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Chapter 9 - The sphere of the fourth spirit. The mystery of the Son of man.

9,1. Look, he is already standing there, friendly beckoning you to come to him and enter his sphere. Feel free to go and give special attention to what you will see in his sphere. This spirit will also see you in his sphere and will guide you around in his world. As said, take notice of what you will see there, for it will be of great meaning to you.

9,2. Well, you are in his sphere and is extremely happy, for you see the spirit in whose sphere you are, only with the difference that you do not recognize him outside of his sphere. Yet, inside his sphere, you properly recognize him, for he once was on the earth a blood brother of yours. My eloquent Anselm will properly recognize his brother the moment he hears him speak. For this reason, I want him to guide you around and give explanation about things himself.

9,3. Well, what do you see! You find it impossible to speak due to the too great surprise, but this time I do not want to be the interpreter, but your guide will. So, he (Heinrich) is speaking:

9,4. Look there, my beloved brothers, to this great, impressive temple before me. Look at the indescribably glistening beautiful pillars. Do you see brother, the pillar reaches so high that you become dizzy of it; and look straight ahead, how this beautiful temple is surrounded by countless such pillars. Look, above the pillars rest a round roof, shining brighter than a thousand stars and above the roof stands a huge, fiery cross, shining red like the most glorious morning red. How do you find this temple!

9,5. You say: Brother, its greatest, unspeakable magnificence bereaves me of all words to share my feelings about it with you. But what is in this temple? Best brother, would you not take us inside? O yes, beloved brother and friends, but prepare yourselves for something unusual, for the magnificence inside, yes, I would want to say the holiness of this temple is so unexpectedly exalted and so wondrously great that you would barely be able to bear it. You do know that I, in my earthly life, was a great friend of God's Word. And because the apostle Paul was our preferred apostle through whom the heathen would be converted, I do love him, second to the evangelist John, the most. To let you receive it from me more clearly, and this temple is built by me out of deepest reverence for the Word of God.

9,6. Before we enter, I want to explain the meaning somewhat: these almost immeasurable high pillars denote the respective scriptures of the Godly Word and represent the Old Testament. If you would enter with me through the pillars, you see before you a glistening hallway. The hallway on the inside of the pillars is bordered by a red wall. As you will see, it is just as high as the pillars and at the top is connected with radiating, impressive arches with the outer row of pillars. This roomy hallway between the pillars and the wall is the actual vestibule of the temple. The rounded roof you see being so brightly shining above the pillars and the temple is the light of compassion from on high. The cross on top of the roof depicts the being of this light of compassion, which is, in fact, the holy of holies, namely the love of the Father and the Son!

9,7. Now that you know this, dear friends and brothers, let us proceed through this hallway to there where you see a great light flowing from the wall, shining red like the red of the most beautiful spring rose. There is the entrance to the temple. Do you know what this light means? This light denotes the love towards Christ and it is not possible to enter the temple by any other means than only the strait gate of love towards Christ. Look, brothers and friends, now we are here. Look, there is the door. You are indeed surprised that this enormously great temple is only accessible through such a small little portal, but you also know that it is written: who do not enter through the strait gate, will not come to the Father, therefore also not into the Kingdom of God and just as little in the kingdom of the angels of the heavens. Bow then as properly and deeply as you can and follow me, then we will immediately see the inside of this temple.

9,8. Well, brothers and friends, we are in the great holy place! What do you say of this splendor? As I can see, you are completely perplexed and speechless. I did tell you beforehand, therefore, to prepare yourselves for something extraordinary. As you see for yourselves with astonished eyes, the inside of this temple is too great and magnificent and even for me too exalted to interpret it for you. The most fantastic is the unexpected, endless size of the inside.

9,9. You thought: When we get to the inside of the temple we will, just like on earth, see a treasure and ornaments. But here you literally and truly see endless, vast spiritual worlds; and these worlds, having neither beginning nor end, are united into a kingdom. You look with amazement over the endless distances which is strewn with countless unexpected glories. You see trees rising to the heavens, richly endowed with delicious, juicy and shining fruit. You see countless many beautiful temple buildings and you see that they are inhabited by great multitudes of blissful spirits.

9,10. You are highly surprised, but look, dear friends and brothers, there on the mountain with softly glowing hills in the direction of the morning stand a simple, modest temple, but its shine is even more intense. Follow me there and you will get to see something that will enrapture you more than what you have seen up till now. There we go then! You see how far off this temple is; by earthly measure, you would rather reach the moon than this temple. But for us, spirit people have it much easier this way, for we only have to want, and we will already be where we want to be. Want to be there with me and look, here we are.

9,11. You are dumbfounded because of the enormous size of this temple and you barely dare to come closer. Enter bravely with me also this temple and you certainly will be received well by its exceptionally friendly inhabitants. Therefore, do follow me! This temple looks inside again like a temple and you will there be received into an unusually hospitable home. We have now entered the vestibule, and then we enter the shining gate to the inside of the temple. Look, beloved brothers and friends, we are at the place of our destination!

9,12. Do you know that friendly man, rather on the foreground, surrounded by a multitude of great and small human spirits? Watch how he is teaching them very amiably and lovingly the great mystery of the Son of man and how every word of his mouth comes forth from his mouth as if a bright star! But see, our good host and friend have noticed us. He is rising from his shining seat and rushes to meet us with open arms. Do you not yet recognize him? Look, he is already very close. Observe him closely; you should know him. If you have not yet recognized him by his telling appearance, you would surely know him by his old, always the same and faithful greeting!

9,13. Listen, he speaks: O beloved brothers, the mercy of our Master Jesus Christ be with you and the love of the Father in the Son and the communion of the Holy Spirit! What has motivated you to come here? Who was your guide? You do not need to speak, but I do suspect it in my heart, whose love is so great that she leads those who are redeemed by her, to the holy Source of eternal love! O beloved brothers, I tell you in the name of my above all beloved Master Jesus Christ, do hold on to Him, hold on to His love and you will not, yes eternally not go to ruin. Truly blessed are those who believe that He is Christ, being the Son of the living God; yet, only those who love Him above all will see in Him the Holy Father. For only through love do we become the true children of God! Therefore I, the old Paul, tell you: hold on to the love, then you have the eternal life in you! Greetings, the mercy of our Master Jesus Christ in the Father and in the Spirit, be with you!

9,14. Well, beloved friends and brothers, did you see how hospitable and loving the old friend and apostle of the Master have received us? See how he already is back among his disciples and is teaching them the love for the Master. You would want to know whom these children and spirit people are. Look, they are a pure heathen and heathen children. But it is by far not yet all whom you see here. Come again outside with me, in the vast space of the great temple. Since we now find ourselves outside again, you see everywhere a wide environment with almost innumerable temples being enlightened. These are pure schools for all kinds of heathen and many apostles and disciples of the Apostle Paul are their teachers.

9,15. There are truly in this great temple where we are in, still countless much to show you. But because you are still bound to earth, many millions of years might be needed still to show unto you even the smallest part only superficially! Once in the spirit, you will, just like I now, see all perfectly clear through the infinite mercy of the Master. Therefore, we will now leave this temple. Look, we are already at the gate of the temple entrance and we again have a free view on the great pillars and the shining roof with the great cross.

9,16. Now, yet another thing. You can tell me this, for even here there are much which we spirits still have difficulty understanding, or find even impossible to understand. How does this visit of yours happen, or more specific, the fact that I now can see you and talk to you I can understand, for you were in spirit already closer to me and have spoken to me like now, but you might not remember such a rendezvous. Therefore, I can easily understand your visit this moment very well. What I cannot understand though, what I find impossible to explain, is why I feel so indescribably happy in your vicinity. You can, believe me, being a faithful brother, that I have never experienced such a blissfulness for as long as I have been an inhabitant of this blessed resort. Tell me, tell me, if it would be possible for you!

9,17. But now I tell you, do not tell him, for he needs to be prepared for the moment on which he will see me unless he will not be able to handle the joy. Here are spirits that love Me so exceedingly that I can only approach them visually only gradually because of their love. Thus, tell him to persevere in his wish; his feeling of bliss will in due time be revealed. Tell him thus in your spirits. Look, he has received that from you, accepts it and is awaiting it anxiously. Such a condition is called: the patience of love!

9,18. We again are at the place of our company; now step out of the sphere of your brother's spirit and look on. I will reveal Myself to him for a short while. Look, he sees Me. He falls on his face and adores, prays and weep; this is good thus! For the time being, only for a moment. But next time we will serve again the sphere of a fifth spirit. That brother's spirit will guide you the same way as this one, who is still weeping, praying, who will be allowed to stay in our company. Let us leave it at that for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-9 Chapter