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Chapter 110

Every person carries Heaven and Hell in himself according to his personality

110,1. You will certainly think, and many others even more if they were present on this information: ‘It is praiseworthy and from a moral point of view also useful to hear such information by which the fundamental evil is as if visually represented. But there are now on Earth so many descriptions of Hell. They all seem tohave the same origin, but how different they are from each other. For the one person, Hell is a pool of fire and sulfur, for the other a gnawing glowworm, again for another a raging fire, an eternal darkness, an eternal death. According to some the damned are tortured, cooked and fried, to others they are simply barons. Some see Hell as a terrible cold, again others as the fire of boiling anger. Some see in it miserable, malformed and starving human forms, again others a collection of the most strange, hideous forms that could have originated from a human form. And so, the notion of Hell became a real Proteus which cannot be compared to any form.

110,2. For the pure human reason this is a very acceptable and for this time very understandable image of Hell, but who can tell whether in the course of time this image will not be pushed aside by again a different one? For nothing was represented in so many multiple forms than actually this place of horror under the name of ‘Hell’.

110,3. Good, I say to you, my dear friends. Your worrisome objection has its good reasons, for it is completely based upon the reality of the common notions about Hell. Therefore, I want and must show you Hell in a general light in which every up to now common imagination of Hell, no matter where on Earth, becomes completely justified.

110,4. If we only look at Hell from the outer and superficially, it is understandable that it appears as a true Proteus with an ever-changing image. But it is quite different when one wants to thoroughly understand it.

110,5. In order to make this more understandable to you, we will, with the means of little examples, bring this difficult question into the light so that it will become very clear for everyone.

110,6. Let us take a country where thousands of people are living. All these people, with the exception of those who are insane, idiots and infants, have all kinds of multi-colored ideas about the secret politics of the country. He who wants to know them more closely can speak with different people about this. The one sees only war, the other only secret treason, again another secret national deception, again others sheer wisdom. Some cry aloud about injustice, others lack words to praise the constitution and the secret politics of the country.

110,7. But only these are sheer opinions of the more developed part of the people about the secret political government. But whoever wants to hear foolishness should go to the dark chambers of the farmers in the countryside. Then he can be assured that he will hear anything that can come up in an undeveloped, rough human fantasy. For instance that the emperor is planning to poison his city or that he wants to contaminate a certain part of the country with the pest, or that he made a covenant with another king to kill in one night the people of another region with the sword to take possession of the goods of the citizens that he would kill, not to mention other stupidities, like for instance that the king personally sold his soul or the souls of his citizens to the devil in return for a great earthly advantage. It should not be proven any further that all this is true, for everyone is free to daily convince himself of this.

110,8. That this is so cannot not be doubted, but the question is: who among these thousands of people who expressed their political ideas has the right understanding of this and has thereby expressed the true meaning of the basic principles of the secret government of the country. How can one have a basic idea of something which he does not understand himself?

110,9. Look, the reason lies partly in the outer image, as well as in the personality of the one who looks upon the image. The less the observer himself is innerly awakened, the more senseless will be the ideas that he forms about the images. And look, this is precisely also the case with the ideas about Hell.

110,10. It was only granted to very few seers to receive a deeper notion in the nature of this place, but it was permitted to a lot to see one or the other image of this place. And so the idea of so many images always exceeded reality. For this reason the so many different forms about Hell have multiplied and nobody knew and knows precisely up to now what to think about that place.

110,11. Next question: who in the country could set up the best basic principles for the secret government? Certainly no other except the wise monarch himself.

110,12. When the matter is irrefutably so, then this question will also apply to the dark relations in the beyond. So the answer can only be: that only the Lord over all Heavens as well as over all Hells can set up the right and generally valid basic principles over this place.

110,13. But as someone who is initiated in the secret basic principles of the government will very easily perceive the cause of all the ideas that are spread around in the nation, so also will the one who knows from the Lord the true nature of that place that is called Hell, understand the cause of all the other foolish ideas about this.

110,14. Every person carries Heaven and Hell in himself according to his personality.

110,15. If he becomes aware of his own personality by a certain situation, then he only becomes aware of his own developed Hell or his highly imperfect Heaven. Numberless different ideas can develop along that way.

110,16. However, can this be already considered as the cause? Certainly not more than if someone would come and claim that the sea is only a half shoe deep because he measured it along the coast with a walking stick. The same is here also the case for all the seers who claim: I saw Hell in this or that situation. And also not more than if someone would take the shallow shore, although it also belongs to the sea, for the actual bottom of the sea, and neither can this visualized image be considered as the actual Hell.

110,17. But how the actual Hell can be found and thoroughly seen, we will see next.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-110 Chapter