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Chapter 21 - Visit to the region of the evening

21,1. Look, there is already a good road; we will walk on it with ease. If you look to the left, you will see the fencing of a vast plain to be rather high, yet softly rounded mountain ranges, beautifully overgrown with cedars and a variety of other beautiful trees. The summits are free and everyone is decorated with a pyramid and on top of each pyramid glistens a bright star. If you look right up ahead, you see a broad valley, stretching itself wide and far and seems very fertile, as far as the eye can see. On various places in the valley, you see lovely, beautiful buildings, where people walk in and out with gusto. You also see much intense activity in the cultivation of the land. Is it not almost as if you would wander around in a beautiful valley, where peaceful farm workers are diligently building and working their lands?

21,2. If you turn your gaze to the right, you would see a far-off, yes immeasurably stretched-out mountain ranges, of which the lower areas are also overgrown with beautiful trees, while here and there among the trees are seen a little rural homestead. Above the forested regions rise an exceptionally steep rocky mountain, the highest tops covered with eternal snow and ice.

21,3. You say: this environment is wondrously beautiful, it only needs here and there a little lake or one or the other nice, broad river. If this would have been here too, one could barely imagine for yourself a more lovely and romantic region than this one.

21,4. Yet I tell you: dear brothers and friends, have patience for yet a little while. We will also find these things in rich abundance, for we are proceeding very quickly and have penetrated so far into this region of the evening that it would be beyond your understanding. Just look back and try to estimate the length of this soft, pyramid decorated mountain ridge and you will immediately see how far we have come.

21,5. You say: how is this possible? We can indeed not see the end of this mountain range anymore and it also looks like it stretches itself behind us infinitely. The beautiful stars on top of the pyramids we still only see in the distance shimmering like sun dust. Yes, best brothers and friends, in this land one journeys exceptionally fast, without even noticing the speedy progress. Even though we are now, as you can see, walking restfully step by step, we are still moving exceptionally fast, with a speed no one on earth can understand. You can believe this: If it would be possible to move your earthly bodies this fast, you would be able to flash through a milliard of sun worlds in a moment. But how such is possible, we will still talk about.

21,6. Now we direct our gaze to the front and resume our journey at our ease. You ask me: what is that there in the distant background, the glistening plain up there, still farther away, against a dark, evening firmament where a great many stars are shining brightly? Be patient yet a little while; we will indeed get there. But first, look a bit to the right and tell me what you find there. I read appreciation in your eyes. Is this not more as it should be?

21,7. Look at the beautiful islands rising above the restful and pure water surface, how they all are built up and how every island is adorned with a quaint house. Look at the many beautiful boats on the water, well manned and faring from one island to the other. You are surprised; you haven't even seen one-hundredth part; the further we go, the more extended the lake becomes.

21,8. But as you can see, the left bank still forms a broad valley up till the left side mountain range and we still must walk quite a while until we will see this valley becoming narrower and the lake becoming broader. Up there on the beautiful green hill to our left, is a very beautiful temple with a golden roof. As you can see, are there also in this open temple a multitude of people wearing white clothes. Would you like to know what they are doing there?

21,9. Have a look at the close-by shore of the lake; a company is presently stepping out from a pretty boat, who are on their way to this temple. Do ask them, they will quickly tell you what is pulling them to this temple. If you would not dare, I will do it; take notice! I will speak to someone.

21,10. Listen best friend and brother! Why are you going to the temple built on the top of the green hill? He answers: Friend and brother in the Master, as you say, where do you come from that you don't know? I answer: Where do you look to where I come from? He answers: I look to the morning. I say: Good, if you look to the morning, how can you ask me where I come from? But for the sake of those here with me, I ask that you speak to me openly and clearly.

21,11. The questioned one bow and says: Mighty messenger of the Master! A Sage from the morning, probably a well-known brother is teaching here the love of the Master. We are going there to listen to the high wisdom. I ask him: For how long have you immortals been inhabitants of these islands already? He says: Mighty messenger of the Master! According to earthly reckoning, we are here already more than a hundred years. I answer: would you then not want to go closer to the morning?

21,12. He says: We do not know the way, but this island has been allocated to us to live on it and provide our sustenance. Nobody ever gets there to take us further, and we still lack the courage to undertake such a long journey all on our own. The wiser ones among us says that the morning, whose light we can clearly see from there, is endlessly far away. Therefore, we think that we could never reach it out of our own power, and we have no option left but to temper our longing for it as much as possible. We anyway think that what we possess here, is way too much for us, being pure compassion and pity from the Master. We are therefore also very much thankful for andcontent with it. Only one thing we would want to experience, then we would be eternally happy and that is to only once get to see the Master!

21,13. I answer: Then indeed go to the temple where the love for the Master is being taught. This is the way by which the Master will come to you. Look, the company is already making haste over the beautiful fields to the temple.

21,14. You ask me: What kind of people were these during their earthly life? I tell you: these are the so-called believing Christians who sought their righteousness only in faith and did not want to really accept the love as if it would not have any value for eternal life. To them, only faith has any value. Such a conviction is keeping them here. The lake depicts the inaccessibility of those of one or the other conviction. The islands mean that the conviction has come forth from the Word of the Master. Because truth is not connected to love, or in other words, because the truth of faith is not connected in the true heavenly to the goodness of love, are these land regions inhabited by these people, everywhere separated by water. The vehicles you see on the lake depicts the friendly and good deeds of such people on earth. These deeds bring, as you can see, these inhabitants of the islands in contact with each other.

21,15. In this region at the left-hand side lives those who gradually began to convert out the truths of the faith, their love into good deeds and out of that also believe in the love of the Master, yet they still believe more than the love. This is shown by the abundance of high, strong trees which indeed bears no edible fruit; therefore, their life sustenance is growing low, yet abundantly. The pyramids on the round mountain ridges on the left-hand side, topped with shining stars, shows that “the faith” is the highest principle of these people and their only light. The parts of the mountains densely overgrown with cedars shows the power of their faith.

21,16. In that they do not wear any edible fruit, shows that faith alone cannot generate life. Even though the faith is already working in his spiritual life, it still yields but meager fruit and if eaten, it would barely serve to bring life to higher potential.

21,17. The region to our right-hand side with the steep mountains firstly borders to the north. Therefore, are these mountains so inaccessible and high, forming the border between evening and north.

21,18. You ask whether this region is also inhabited. Oh yes, but mainly with good-hearted heathens as well as with people who have guarded their hearts from evil through the honoring of statues, being thereby righteous world citizens. The temples you see at the other side here and there among the bushes are also places of teaching where such people can be freed from their errors if they seriously want to!

21,19. If this is not the case, they are left as they are and no coercion is practiced. Since we now know this, we can follow the road further.

21,20. You again ask: What is there on the left-hand side, where the lake becomes broader and the land on the left narrower, that exceptionally high pillar? Let us quickly go there; we will reach her soon. Look, she is already coming closer and as you see, we are here already. Read the inscription up there. You read it well, for it is written: “Border pillar between the kingdom of the children and the pre-kingdom”, a dwelling place for those not yet capable to make the transition.

21,21. Now look before you were an immeasurably great sea is stretching out and where you cannot detect any land of any kind anywhere. This is the consciously glittering plain we saw from a distance. Look there far-off before you, completely on the background, you can see the stars. We will rest at this pillar for today and next time we will commence our journey by sea to the starry distance. Therefore, enough for today.

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