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Chapter 8 - The sphere of the third spirit. An image of infinity

8,1. Look, the third spirit is already here, and we will immediately answer to his hospitality. Enter then into his sphere, then we will experience what is to be seen in there. Since you already find yourselves in his sphere, let me hear from your mouth what is here to be seen. You are again so surprised and look around you in consternation. What is it then, which is taking your sight so strongly captive? I see it will again be necessary for Me to serve as your interpreter, for you still have no time or rest to find words suitable to relate what you are seeing.

8,2. You are standing upon a shining cloud. With surprised eyes, you see an enormous number of supernatural worlds floating by in great circles. You find yourselves surrounded by the greatest of miracles, being countless on each of these worlds. Every one of these worlds appears to be infinitely big and yet you can view them from pole to pole in one glance. You see countless crowds of happy beings walking upon these floating worlds, jubilating intermittently. Each new world youapproach is filled with some different indescribable wonders. But you say: If only they would not float by so fast, these utterly magnificent dwellings of countless multitudes of blissful spirits! Oh, just wait, we can even do something about it. Look, presently there is an unusually big, radiating world, taking after a primordial middle sun. There you are already.

8,3. The strong light blinds your eyes, preventing you to see her wonderful wealth because of the too intense light – but we can do something about this too. Look, the strong light has become milder and you see that this big world looks like an endlessly great, indescribably beautiful garden. In this garden, you see many elegant dwellings and around these dwellings wander blissful spirits, who happily enjoy of the exceptionally tasty fruit from this big garden.

8,4. Over there you see spirits singing songs of praise, ascending in the glowing ether. Somewhere else you see loved ones walking arm in arm in great friendship and happiness. Over there you see a company of the wise, praising My great love, mercy, and compassion. On the branches of the variety of most exquisite fruit trees, you see a shimmer as of the shining of stars.

8,5. You ask: What is that! I tell you: Watch it closely, then you will soon see what is hidden behind these stars. But you are once again surprised, for now, you say: Great, Holy Father, what is this! The moment we took a closer look to such a star, she expanded together with the tree to endless size. The previous great world, as likewise this single tree, can we see no more due to the infinite surroundings, but this little star has grown into a new, great world and in this world once again multifarious new wonders. Oh, Father, tell us more, where is the end of Your immeasurably wonderful creations!

8,6. Yet I tell you: You are right in asking this. I tell you: The endless wealth and greatness of My creations have neither beginning nor end, for wherever you see one, believe Me, there is hidden something infinite! Therefore, there is nothing which you now see in the spirit having any end, but everything is infinite. Would it not be thus, it would not have come from Me, would not be spiritual and eternal life would have been the purest lie. If the division of natural division already shows you that their division goes through into infinity and in a grain of seed lies hidden infinitely many seeds, why would the spiritual be subject to any fencing in?

8,7. Convince yourselves through this new world. Look, here is a spirit walking close by; enter his sphere and you can convince yourselves immediately of what abundance of new, wonderful riches he possesses and believes Me, this proceeds unto infinity. You can get to understand this by means of a natural example, but you can recall it now again.

8,8. The example consists of the following: position two exceptionally well-polished mirrors over against each other and tell Me when the reciprocal reflections end.

8,9. Look, as such, it is here as well: Every spirit carries something infinite in him and that in infinite multiplication. Each spirit serves to the other as a mirror through his inner love for Me and towards his brother. As such, there is an endless reciprocal reflection. Exactly this reciprocal reflection is the great, holy, almighty connection of My love, by which all these beings relate to Me and each other in abundant bliss.

8,10. Yet again you ask: Are the spirits which we saw and still are seeing through the sphere of our hospitable, serving spirit, also real independent spirits, or are they only appearances finding their origin in the reciprocal reflection of the true spirits? I tell you: they are all equal. You are surprised because of the answer, but in the Kingdom of spirits, it is no different, for everything is truly determined.

8,11. If you would enter My infinite sphere above, you would only see the infinite Kingdom of the heavens like a spiritual human. But if you would enter his sphere, this human will soon dissolve into countless spiritual worlds, which will look like countless different stars, strewn through the whole of eternity.

8,12. Should you get closer to such a star, she would soon appear to you like an individual, perfect human. When you would enter the sphere of this person, you would immediately find in him again wide expanses to all side, a new heaven strewn with countless stars. If you would approach such a star, she would at a certain distance again have the appearance of a human. If you would againcome close to such a person, you would almost exclaim of surprise, just like when once the sea captain Christoff Columbus approached the mainland of America! For you would once again see the magnificent heavenly splendor and a wondrous world. If you would find yourselves properly in this world, you would be stupefied, to find this world inhabited by spirits. Would you then again find yourselves in the sphere of one or the other inhabiting spirit, you would again find new glories. At the same time, you would, yet now with a more experienced eye, see the original world as the habitation of these spirits.

8,13. Likewise, it proceeds and every single spirit is consequently again a perfect little heaven in himself.

8,14. You need in fact to realize that the heaven is a heaven filled with heavens. Like this heaven is in himself infinite, likewise is every angelic heaven infinite. From this can be derived as it is written in Scriptures: The Kingdom of God comes not with observation but is within you.

8,15. On this foundation, shall every spirit live in this Kingdom, will see and appropriate what he has gained in himself through his love for Me.

8,16. Such it is written: The Kingdom of the heavens is like a mustard seed. It is among the smallest of the seeds. If it is sowed in the earth, that is, in a heart full of love, it grows into a tree in which the birds of heaven will build their nests.

8,17. Do you now see that little mustard seed? Every single blissful spirit is a mustard seed, meaning as much as: he is a creation of My love and out of this love, therefore a living word. If this word in the earth of love which is freely brought out by Me blossoms, then it becomes through and through a living tree full of love and life out of Me.

8,18. If you would enter the sphere of such a tree, it will surely surprise you that you will see in it an endlessly wonderful wealth of the heavens, which is infinitely present, just like My love, mercy, and compassion, in every single spirit.

8,19. This you need to make your own, according to My order – only then will you truly gain inner benefit of it and you will finally experience in the bright light in yourselves, that My written word is Me and at the same time the living, infinite Kingdom of the heavens with you, among you and, if you would take it actively into your hearts, also living in you.

8,20. What else will still be revealed wondrously and anew, we will still sufficiently observe in the spheres of other hospitable spirits. Do then retreat from the sphere of this third spirit, who is also a relative of yours. We will find ourselves next time immediately in the sphere of a fourth spirit. We will leave it at that for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-8 Chapter