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Chapter 107

In the second hell

107,1. Do you know why people on Earth are obedient? The answer is very easy to give. Perhaps out of great respect for the person who rules? O no, because the one who is honored is usually not secretly shout at, and even less cursed and damned. Nevertheless, this is what citizens do to their kings. But the one who is not obeyed out of respect, is even less obeyed out of love. Therefore, we can find no other reason for obedience than fear.

107,2. Fear is based on what? It is firstly based on personal powerlessness, secondly on the superior power of the ruler and thirdly on the fact that in certain circumstances the king will not be too cautious with the lives of his citizens. A ruler who is often equipped with a million of instruments to kill and who does not have to give an account to anyone for killing one or many people is certainly not very trustworthy, for the wrath of a dictator can mean the death of many thousands.

107,3. When we realistically look at the matter then it appears that the main reason for obedience if the fear of death.

107,4. Imagine a country in which there are only fully reborn, spiritually awakened people. Then it would be quite different regarding the fear of the death penalty. The ruler will then have to take quite different measures if he would like to remain the leader of his people.

107,5. But then, the fear of death is based on what? I tell you: solely and only on the uncertainty whether there is or not another life after the loss of this life (disbelief). Who of you is afraid before going to sleep, even though the sleep is only a periodical death of the body? Why is there no fear to go to sleep? Because it is known from experience that there will be a waking up in the same life, even if it seems to be a new life. Take away this experience and everyone would, before going to sleep, be afraid in the same measure as he is afraid of physical death. There are actually people on Earth who believe that their life lasts for only one day and perishes every day, and that the next day another person will live in their skin.

107,6. This belief comes from a people in a certain part of Asia that believe in the migration of the soul, believing that every day their soul passes from one animal into another and that they mostly live for only one day in a human being. When on the next day another soul remembers the past, then they think that this is because of the body’s system. Every following soul must by necessity be placed into the consciousness, awakened by the body’s system. So this is their philosophy and the result is that they are terrified to fall asleep, because to them this is only the means with which the old soul is pushed out of the body to make place for another. For this reason, these people try to drive away the sleep as much as possible and with all kinds of means. All this resembles the fear of the common earthly people for the physical death.

107,7. If the spirit of men were awakened, then he would not be concerned or afraid for the falling away of his body, as little as a common person is concerned or afraid to go to sleep, for experience tells the spirit that there is an eternal life which is indestructible, and experience tells the soul that the sleeping body will awake the next morning, for which reason he is then also not afraid to go to sleep.

107,8. So the fear of death as a possible destruction of existence is thus within the soul as long as the spirit is not awakened in him, because it then would awaken a totally different awareness.

107,9. With this foreknowledge let us go back to our first Hell. There the soul is only a pleasure-seeking and food swallowing polyp, and this out of dumb selfishness and self-love, because when he cannot accomplish his lust for pleasure he constantly visualizes a possible destruction.

107,10. In the second Hell, as we know, the serious fasting of the lusting soul shrivels more and more and the spirit that merged with him became freer by this means of isolation. In the best case, which is rare, a spirit changes, strengthens himself and elevates his soul more and more. In the most frequent, worst case the spirit is awakened, but since he is awakened he feels very hurt and offended because of the neglect of hissoul and also he feels neglected. By that he becomes angry, and in his anger he more and more lets the idea take root in him that the deity needs to give him an immeasurable compensation for this injustice.

107,11. The more the spirit is fixed on that idea the higher his demands are and he also becomes more and more dissatisfied about every proposition that is made to him for eternal satisfaction.

107,12. As his demands are ever higher, caused by his ever greater dissatisfaction, the more and more awakened spirit thinks about revenge out of self-satisfaction. Because of this feeling he becomes more and more a despiser of God (devil). He also realizes more and more that he cannot be destroyed and strengthens himself with the idea that the spirit can infinitely grow stronger by intensifying his ideas and by making higher demands. From this feeling comes then the satanic idea that the deity would be afraid for the ever-growing power of such spirits and would therefore hide Himself and would secretly spy on the actions of His mighty enemies by certain fearful and weak spiritual spies. When the situation becomes alarming the deity retreats further and tries to protect Himself in all kinds of ways against the superior attack of such powerful spirits.

107,13. By this idea, the all-dominant feeling of superiority of the spirit becomes ever stronger and the feeling of revenge regarding a supposed cunningness of the deity grows. Then he thinks that the deity must of course become less powerful. Yes, the spirit abhors now the deity, despises and bitterly hates Him and considers himself a superior being.

107,14. Once this has happened, the third Hell is already a fact. How it will further develop along this line, our disciples must secretly observe with us on the way of divine, protecting providence, and will then have to learn in the lowest Hell to perceive everything by experience up to the actual basis of evil. But how finally the actual cause of evil will reveal itself in this lowest and most malicious of all Hells, will be shown in what follows.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-107 Chapter