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Chapter 7 - The sphere of the second spirit. The foundation of life is the love of the Father.

7,1. Look, another spirit is already approaching us. He needs to be here too, for you to enter his sphere. Go have a look, he is already waiting for you and he knows by means of an inner notion what you want to do. Now you are already inside. Tell Me, what do you see there? I again see thatyou are incapable of uttering a word due to the greatness you see. Therefore, I will interpret on your behalf again. You stand in sheer amazement and are stupefied of astonishment in the sphere of this spirit.

7,2. Yes, at such a sight you completely lose your senses, for you see one wonderful thing after the other; worldwide vast, glorious rows of fields are spread out before your eyes. Everywhere you see loving people living in beautiful, peaceful homes. Their indescribably beautiful and amiable forms keep your eyes captive, making it rather impossible for you to let your eyes wander to any other being which catches your eyes.

7,3. You are so captivated by this lovely view that you lose yourselves in it and thousands upon thousands are moving past you, yet you barely notice them because of this one!

7,4. On the soft, light green hills you see exceptionally radiating temples; in these temples, you see blissfully living spirits visiting them and wandering around there. Now you are looking up to the firmament and you again see different and even more magnificent starry constellations. Yes, you see brightly radiating crowds of blissful spirits effortlessly and at great speed move about through the pure air. They are freely gliding, moving like shining clouds. You look at the horizon where a big sun is hanging high. Her light is like the beautiful morning red and everything you see radiates in the light of this sun.

7,5. Not far from this you see a rather high, yet well-rounded mountain, with a glistening temple on the crescent. The pillars are gleaming like diamonds in the sun and instead of a roof, you notice a glowing cloud covering upon which even more blissful spirits hover.

7,6. Now you say: Endlessly wondrous and indescribably beautiful is all we now see; only for us, it is yet not to be and we may not yet enter this beautiful world we see, even one step. For if we should do this, we would surely move outside the sphere of our spirit and then it is over and done with our viewing! I tell you: certainly not – let us ascend this mountain and look at things there a bit closer. Look, here we are already on the mountain. What do you see here?

7,7. You are again speechless and know not what to make of it, for you believed you would walk around in the temple as you would for instance inside a big building on earth. But when you entered the temple, the inside of it got transformed into a new, even more beautiful, immeasurable heavenly world, leaving you at your wits' end. It does not change a thing, but the right light will explain everything soon. You ask Me whether you would encounter different things in the spheres of the second kind of spirits as well.

7,8. Oh yes, I tell you, the transformation of this temple in a new, wonderful heavenly world, is exactly because you entered the spheres of the spirits which are in this temple. You ask: Why do we not see these spirits in whose spheres we find ourselves in, who are in this temple? Because you look at their center through My intervention. Let us retreat a bit and look, there stands our former temple and we see it populated with blissful spirits, talking to each other about things relating to Me.

7,9. Now you have convinced yourselves that one can also move freely in such spiritual spheres just like on earth. Now we can again retreat to our previous place. Look, we are already here.

7,10. Let us retreat again from the sphere of our hospitable host and we will find ourselves again on our most simple spiritual sun. Now that you are outside of his sphere and is still in this good spirit's company, you can even exchange thoughts with him. He knows you very well since he is also from your earth and even have blood relation with you. For the present, I do not yet want to introduce him to you since there will come even better opportunities by which we will get to know all the spirits better, who are now serving us at this occasion.

7,11. Listen to what the spirit says to you: (the spirit) Oh friends, you who are still walking upon the earth in your bodies - grasp, yes do grasp life in the deepest of its being! It is infinite and its riches is immeasurable! The foundation of life is the love of the Father in Christ in us! Deeply take hold of it in your hearts, then you would find in yourselves the same which you found inside of my sphere. What you saw was but simple. But at the core of life lies infinitely more.

7,12. It was scarcely fifty earthly years ago, when I, just like you, wandered as a citizen of the hard life upon earth. At first, the thought of the pending death of my body has deeply captivated me. But believe me, my angst was vain and unfounded, for when death came over my body and I thought I was going to ruin and would be destroyed, only then did I wake up as if from a deep dream and immediately passed over into a perfect life.

7,13. Even if I have not yet by a far stretch attained to the actual fulfillment of life, I keep getting closer to the perfection of life, which is coming into focus more and more. How great and glorious it can be, I cannot yet let you see. I can only, from the wealth of my inner perspective understand that the perfection of life in the Father through pure love for Him should be something of which no spirit in any sphere can grasp even the tiniest bit.

7,14. Fortunate, yes infinitely fortunate are those who on earth have made the love for the Master his only need, for he has, unto the perfection of his life, chose the shortest route! For, believe me, my dear earthly brothers and sisters, whoever carries on earth the love of the Master in him, he also carries the perfection of life in him; in that he has that utter holiest and absolute greatest perfect goal, to which I still have a long, far road to travel to, in him and with him.

7,15. The circumstances of my life are indeed filled with the unutterable feeling of happiness, but everything you saw in my sphere and yet endlessly more which you not yet have seen, but which I continuously can see in ever renewed wondrous riches, is nothing in comparison to have to only once see the Father. Therefore, before everything else in your life, look uninterruptedly to Him, then you will in due time and surely very easily and shortly be brought to where the Father lives in the midst of those that love Him!

7,16. How do you like the language of this spirit? Truly, I tell you, if it would be given to this spirit to see Me nowhere as your guide, he would be destroyed by a too intense feeling of happiness. Therefore, consider and realize in which bliss you are unawares finding yourselves in, that I do find Myself with your day in, day out, educating you and teaching you with My finger and showing you the most correct and quickest way to Me.

7,17. Do not allow yourselves to be enchanted by this world, for it is full of death, filthy lucre, and hellish fire! How things develop after the laying down of the body, we will still shortly see in many spirits of our spiritual sun, as good instruction. I tell you, woe to the world for her wickedness, for her reward shall be called: Terrible and unmeasurably miserable it is to find yourself in the wrath of God! But now, nothing more of this. Already another hospitable spiritual friend is approaching us for another encounter and we want to gain again something new from his life sphere.

7,18. The two previous spirits we will for the time being keep in our company, for H.W. Anselm will indeed be able to bear the closeness of his grandfather! With that, we will leave it then for today.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-7 Chapter