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Chapter 5 - About the Kingdom of God and man

5,1. When you spend some time on a high mountain and that on a completely clear, sunny day – what would you see? Some of you would be enraptured for quite a while, for the greatest, most romantic natural panorama would present ample opportunity through the multifarious diversity to enjoy an exalting view. Someone else would have a completely different mindset, saying from his perspective: Well, is this that extraordinary? One can see from side to side and what then? Nothing but one mountain after the other; one higher, the other lower. Here and there the highest crests are covered with snow. On some other places, some clumsy rocky points stand erect and the most distant mountains look the most acceptable, while the closer ones show nothing but traces of perpetual destruction. This is the eternal monotony of the famous view of the mountains.A third person also finds himself in the company on the high mountaintop. This one is as you say it, a hero in socks, lament almost in tears that he put in so much effort to scale the mountain. Firstly, he said, he sees nothing else than what he would on a healthy flat ground in the lowland; secondly, for all his effort, he only feels cold after all and thirdly would he want to bite into stones for hunger. If he only thinks about to again descent this treacherous way back, he feels like losing his senses!

5,2. So, here we have three mountain-climbers. Why does the first find so much exaltation in his being, the other nothing but abstract, clumsy forms and the third even becomes annoyed because he has put in so much effort for nothing. It is not necessary to search for it, for it is in themselves. How then? The first has a more lively and enlivened spirit; It is not the form and the tops of the high mountains that gives him the feeling of bliss, but this mood is a rendition of the higher life corresponding with the high form of such mountains. For at other occasions we already sufficiently learned of which life these mountains testify. Exactly from this life, the blissful experience of the visitor is derived, who walks in these mountains with a more excited and enlivened spirit. The other's spirit still finds himself in a deep sleep. Therefore, he detects nothing other than what his physical eyes see and what his earthly, dry mind can perceive. If you would pay him for it and give him mathematical measuring apparatus, he would climb all mountain crests and measure the heights with great satisfaction. Without this stimulant, you would hardly succeed to again get him on a mountaintop. Regarding the spirit of the third one, let us be silent about it, for in him lives only the animalistic man who finds his bliss in his stomach. If you would ever want to get him on a mountain, then you first should ensure that he will get there effortlessly and secondly, that he will find something good to eat and drink on top. This way he might scale a mountain – if not with his feet, then with the aid of a well-trained pack animal. Then he will say: In such an instance, I will be part of the expedition, for because of her purity, the mountain air will be more beneficial for digestion than the stale air of the valleys.

5,3. Look, from this example, we can extract an important lesson that would be directly applicable to our simple, spiritual sun. This lesson exactly corresponds with the text in the gospel, saying: For whosoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever has not, from him shall be taken away even that he has. (Matt 13:12). In this scripture is found yet another corresponding with the above example and this text is as follows: The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:20,21) Do you now understand how it is with the initial simplicity of the spiritual sun? You say: We do grasp something, but do not yet have complete clarity about what it says or want to convey. But I tell you: Exercise only a bit more patience and everything will immediately and with few words become very clear to you, like the sun on a bright, clear day. Why do you see the spiritual sun to be so simple? Because you have only seen the actual outside. Yet I tell you: there exist upon the spiritual sun an infinitely impressive and wondrous variety of which you could not yet create an image of for yourselves. This versatility is not upon the spiritual sun, though, but it is in the innermost of the spirits. If you would want to see this, you should see with pure spiritual eyes in the sphere of one or the other blissful spirit and you would see the otherwise so monotonous spiritual sun world soon transform into countless wonders. For you should know that every spirit is given one and the same basis, consisting purely of My mercy and compassion and it is consistently expressed in the spiritual sun. The management of this given basis, which is the actual inhabitable world for the spirit, solely depends upon the innermost of the spirit, which is only the love for Me and from this love, the resulting wisdom. For you have even clearer insight, I will give you yet another illustrious example. One of you find yourself on one or the other vast plain. On this plain, he finds nothing other but in the middle a tree, under which shadow the grass lushly grows. The traveler lays down on this grass, falls asleep and becomes invigorated. But during this sweet and strengthening rest, he was overcome with a wondrous dream. In this dream, this lone and simple traveler found himself in the most beautiful palaces, encountered princes, spent time with them and enjoyed exceptionally great bliss. Now I ask you: how does this man find such inner company on this lonely, empty field?

5,4. Look, it all belongs to his spirit and is obvious in the spirit. It is a creation of his spirit through the power of the love and this is ordered according to the wisdom, flowing as such from such alove. If you would think a bit more about this example, it will become clear to you that everyone will be the creator of his own inhabitable world according to his love and the forthcoming wisdom – and this world is the actual Kingdom of God in man.

5,5. Therefore, who has the love of God in him, will also gain the wisdom in the same measure of his love. He thus receives what he already has, namely the love. Who does not have it, but only has a parched worldly mind which he takes for wisdom, from him it will be taken by the most natural manner of the world, namely when his worldly or bodily life would be taken from him.

5,6. See, this is how things are! One mountain-climber ascends in love and up in the mountains is the love the creator of his blessedness. Who ascends the mountains with his mind only, will truly find no blessed reward, but will receive for his effort little or nothing, for it is severely prevented by his mind. The third, having absolutely nothing, will lose everything on the mountains, for a dead one will find no joy in life, for it is insensitive for it. As such it takes much effort to take a rock up a mountain; but if it is let free up there, it crashes down at great speed in the depths of death. If you would put all this together, the spiritual sun will not look so simple to you anymore. What else will still happen upon it, we will clearly see later. Therefore, enough for today.

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