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Chapter 109

Images from the first and the second Hell

109,1. When you received information about the sun you saw what the image of the first Hell looks like, as well as the different ways by which one comes into the first Hell. I only have to add that the zeal of the hellish spirits that you saw in the first Hell is firstly set on pleasure and gluttony. This condition seems to be the same as the one on Earth in which men do also everything possible to – as you use to say – bring bread on the table.

109,2. Some set up different businesses, others look for a job as public officer, some look for a good marriage. They do not do all this for the sake of what is good, but exclusively for their own sake and thedaily bread. In this condition they do not care much for one or the other glory but they are mostly interested in a certain livelihood.

109,3. In the heavenly manner one is solely concerned about love and to know God. The Lord will take care of all the rest. But in the hellish manner, one is particularly concerned about the opposite. They want to have a certain well-being, and at best they think: as long as I am first of all assured of all the external necessities, then I will see if the spirit is satisfied with this well-being. When he then possesses such external wellbeing, which usually goes together with some modest possession, he will soon become haughty, which is related to his possessions and which he continuously strengthens with a certain splendor. For this reason, also the young employees and new managers, each one of course in their own way, boast more and more. Soon they do not know anymore how to sit, stand, walk, look, listen or speak to immediately show and let recognize from their face how rich they are and what kind of important job they occupy.

109,4. Once such people are in this way provided with everything, they do not have to take care for anything anymore, for they have their fixed income and their daily bread. Now they can begin to take care of what is spiritual. But the opposite happens. Now, together with this wellbeing, the boasting and the lust for power come forward. That is why they strife more and more to move to the top and become even richer than the managers. In this situation they become filled with jealousy and inner hate towards those who stand somehow in their way.

109,5. Their neighborly love goes so far that many subordinate employee longs fervently for the death of the employee that is above him, so that is such situation he can take the place of the one who stands above him. The manufacturer’s most fervent desire is the bankruptcy of those who are in the same business, so that in this way he can draw the whole business to himself. Yes, his neighborly love goes so far that, if possible, he would like to drown all his competitors in a drop of water. He also undertakes everything, no matter where and how it can be done, to bring his next competitors to ruin.

109,6. If you look at this worldly behavior a little closer, you can see the first Hell with all its gluttony already completely before you, and you can also see very clearly represented how this changes into hate, anger, envy and lust for power in the second Hell. You only have to take away the outer moral and civilian laws of the state and you have the first and second Hell literally and figuratively before your eyes.

109,7. That which on the Earth stills testifies of a certain civilized society under the protection of moral and civilian laws will degenerate here when those laws will fall away, and turn immediately into war, lust for robbery and murder. Here you have the perfect image of the first Hell.

109,8. If you want the image of the second Hell, do the same. You will discover hidden cunningness everywhere and you nowhere will see people or spirits together who are not each other’s mutual deadly enemies. Even if they outwardly treat each other with kindness, great politeness and also hypocritical mutual love, this love is only pure hate, for this is only politics to bring the opponent in a peaceful mood and to nicely unarm him in order to then, without resistance, overtake him and bring him to ruin.

109,9. Look at your Earth at the so-called crawlers and bootlickers. These are usually the worst enemies of those for whom they crawl. They lift them up for the same reason as the vulture picks up the turtle in order to, once he has reached the right height with him, drop him down in a shameful manner and win in this way even more by their fall.

109,10. Look, this again is literally and figuratively the pure hellish love of the second degree. That is why in this Hell all kinds of deceitful arts are worked out in order to catch each other and bring them to ruin in the foolish supposition that they can win more and more with the fall of others, no matter in what way.

109,11. In this manner our disciples are thoroughly learning about the Hells, first theoretically and then practically. And so, in a very short time we took a closer look to the images of the first two Hells. He who will somehow think about this description, will have everything clearly before him. For what concerns the image of the third Hell, we will describe this separately, for this must be very well understood because it is the cause of every evil.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-109 Chapter