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Chapter 108

Nothing is destructible in the whole of creation

108,1. Many will ask now: ‘How can one think and believe that it is possible for some very inferior life’s power to rebel from the sphere of its awareness against an infinite, absolute perfect life’s power? Because the low life’s power must certainly know and be aware that a minimum of life’s power can never stand against the infinite and that a victory can eternally not be possible.’ Good, I say, this objection does not sound bad but is mostly based on ignorance. In an exceptional case this objection can approximatively be mentioned, but since in the pure spiritual kingdom there are no hypotheses and thus also no approximates, but only truths, it can thus also not be worth of an answer.

108,2. A spiritual answer is a full truth, but if it (the truth) is not contained in the question, it cannot be answered. The one who asks the question will receive an answer but never a proper direct answer to his question, but only as an indirect truth. This is also the case here. When the answer is there, the mentioned objection will be solved by itself.

108,3. So whether a lower or as here a very inferior life’s power can rebel or not and if it can be destroyed by the infinite life’s power, will soon be shown from a few small examples.

108,4. How heavy a mountain is should not be further explained to someone who has carried a few smaller stones. A small mountain consists of what? Of only atomically small parts that stick together through the mutual power of attraction. If we dig from down the mountain upwards, up to the place on which the highest, thus heaviest top rests, then by that we discover well preserved and very strong stony walls. If we only take a small part from these strong stony walls, put it on a steel plate or on a stone and hit it a little with the hammer, this part will become dust.

108,5. Question: why could this part not stand against the pressure of the hammer while for a period of thousands of years it could stand the immeasurably great pressure of the heavy weight of a whole mountain? One will say: ‘Under the mountain it was a real part of the whole mass and therefore, with the help of the other parts, it could stand the total pressure. But alone, without help, it already had to collapse under the minor pressure.’ Good, but did this minor pressure completely destroy this part? Certainly not, but it divided it in much smaller parts.

108,6. Could one then not use such pressure to destroy these parts completely? Also this is impossible, neither under pressure neither by no matter what means of power, for in the one way it can only be divided into smaller parts, but in the other way it can be changed into a simple and then even less destroyable element.

108,7. So also, the whole weight of the Earth is resting on its small, insignificant center. How can it resist this force of attraction that acts upon it from all sides? For the simple reason that according to the eternal divine order in the whole infinite creation there is nothing that can be destroyed and the very smallest can continuously maintain itself against the very biggest, if not in this, then certainly again in another form.

108,8. If we now attribute a complete awareness to these small parts by which they can realize that they can eternally not be destroyed, the question is: which power can restrain them and which can overcome them? Or can a whole mountain lose something if its smallest basic parts are indestructible? Certainly not, for if one atom could be destroyed, then it would also be the same for the others and in the same way it would also have happened to the mountain.

108,9. This would also be the case for the Earth, and even God Himself would finally not fare better if in His whole infinity there would be something that could be destroyed.

108,10. So, according to the unchangeable, eternal divine order, the very smallest can exist next to the very biggest. As a result, when the smallest life’s power in his spiritual sphere is aware that he cannot be killed or destroyed, he also has no more fear for the supreme life’s power. And then this awareness gives to the lowest life’s power a feeling of lust for power by which he says: ‘I am so necessary and indispensable to the highest life’s power who sees Himself as deity, that He cannot exist without me. If we, as different, yes numberless many low life’s powers unite to one unity, then we can work from the center and make the supposed highest power the lowest. Then He can also worship us just like He is asking now from us. If we possibly can turn the inside of a world to the outside, then this must also be possible with us, life’s powers. If we, little powers, unite and cause great disturbance towards the outside, then the deity, as the little life’s power, will be at our feet.’

108,11. Look, this is pure hellish philosophy and also the actual cause of all evil, and its name is lust for power.

108,12. With this understanding we also have come to know the whole nature of the lowest Hell, and this nature corresponds to the outer appearances of a celestial body. On the surface the first degree of Hell in the polyp-like seeking for pleasure can clearly be recognized, for everything that you can see there is based on gluttony. In the more inner crust of the Earth the fasting and meagerness reveals itself. There is nowhere any vegetation. Everything lies there as in a rigid death that plans for revenge. At most you will see here and there some places of fire and hot water springs as corresponding images of the already visible anger of the spirits of this Hell.

108,13. If we go to the inside of the Earth, we can only discover a continuous, terrible chaotic confusion. The one fire ignites the other and suffocates it again. Every drop of water that ends up in here changes immediately into a glowing hot vapor.

108,14. The greater action here the greater will its reaction be on the surface and this will always weaken all these internal reactions with great ease. And in this manner, everything is wisely guided so that also all these Hells, despite their great abhorrence, must serve Him for the eternal preservation of things. And this forced servitude, which is well known to the hellish spirits, is their greatest torment, for they clearly can see that despite their unwillingness, all their activities must generally be in accordance with the divine order.

108,15. But this is also the eternal love and wisdom of the Lord, for it is only in this manner that it is possible to restrict the imperious actions of these evil beings. For if they see that the Lord can always turn their most evil plans to good, they become angry and do nothing anymore till they make a new plan to act against the Lord. The Lord knows how to use these also of course, just like the previous ones. This is rhetorically speaking the activity and the nature of the lowest Hell.

108,16. How this will reveal itself in an image, we will see more closely, and this in all of the three Hells.

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