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Chapter 4 - The natural and the spiritual sun, their different appearance

4,1. You are asking: Yes, it is all well to ignite the torch with the spark of love, but where do we get it from? On this, I can really say nothing other than that we are going to get it exactly from where it should be gotten from. It would be ridiculous if we would not be able, having the whole fiery sun, not be able to ignite the torch's wick!! For with the spark of love I exactly do understand the sun, which we now hold in her full-length, depth, and breadth in our hands. If you would be able to ignite a little fungus with the aid of a magnifying glass the size of a coin with the sun's rays while this sun in the natural is more than 22 million miles away, then this very close-by sun will also be able to ignite our torch.

4,2. Then we will accept this very easy dare to bring the wick of our torch with the fire of the sun. Just look how easy it is!

4,3. The torch is burning and look, in the spirit are infinite countrysides glowing in the eternal morning glow, coming from this torch.

4,4. I am the torch Myself and I give the correct amount of light; who will investigate in this light, will see truth everywhere and no deceit will meet his eye!

4,5. What a wonder, you say; in the natural sun, we saw giants and a great assortment of all things. Here in the sphere of light, everything is equal. We see nothing rise above the other. It is light, it is big and His indescribable loveliness is all over. We see a virtually flat land; where are the natural mountains of the sun?

4,6. Endlessly content spiritual angelic beings wander in the fields of light and make no distinction between land and water. They effortlessly elevate themselves in the light ether and hover there, drunk with joy while they emanate blessedness upon blessedness. We only see very lovely little trees; where are the gigantic trees of the natural surface? We also see a commonality in all the lovely foliage. Every growth spreads an unutterable feeling of bliss, utterly enrapturing every spirit coming into its vicinity. Yes, from every little tree, from every tender blade of grass flows a different kind of feeling of bliss, and yet at the little trees as well as the other growth, just like with the grass, we see only one form and a perfect, unmeasurable unity.

4,7. We wander through endless landscapes. We meet countless multitudes of blissful angelic spirits, yet we nowhere see a home. Nobody tells us: this piece of land is mine and that is my neighbor, but like extremely merry travelers on a road, they travel around jubilating and singing praises. Wherever we turn ourselves, we see nothing but life and more life flow. Glowing figures meet each other and from all sides sound great shouts of joy!

4,8. But we stand by like complete laymen and have no explanation. Where is this lustrous world we now observe? Is this the spiritual sun? This you ask with amazed faces and astonished hearts.

4,9. Yet I tell you that the spiritual sun look completely like a dial plate of a clockwork, upon which the complete artful mechanism is expressed. You look flustered: is this the whole spiritual sun? This sure is wonderful, exalted and very beautiful, also extremely alive, yet very simple. On the actual sun, we saw such unmentionable variety in size, yes so much wondrous things, but here itseems as if this endless plain is only one great way for spirits, upon which no dust is to be seen. But honestly said, because we saw so many great phenomena on the natural sun, we expected more than this uniformity and in a certain sense this eternally conforming monotony of this excessively lustrous world.

4,10. You do have the clockwork as an example. If you would wander around in the interconnected gearing, what would you think of the effects brought along by the astonishing mechanism, if you would never have seen the dial plate of a clockwork before? Would you, looking at the gearing, not say: If the means look so wonderful, of what indescribable wondrous nature shall the destiny be! You would say to the manufacturer of the clockwork: sir, unmentionably artful and precisely measured is this gearing. How great and exceptionally artful would be the destiny of this wondrous mechanism! Let us have a look at it, where the surely great purpose of this mechanism comes to expression. Then the clockmaker leaves the inner works and shows you the dial plate on the outside!

4,11. Your eyes grow big of astonishment and you say: what!! Is this what this internal work of art is made for? Nothing but a white painted round plate with twelve numbers and two pointed arms, invariantly trailing forward with invisible movement along the twelve numbers. No, we imagined ourselves something completely different! I say: Maybe an artful marionette theatre, or maybe some or the other fantastic children's' game?

4,12. Oh, dear people, then you still have a very poor image of the spiritual world. Did you not grasp the given examples, that the whole of the outer in all its division finally must express itself in unification? You saw it in the example of the tree, the polishing of the metal stave, the production of glass, the building of a house and finally convincingly by looking at a clockwork.

4,13. If it would be the goal in the spiritual to divide even more than what it is in the outer natural, how would man then see himself in eternal existence and an eternal life!! So, according to the true, inner living order, everything must unite in the spiritual to become by that eternally strong, mighty and enduring. Now you say: This is clearly completely right and true, yet we have heard many times You speaking about the great glories of the heavenly spiritual world. Therefore, we do not know now how to take things. We truly cannot say anything against the simple glory of the spiritual sun but according to our previous impressions regarding the heavenly world, this looks like a nice summer's day, where we would see a swarm of ephemera floating haphazardly in the sun's rays, while none of them could explain where they come from, where they are going and why they are crisscrossing the sun-saturated light in every possible direction.

4,14. Your musings are in this instance truly correct, but to explain to you how this simplicity of the spiritual sun corresponds with the glorious beauty of heaven, the time is not ripe yet, for we first must get to know the basics. If you only have seen ephemera up till now, then it would do no harm to the main cause, for the result will show how it is with the simplicity of this spiritual sun we just saw. Keep your eye on it and think about it yourselves. In the next chapter, we will look at this simplicity with completely different eyes, therefore, enough for today.

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