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Chapter 29

Kingdom of darkness and unbelief

29,1. Look, not far from here something is moving; do you see it? You say: O yes if our eyes are not deceiving us, it is this time two exceptionally tall, poor and completely emaciated around the buttocks, manly beings. You are right; let us move quickly, then we will soon overtake them. Look, there they are already. They still are not aware of our presence and for the time being, it is good, for we will be able to eavesdrop on them and listen what they speak to each other about.

29,2. 'A' says: It does not fare better with you as with me, esteemed friend. How long have you been in this place? B says: Esteemed friend, according to my feeling it could barely be a few weeks; but how long have you been here? A says: Esteemed friend, to my feeling, round about twenty years. B says: It is completely inexplicable to me how it could be right for me to come here; you can believe me, for when you were already a greybeard, you have known me very well as an active young man of about twenty years of age. I always have lived as was right according to my insights of what is right and reasonable. I fulfilled my spiritual office very faithfully and have never, according to the rulings of the church neglected only a single letter. I always preached completely within the spirit of the only redeeming church. As much as was possible, have I supported those whom I deemed to be truly needy, that is, who became poor without it being their fault. In the holy Mass offering I honored God daily and up till my last hour, I cannot remember that I ever neglected the little prayer book. I subjected myself to all ordinances of the church leadership and would be able to fight for life or death for the rights of the holy church. I've been strict in the confession booth and think to have won many souls for heaven. I shared the gospel of Christ with the poor, fed the hungry, refreshed the thirsty, clothed the naked and freed the captives; therefore, I expected to, after my death, especially because I ensured myself of a full indulgence from his holiness, the pope, get into heaven.

29,3. But how it is with the so certainly expected heaven, you see here as clearly as I do! I have often secretly thought, yet never openly spoken out, that Christianity, including Christ, is nothing but cultivated heathendom and have therefore little confidence in Christ and the Trinity. It, therefore, is now very clear to me how I have looked with my secret distrust. Well, what do you say about this?

29,4. A says: Yes, my best-esteemed friend, what can I say about that? I was no priest but indeed lived, if you can say it this way, just as strict as it was taught to me by the obviously better priests. In a certain sense, I did have many doubts, but I thought to myself: it may be as it is, I live verypeacefully as the priests have taught me; this can impossibly be wrong. For I have thought to myself: If their teaching would be wrong or senseless, then it would be their responsibility, but I wash my hands in innocence! Would God truly be such a righteous judge as all priests on the pulpit have preached, then He should reward me, if He really exists. If there would be no God, then it is all the same how one lives. On the other hand, if there is a life on the other side, then it should correspond to the honest character of the person. If there is no life after physical death, it will be of very little consequence of how one lived upon earth. From this, you can see that I lived upon the earth as a completely honest, wise and still obedient man. Now I have been here for so long and this is the reward!

29,5. Nothing but an almost impenetrable, exceptionally freezing night as never before, no food but a bit of sandy moss and all this should concur with the love, compassion, and righteousness of God so often preached by you priests!! I've pondered now for more than twenty years whether a God exists or not and if I meet anyone or talk to him about this subject, no one knows anything more than I do. It, therefore, surprises me even more that you, having been a priest, who indeed worked for the so-called kingdom of God, has been given the same fate as me. I think that we have been taken with this Christ, for it often seemed peculiar to me that a God would have let Him be killed! The old, wise Hebrews have probably known Christ much better than we do and know how to eliminate Him properly, being a pious Jewish fanatic and neatly put Him in the once happy Romans' lap as a pickled payment, because He destroyed their royal city. He remained with their old God who obviously had a much more divine image than our crucified. We had to adopt this god through a Jewish stroke of genius, who was the most despised being. I think the latter to be understandable, for if Christ would really mean something, then someone in this – I tell you – endless great world sphere should know something real about Him. But you can meet thousands there, all considered to be pure, sober and modest people, but no one knows anything about Him. I can tell you: I have met people who have been in this region already up to two thousand years and is completely used to eating of moss. They were contemporaries of Christ on earth if there ever existed a Christ among us, and yet they know as little about Him as we do. Some of them claim to never have heard this Name. Look, this is my ideas I have secretly formed during my stay here and secretly harbored during my life upon earth. What do you think of it?

29,6. B says: Appreciated friend, I must acknowledge openly that there is much going for your ideas. On the other hand, I cannot imagine that the wise Jews, who possessed the knowledge of God, would burden themselves with a quasi gallows-bait kind of God only out of vengefulness against a great nation as that of the Romans. Even among the Romans were many wise men and it would not have been particularly sensible to consider this great and wise nation for such fools that they would trade in their much acclaimed and meaningful gods for such a pitiable one.

29,7. Since you have made your opinion known in this manner, I will also openly tell you what I have often thought to myself during my earthly life and this is the following: The Romans, namely the Roman priesthood, have gradually realized that things would fare badly with all their gods in the long run. They, therefore, began to search over time for the more sensualized people a more attractive myth and made it look like the highest god Jupiter have taken pity on mankind. Because the Jewish nation was the farthest removed from the pure idolatry, Jupiter would have descended in the form of a Jew and would have taught the truth about the correct teaching of the gods of Rome. Such a teaching was an abomination to the Jews, especially because the Romans was a huge burden to them at that time. They did everything to make put this true god Jupiter in human form, under suspicion. Pilate would have known very well who this Christ truly was, therefore he defended Him as much as possible. Because the Jews could not keep themselves properly in check and even threatened to accuse Pilate to Caesar as a cohort in the rebellion, Pilate thought to himself: I would rather deliver the Almighty to you; He would surely know much better than me, what He would do with Him. Then the Jews have let Him be crucified pro forma the Roman style; yet, being Jupiter, he easily raised Himself again from death and then informed the high priests in Rome what they are to do next. For these priests, it was water on their mill, and they instructed the people according to this myth from the land of the Jews, as they presented it with the consent of the Romans. They also invented a lot of martyrs on top of it, who perhaps have, with the consent of the Caesars, did commit single or arbitrary atrocities, to which they added before the eyes of theignorant people a multitude of wonderful signs. By this have the old, already watered down heathendom under the same pontificate, been handed down to us, and we were, compelled by necessity, foolish enough to take on such a truly petty trick for real money. Thus, we are, in my opinion, given the bill for our newly established heathendom.

29,8. A says: My appreciated friend, I must openly admit that there is more going for your opinion than for mine. I just cannot grasp how one would build by means of such a cunning undertaking, the newly founded heathendom upon Jewry. To my knowledge, as far as it is known to me from the so-called gospel, Christ would exclusively call to witness the prophets of the Jews, therefore it is not particularly acceptable that the proud, wise Romans let themselves be served by the religion of the to them very much despised Jews, to set up a profitable religion. Furthermore, I must openly acknowledge to you that the absolute teaching of Christ, excluding a few wonderful foolish things, is a quite humane, wise teaching which is in my opinion not profitable for the very well-known Roman greed. For this reason, it is not readily provable that He is a fabrication of the Roman priesthood, but one of the Jews, for from history we know very well how the Romans have set themselves against the rise of this teaching.

29,9. B says: My esteemed friend, in this respect you are too little initiated into the secretive, sneaky ways of the priesthood. You did indeed read from history that some Roman Caesars have powerfully resisted the import of this religion, but show me a Roman pontiff by name who have resisted himself against it! Look, as such was the situation cunningly steered and this newly established religion have never found a better entrance than exactly through this apparently necessary cruel resistance of the Roman Caesars. For this newly established religion to be based upon Jewry, has the following obvious reason: Because the Roman sages had plenty of time during their multifarious crusades to become initiated into many religions, they could easily conclude that a newly established religion could be based on nothing more suitable than exactly this Jewish one. Therefore, they have made this human Zeus for good reasons to act in the land of the Jews, for they knew that other religions were in a worse state than their own.

29,10. A says: Yes, best friend, now the situation has indeed a completely different light and I cannot but to completely agree with your opinion. Yes, yes, if this was not so, from where else did come this greed after gold and silver of the current Roman pontificate? Yet, I still must acknowledge that the actual pure moral teaching of Christ, wherever He might originate from, is above all criticism, exalted and good. This is what bound me most of all to Christendom. That a selfish parasite has attached itself to this pure tree over time – allow me this – is unmistakable; but I must tell you, an idea just came to me: if I would ever happen to meet such a pure Christ, truly, I would find it impossible to be hostile to Him!

29,11. B remarks: Yes, if He would exist, then I do think likewise; but exactly where the dog lies buried. A says: You know what, let us go in search of the grave of this dog and should we find it, then we have found at the very least a symbol of faithfulness! Look, it is becoming a bit lighter above A, but not above B for quite some time yet. Because we have nothing more to do here, let us continue our way.

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