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Chapter 6 - The spiritual cosmic diorama. The sphere of the first spirit

6,1. How will we then undertake this, to see more of our still simple, spiritual sun? Should we proceed to go on great and far discovery excursions, or shall we position ourselves somewhere, open our mouths and eyes and wait for the roasted birds to fly into our mouths? I say: We do neither one, nor the other, but we will proceed into a spiritual cosmodrama and diorama and will entertain ourselves as well as possible with the wondrous views in the heart. For you to be able to gain an even better picture of it, I want to give you better understanding with yet another clear example. You must have once seen a so-called “optic diorama”, where one can have a good look at a good painting mounted against a black wall, using a magnifying glass with a diameter of about half a foot. If you would look at such a good sample, you can do what you want. You can change and temper your fantasy and imagination according to your ability and still, you would not be able to see the painted picture as something that was merely painted. It will still appear completely spacious and show the objects that it looks like it would in the natural – with the provision that the images and the glass are both of excellent quality.

6,2. If you would find yourselves in a hut where about twenty of these magnifying frames are mounted, you would, externally evaluated, find all the frames completely equal. But when you would come closer you would, in this small room with twenty frames, within the distance of a few steps, go on a journey which you would not be able to undertake in many years. Every frame looks just like the other, but when you look through one frame, it offers you a whole world region. If you go to the second frame, what a completely different image you would find than that of the first; and so forth till the last frame. Did every new view not enthrall you exceedingly? You must confirm it, for in the one frame you see a magnificent big city with spreading landscapes in her surrounds. In the next frame, you see an unusually romantic landscape, so perfectly presented that you feel as if you could just break through the wall to really go into it. You could not tear yourselves away from it, but the guide tells you: at the next frame, you will see something even more impressive. So, you find yourselves in the third frame. At first glance you are completely overtaken, for you see an endlessly spread sea surface, bordering a shore region in her full splendor, in a blue haze. On the vast surface of the sea you see here and there islands and countless great and especially much small sea vessels. All of it is so exceptionally presented that you could not help but to exclaim: Here it is no more art and it enters the realm of sheer, natural reality! Then the guide takes you to the next frame, where you are being surprised all over again and so it continues till the last frame.

6,3. If you properly looked at everything, you would think to leave, but the guide holds you back, saying: Dear friends, don't you want to go to the first frame again? You tell him: We did look at it.But the guide answers: The frame is still the same, but the view has completely changed. You go to see it and see to your utter amazement something new and completely unexpected. So it proceeds along the whole row of twenty frames. Highly surprised you leave the last frame again and the guide again tells you: Friends, the frames are still the same, but again there is everywhere new worlds to be seen. Full of expectation you go again and call out already at the first frame: wonder above wonder!!! Exalted friend, you are inexhaustible in arts. He tells you: Yes, best friends, thus I would be able to keep you busy for days with constantly new and increasingly more beautiful, varying images.

6,4. Look, in this small, monotonous space you enjoyed panoramas of the world like many great worldly travelers never saw. Your eyes have seen distances of hundreds of miles and even more and all this in the space of a few square meters.

6,5. Look, this illustrious example gives us a good foretaste of the wondrous spiritual view on our spiritual sun. It lets us see how we can have so overwhelming much to see before our spiritual eyes from a small area, just like we saw in our little optical room with the greatest ease at least half of the surface of the earth. How would we do it then? It has already been hinted at and on that grounds, we will launch our first small endeavor.

6,6. As you see, we still find ourselves on our simple spiritual sun, still see nothing but blissful spirits wandering among each other, together and above each other and on the ground, our little trees, noble bushes, and the beautiful grass. But look, a man's spirit is presently approaching us. He does not see me; Talk to him, to make him stand still before you. If he would stand still, go to him to reach his sphere, then you will immediately see the spiritual sun in another garment.

6,7. Well, you are in his sphere and you are mute from sheer amazement. What do you see? Out of sheer amazement, you are not able to utter a word! It also is not necessary for, in this case, you do not need to talk much to Me because I see the same as you do and even much more perfectly.

6,8. You see shimmering landscapes, high, glowing mountains, vast, fruitful plains and rivers, brooks, and lakes, glimmering in the sun like diamonds. The clear, light blue firmament you see scattered with beautiful utterly purely glittering starry constellations. You see a glorious sun rising. She shines unusually bright, mild and soft and still, she cannot diminish the glimmer of the beautiful stars of the heaven. You see big, radiating temples and palaces without number, huge cities at the shores of huge lakes. Countless most blissful beings wander over beautiful, bliss breathing countrysides. You even hear them talk and heavenly songs of praise reach your ears. You look around you to look for some remains of the simple spiritual sun, but nowhere can anything be found of the former simplicity; everything is dissolved in countless wonders.

6,9. Now step out of our manly spirit's sphere again. Look, it all vanished again; we again find ourselves upon the simple sun. Now you say: Yes, what then was this? How is something like this possible? Does such a spirit then carry all this in such a narrow sphere; an endless world full of wondrous glories; in such a narrow circle, so much outstretched multifarious life? Is it reality or only an empty image?

6,10. Dear friends, on this I do not say anything yet, for we first want to gain advantage from different frames of our spiritual diorama and firstly busy ourselves with the inner viewing thereof. It is yet a weak beginning of what will still be displayed before our eyes.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-6 Chapter