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Chapter 28

The valleys of the rich, the learned, the handy and the intellectual people

28,1. Look, there we are already again at our first location. You are indeed a bit reluctant to venture thereto, but the ravine has in between the rocky cliffs still so much room that we will easily move over the slightly rocky way. On our way there, you will see to the left and the right very narrow, deep ravines. To the left, or midday side, the valleys have the same meaning as these which we saw in the first valley to the left, where the rich of the earth lives. The only difference is that the inhabitants of these deeper valleys are still poorer in good deeds, even though they were on earth so much richer in earthly wealth.

28,2. In the valleys to the right is found the habitations of all kinds of learned ones, handy ones, and intellectuals. The deeper and more remote the valley where such souls live, the further away they stand from the Master in their science. Now that you know this, we can go on our way well-prepared and go to the region where you will learn exceptionally important things. Here we go then!

28,3. You ask where all this water comes from, streaming down from the valleys into the narrow ravine, rushing forth as a stormy mountain river, to the bay of the great sea? The water means the knowledge and the forthcoming useful applications flowing from it, which such people have, by means of their intellect and craft, along an experimental way acquired, borrowed from the natural sciences of these things. The water flowing from the right is, as you can see, much more turbid. This represents the many untruths evident in the learned knowledge and the somewhat less turbid water coming from the left, shows the richness of the world who, with their less scientific knowledge, which had somewhat better thinking than the actual pure learned ones. The combining of the water in the ravine means that the abilities of the sciences and the abilities of worldly treasures always go hand in hand and in the end, is the same thing. For the learned one studies the sciences to increase his wealth in worldly treasures, but those rich in worldly treasures searches out the sciences to further increase his wealth. This is the reason why you do not see the water coming from the left, flowing so turbulently as those flowing from the right. This also means that those rich in worldly treasures still knows how to maneuver himself in a political fashion among the learned ones to gain their knowledge some or the other to strengthen his speculative need. Now that we know this, we can resume our journey.

28,4. Look over there, far away in the background rises a high stone wall. There ends our valley to the left and to the right. Sometimes, this wall will open itself and a vast cleft will open up. If you would be there at that moment, you can go through, but if you do not make it, no going through would be possible. You ask: Also, not by the means we have moved in the northern regions upon the mountains? I tell you: also, not that way, and that because you still have something of the earth in you. We will be here the moment the wall will open itself, though. And because a vastplain stretch itself behind this wall, we will be able to get out again through the broad opening, before the moment that the wall will close again. Look, we are already at the wall; have a bit patience, it will open in due time. I tell you: open up! The mighty wall gives way. The opening is big enough now; go through quickly! We, fortunately, passed the opening and look behind you, the wall is already tightly shut again.

28,5. Now, look again in front of you into the environment we find ourselves in; how do you like it? You say: what a question! How could we like this environment, it is so dark, we can feel better than we can see. We must hold on to you, otherwise, we will certainly get lost, for we do not even see the ground upon which we stand. We, therefore, do not even know what we are walking upon; is it stone, sand, mud or water. For as we said, we do not see a thing; not even you or ourselves.

28,6. Yes, dear friends, this is how it is here. You ask me if there are any beings that exist here? I tell you: you would not easily find a region that is as densely inhabited than this one, for here one can truly say: On this market of darkness, it teems with people.

28,7. You indeed would want a bit of light to see something? But I tell you: it would not serve us well to have a light of our own here, for we would immediately be swamped by the inhabitants of this region, like worm falling on an ant heap. Have therefore a bit patience; our eyes will soon adjust, that we will be able to in the dark just like a night owl. Let us, therefore, walk a bit further. Well, do you see something already? You say: we are beginning to see very weakly that the ground we are standing on consists mainly of pure sand, and in front of us it seems as if something has moved.

28,8. Yes, you are right. Let us go there, then you will soon know what is moving there. Look, the moving one is coming towards us: it is a cringed, miserable looking human figure. Would you want to ask him who he is? You don't; then I will do it. Listen, I will speak to this figure.

28,9. What are you doing here, miserable being! Where do you come from? The figure says: I am here in this vicinity now already about three earthly years, I wander around like a wild animal, but find nothing to satisfy my great hunger with. Why I had to end up in such a miserable environment after my death, I do not know. On earth, I was a prominent lord and had a high office. I have executed this function diligently and righteously. I never accepted bribes, but acted strictly according to the law, fulfilled my plight as such and was honored by all. Even my king appreciated and gave me distinction. I have voluntarily done well with my earned salary and lived exemplary in every respect, worthy of being imitated. When I finally left the temporary, I ended up in this deplorable environment where I, as I said, wander around now for almost three years and nowhere is a place of escape.

28,10. I, your guide, interrogate him further: My best friend, this might very well be true, but have you, with the execution of your office, never even thought about or believed in Christ the Master? Have you done anything out of love for Him? Have you considered all simple people as your brothers? Tell me, how did you fare thus? The miserable one says: How can a developed man believe in such an old wife tale Christ? I still have, to upset no one politically, took part in all Christian foolishness. Who can be such a fool to expect of a man of high state office, to consider the rogue street rabble to be his brothers? And to do something out of love for this old wife's Christ, one first must become so foolish even to believe in such a Christ and then to see if one would do something out of a certain love for Him. Yet, I do believe in a God and I often think to myself: If this God is righteous, which He certainly should be, then He should, if there is life after death, also let a righteous man as I am, experience full righteousness. I already experience for three horrible years that there is life after death; for this is how long I have been wandering around here like a wild animal. But I must finally experience here in such circumstances that there does not exist any God; for if there would exist some or the other God, He'd have to treat me just as well as the king did. Even though everything is probably the work of blind fate, I have fallen back in the blind fate and just have to wait and see what it will do to me. If you have something for my stomach, give me something to eat, for I am extremely hungry and have, except for a little moss plant I coincidentally found, no food.

28,11. I, your guide, say to him: Listen, friend, there do exist a God Who is righteous and this God is no other than your old wife's Christ! Let this be a ray of mercy to you, that you would know to whom you should turn yourself when it would fare worse to you than now.

28,12. Look, all you have done, even though it was truly righteous, you have done out of exclusive self-love. For your love was your righteous prestige and to be generally liked and the high regard of the world. Therefore, you have brought nothing with you other than your self-love, which has no light here, for her light is taken from the world. The light of the spirit and its righteousness is in Christ, though! Turn yourself in your heart to Him, then you will, according to the measure of your conversion, receive light and bread. But go away from us now.

28,13. Look how he slinks away, deep in thought; do you see how the black cloud above him is becoming a bit more gray? This is because he is beginning to ponder about Christ. But let us proceed; much more interesting cases will still present themselves.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN1-28 Chapter