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Chapter 22

The pre-order of the Children's Kingdom

22,1. You ask: Best Friend and Brother, how would we then go over this enormous sea surface while there is nowhere a boat or ship to be seen which we can use or which can take us with? I tell you: we will indeed have no need of it. It all depends on whether you would want to walk through the water like the Israelites once did through the Red Sea, or like Peter with the Master who once walked upon the water. It can happen both ways and it will happen as you want it. You say that I should decide and say what is the best.

22,2. As for me, I would rather follow the Master like Peter. Try to step on the water surface with me and have no anxiety, for we will walk upon the water as on dry land. Look, we are already standing on the water; how do you find this surface? You say: one can walk quite well on here. The surface is thin yet resilient and does not let it be pushed in. The water is very clear and looks rather deep; it does not invoke fear in us at all, though, because we convince each other that it is strong enough to carry us.

22,3. This is correct, best friends and brothers, if one is still standing close to the shore and have a lot of objects around you on land to see and the water is flat like a mirror. But when one has progressed somewhat and the water does wave more, one must take care not to harbor any fear of the water and thereby losing one's balance. But, as strong as the water is here, it stays everywhere; therefore, we will continue our journey. Hold onto me tightly and do not walk as if anxious, but walk briskly and quickly, for with a cautious step you will not attain too much. As you can see, the water surface is exceptionally smooth and if you do not put your foot down definitely, you can slip and fall, causing you much trouble to get up again. Well, we are standing strong on our feet and I can see you are making good progress.

22,4. Therefore, forward till we reach the rather strongly heaving area which we can see on the distant horizon. Look, we are going forward very well. Here and there the surface does wobble due to the movement of the sea, but as you see, our steps are not influenced by it in the least.

22,5. But why do you look so tensely into the water? Have you let something fall that sunk to the deep? You say: Best Friend, not at all. We only are looking down whether there below us might be any fish or other water animals. I tell you: do not worry yourselves about it, there are no talk of water monsters, but only little noble fishes in great amounts. Would you like to see some? Then you only should turn around, then you will immediately see how they are migrating from the morning to the evening. Well, you have turned around. Look at how the enormous amounts of beautifully shimmering fish from the vicinity of the morning is enlivening these endless waters! Does it not look very much like the little goldfish upon your earth? You say: oh yes, they only glitter much stronger.

22,6. You would want to know what these fish here means? These fish depict the life constantly flowing from the eternal morning, enlivening this element and stepping out as free life into all infinite spaces of God's eternal creations.

22,7. Since we anyway made a stop, have a look at the surface of this great water. Well, you took fright, saying: in God's Name, the whole of infinity look as if filled with this water, for nowhere is anything of land to be seen. As far as the eye can see, it can see in the farthest distance nothing but the surging and whitish shining surface of an endless sea. But I tell you: do not worry yourselves over it, but it does not go as bad with us on this enormous water surface as it once did with Christopher Columbus when he sailed with his meager vessels in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and anxiously looked around him if he could see land somewhere.

22,8. Let us resume our journey. We did come close to the waves. When we are there, you must hold tightly on to me, for we must go through deep water-valleys and water-mountains.

22,9. Look now, the waves are coming closer still. Now you need to take hold, yet a few steps according to our spiritual way of movement, and we will be at the waves. Well, there is the first wave wall already. Look, what a deep water-valley and see how the water is falling; look how a water-mount is seemingly raising itself up with foaming crests almost to the firmament.

22,10. You say: oh, best friend and brother, it will be impossible to go there, it looks frightening! A few sky-high waves are breaking all over each other. There, a water-valley is forming so deep as if one is looking from a mountain into a horrible depth!

22,11. But I tell you: All will go well, for as you can see, the water ravine is already filling up again; therefore, we can resume our journey easily. Before we will reach this soaring water-mountain, the water will already be level there too. Look, it is already low again; now our road is level again. But there already is another great ravine; the wet walls are wildly foaming, crashing down into the depth. Let us have patience. The ravine will soon be a level surface again. Look, the walls have united themselves again, and we can follow our way again. Yet again is another enormous water-mountain approaching us and have already formed a new water-valley again. You say: this enormous water-mountain shall certainly drag us along into the ravine. Do not worry yourselves; the mountain shall once again fill up the ravine, and we will once again have a level way.

22,12. Look now, after the stormy weather and rain, comes sunshine. With this water-mountain, we have passed this wavy patch of the sea, and we again have peaceful water before us. Yet, there in the distance, where you see lots of stars above the water, is another dangerous place with big vortexes. You do not have to worry yourselves about it; she will hurt us just as little as the waves. Look, after our accelerated journey, we are already at these vortexes. We still must walk along the sides of these vortexes, then they cannot hinder us. Do not be frightful of the thunderous noise of these vortexes and look up high to the firmament, how we already find ourselves underneath the stars which we only recently saw from afar. Let your eyes look keenly once more and look straight ahead. What do you see?

22,13. You call out: Land, land! Well, the sea was after all not so endless as you have imagined it to yourselves just recently. Look, there on a peninsula reaching rather far out into the sea stands yet another pillar. You ask what that means? We will be there immediately and you can read the inscription for yourselves. Only a few more steps and we are already on dry ground again. Look, there is the pillar already!

22,14. What is written on it? “Pre-border of the Children's Kingdom”. Now you know where we find ourselves. You say: But in heaven's name, this is a terribly mountainous region! Do we have to go deeper into this mountainous region as well? O yes, this is the main cause; therefore, we embarked on this long journey hereto. This you must see, for only here will the true meaning of the evening be made known. We will, therefore, take on this mountainous region next time. Therefore, we will take a rest today at this pillar.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-22 Chapter