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Chapter 10 - The sphere of the fifth. The greatest wonder, the heart of man.

10,1. Do you not know this fifth spirit, who is already standing before us? Look how amiably he is smiling for you and beckon you to enter his sphere. Feel free to go and look at his wealth. Also, this spirit will be recognizable and visible unto you and he will guide you around the treasures of his inner life. Go then into his sphere.

10,2. You are now in his sphere, and you once again clasp your hands together in surprise and are almost out of your senses due to the wondrous, exalted greatness of what you are seeing. Now easily follow this friendly brotherly spirit, then you will experience unexpected things. Just like with the previous, I will be your narrator in My Name; now listen what your guide is saying:

10,3. Oh, dear brothers and friends, what a bliss and joy it is to me to see you back here again! You indeed know me; follow me to my blessed sphere. I want to show you which treasures emerge from the love for the Master. Look, dear brothers, and especially you, my beloved Anselm, over there on the glorious mountains before us, only there will you see the treasures of my blessedness!

10,4. We have reached the summit of the mountain. Now, look at the infinite distance. As far as your spiritual eye can reach, yes as far as your strongest and quickest thoughts can transplant themselves, all this are given unto me to rule over.

10,5. You now ask me and say: But dear, blessed brother, are you also then the owner of all these countless beautiful palaces, standing proud, radiating like rising suns on the round mountain, also the owner of all those innumerable myriads of blessed spirits whom we see all over, having friendly communion with each other! Do all the countless many beautiful gardens with all their beaming pillar towers, blinding our amazed eyes with their bright light?

10,6. How is it then with those distant worlds, which we perceive to be rising suns? The bright firmament with its countless, beautiful stars, are those also yours? And this magnificent sun above us, whose rays are so mild and soft, filling the whole of infinity, how is it with her? Do you count her also among your possession?

10,7. Yes, beloved brothers, I tell you: Not only that which you see but infinitely more which you cannot see, are the possession of my love! Dear brothers, you are astonished and you say: but dear, blessed brother, your declaration almost sound as if selfishness and self-love have entered you, for you say: All this and infinitely more are the possession of my love. Yet, love also includes your own self and thus also your actual life. Do you not know that everything is the possession of the Master? How then can you say that this all is the possession of your love?

10,8. Indeed, dear brothers, your words are pleasant to me and your thinking are truly grounded, yet not rightly placed here. For when you judge from the outside to the inside, you could very well have a good case, but here, all judgment must be correct and can only go from the inside outwards. Look, for that reason are your judgment not well placed. For if I say: this all and infinitely more are the possession of my love, you need to think of it from the inside, that my love is the Master Himself and that I have no other love and therefore no other life as that of the Master!

10,9. For you, brothers and friends, to truly understand that your judgement of me was an external judgement, I tell you for the sake of clarity also this: if you would say, “all this is the possession of the Master”, you would by this give only an external confession by assigning it all to the Master;but through such a confession, the Master is, just like the confession, still outside of yourselves. But if you would say: All this is the possession of my love, then you share therewith that the Master is everything to you and that He lives with His love and compassion as the eternal life, in you. For when you say in the love of your heart to the Master: “All this is the possession of my life”, then you say the same as did my dear old friend, the old apostle Paul have said when he still lived upon earth: “Now I do not live anymore, but Christ lives in me!” I only tell you this that you may know our manner of speech here for on earth only external speech exists, which must pierce inward from the external. Therefore, it is still an unsure and seldom effective speech if not spoken after the manner of the word of the Master, through which man is taken hold of from all sides and thus completely permeates him. Our speech is an inward speech and has nothing external, therefore it is always effective.

10,10. Come now with me to the hill there up front, where you see a beautiful palace. Look, we have barely spoken the word, and we already are where we want to be. You now say: This palace is beautiful and grandiose, but the temple we saw in the sphere of our previous brother was greater. But I tell you: do not judge too quickly, first go inside and then compare. Look, also here is but a strait gate by which to enter. Bow down as deep as possible and follow me. Well, we went through the gate and are in the palace.

10,11. What is it with you that you are looking around as if turned to stone? Look, dear brother, I indeed did tell you that you should not judge too quickly. Here, the worth of things only ever is on the inside and never to the outside. Therefore, the inwards are also always more exalted and wondrously greater than the outer, for here, everything stands in a relationship, like the Word of God on earth. Simply and modestly it is written with letters in a book. When one would enter through the strait gate of humble love into the simple word, to what wondrous wealth would he come through a single word of God which, simply and modestly compiled through letters, is written in a book. And as was said, this is the relationship in which things stand.

10,12. You did not expect that you would find an infinity filled with God's wonders in such a simple palace. Since you now see the countless worlds in their spiritually exalted existence and the myriads of glories on them, their countless blissful inhabitants, you now are surprised how it could be possible inside such an outwardly simple palace.

10,13. Yet I tell you: It is by far not as great a wonder as the fact that the heart of a human can become the dwelling of the Holy Spirit through the love of the eternal Father, the infinite, holiest, almighty God!

10,14. Would you want to walk with me to there where on the illustrious plain stands a magnificent round temple, surrounded by three rows of very beautiful glistening pillars, having no roof, but in place of one, a radiating rainbow construction, looking as if in constant motion? You want it and look, we are already here. Are you of the mind to enter this temple! You confirm it with joyful hearts. Then follow me immediately into this temple.

10,15. Well, we are already inside. Once again you clap your hands together in surprise. Yes, you see, this is how it is with us. We are at home in the inward parts. Let you not be brought off tune by the even greater glorious magnificence you see here, for the deeper you penetrate, the greater and more beautiful it becomes. The greatest love, compassion and wonderful wealth is only in the most inward, namely the Master. It will be eternally not possible for any spirit to ever get there, even though he can continuously get closer.

10,16. You ask me after the meaning of the sea there far off, shimmering so beautifully, as well as the pristine island with multiple beautiful temples not far from the shore, especially the most beautiful one up there on the steep hill. If you want to go with me there, you only need to convince yourself about what it all is. You want it and look, we are at our destination, for here on the sea we need no ships. By our will, we can go wherever we will. If you want to enter the temple, then follow me. Yet, this temple might not get revealed unto you regarding its interior, but you will find yourselves in it as in any other building.

10,17. Well, we are already inside. The beautiful building style pleases you very much. But look, there at that great frame through which shines a red light, who do you see there? You say: A verydear, friendly man and a just as amiable, friendly lady. Come with me and do not be afraid at all, for these inhabitants are extraordinarily friendly and radiating. Look, they are both getting up and rushing towards us with open arms. Do you not yet recognize them? You will surely recognize them when they will be close to us. There they are! Let you be blessed by them, for he is the beloved of the Master, the apostle John and she, o brothers and friends, she is the mother of the incarnated eternal Word out of God! She did bless you now, but the time to speak to them have not yet arrived. During your stay here the opportunity will arise to come still closer to both John and Mary as is now the case. My inward [voice] is telling me: Up to here and no further may I guide you. Therefore, you can now return with me to the place where we departed from.

10,18. Only one thing I would want to know from you. You have indeed not noticed it, but it did not escape my view, that these, both beloved of the Lord, were seized as if with blissful reverence, by which they were in no way capable to speak. I have never seen such as this before, even though I have often been here. Yes, this is even the place where I prefer to tarry. You are silent and want to say no more. O brothers, exactly your silence is doing something great to me, yes giving me the greatest suspicion. Therefore, I do not want to insist anymore and thus will happen, as always, the holiest will of the Master.

10,19. You ask me and say: but dear brother, how then will we find our way back? Firstly, look where you are and only then ask. Now you say: how is such a thing possible? We are then already at the place where we started out from! Yes, you see, it fares better than with your railways on earth. We namely never left our place but was only granted unto you to gain deeper and ever deeper sight into my inner love. You have therefore nothing other to do but to return your vision, to discover that you still yourselves completely intact at the original stance. I have therefore nothing more to say than that I am the one whom you had as a brother on earth who carried the name of Frans. By this, I have fulfilled my inner assignment to you and you can now retreat from my sphere.

10,20. [Jesus]: Well, how did that suit you? You became completely and blissfully enraptured. Yes, this is all well, but this is not all. Look, already a sixth spirit to our company. He does not belong on this spiritual sun anymore, but he is an inhabitant of My holy city. In his sphere, you will certainly still see somewhat of the spiritual sun, but you will see it in a completely different light as was the case up till now. Prepare yourselves therefore well, for I tell you: everything will have a whole different look there.

10,21. Your second brother also wants to know the reason for your visit. But I tell you: he is not ripe for this yet. Only one moment would be too much for him, but we will indeed let him feel My presence. Look how he begins to radiate of joy and how he exclaims from the depths of his heart in bliss: Oh, Holy Father, You cannot be far away anymore, for the unexpected bliss of my love tells me that you are close to us! When will we enjoy the highest of bliss, to see You, O Holy Father, in the greatest love of our hearts? I tell you: these spirits will soon be granted this mercy, yes, very soon. But we will prepare ourselves to see even more on the next occasion and therefore, enough for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-10 Chapter