritually hospitable friend. He sees Me and you. But while I am speaking with you, he stays completely silent, because he is filled with love for me.

11,11. You can now retreat from his sphere, for already another, the seventh one is approaching, in whose sphere we will again see a lot of things. This sixth spirit, we will also keep in our company. Consider well what you have seen today, then you will next time, at the next occasion, receive a pure solution. With this, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-11 Chapter