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Chapter 111

Body, spirit, principle of life

111,1. If one wants to actually see the real true Hell, one should start to look at the impressions that catch the eye, and from that viewpoint make the corresponding conclusions for the spiritual by means of a spiritual turn. But if this is what one wants, one should accept beforehand the fixed unchangeable fact and understand that the life’s conditions and its effect are always the same under one and the same eternal, unchangeable Lord. In other words:

111,2. Man lives on in spirit exactly the same as during his physical life here on Earth which is only a life that lives along with it and in between.

111,3. Now one will say: ‘This sounds strange, for it seems that this is not completely correct, because the spiritual life must certainly be different and must be seen in a quite different perspective than the natural life.’

111,4. But I say: the one who speaks like this has certainly no idea how he lives physically. Question:

111,5. What is it that lives during the physical life, the body or the spirit? What is most important in life, is it the body or the spirit? I believe that if someone is capable of thinking more clearly, will not look for the most important in life in the body but only in the spirit, for if the most important in life would be in the body then the body would be immortal. But the body is mortal, thus it cannot carry the basis of life in itself, but only the spirit can do that, for this is immortal. So the life of the body is therefore dependent on the life of the spirit. The whole body behaves passively and completely negative in regard to the spirit. Therefore, the life of the body is only an awakened life that lives with it, just like some tool in the hand of a craftsman lives passively with it as long as the man directs it with his living hand, but if he drops the tool or if he puts it aside, it has no more life with it and its effective activity stops.

111,6. Which foolish and dumb person will claim that he has to adapt to his tool, while one can clearly see that the craftsman provides himself with the necessary and proper tool. So when the craftsman has determined which tool he needs for his work, then it will also be clear that the actions of the body that lives with it depends on the living spirit, but not the way around.

111,7. And so, the spirit lives always out of his own life’s principles and in his own life’s conditions to which the body cannot change anything, as little as the dead tool to the work of the craftsman.

111,8. But when someone watches how a craftsman uses his tool and understands the design that the craftsman wants to make, can he then still seriously assert that finally by using the tool something very different will appear and a quite different work will develop than the foreman had visualized according to the original plan? Would that not be a senseless statement? Certainly, because what is accomplished is surely the result of the work of the living foreman but not of the tool.

111,9. So, also the life’s conditions of the spirit are constant, whether he makes use of his body or not as a tool. And thus, if someone wants to actually see Hell here, he can observe it here in the physical life under the same conditions as one time in the pure spiritual, because Hell is on Earth always the same as can be seen in the purely spiritual condition. Nothing more or less can be seen here than there, and in this image we can view it very clearly and very effectively.

111,10. But in order to make the true image of Hell even more clear and visual for everyone on this Earth, we will first explain the very little difference between the natural and the purely spiritual life’s conditions of men, and this, as much as possible, in a very obvious manner.

111,11. Take for instance a carpenter who has to make a box. For this he needs the tools that you know. He works diligently and will finish his box within a few days. The urgency was mainly the reason for his zeal. Then why was he so zealous, responding to his inner urgency? Because he wanted to finish the box as soon as possible for his use. Further question: where does this urgency come from? This urgency comes from the creative power of the spirit. How? The spirit carries the quality in him to immediately realize it as an object that he created in his mind.

111,12. He can do that in a pure spiritual condition because whatever he thinks is also there. But connected to his hindering body he cannot do that with outer matter. For this reason he must urge his body as an instrument for this activity in question in order to gradually realize his idea. This is how it was determined by the Lord, so that in this life, in all kinds of opportunities, the spirit can practice a most necessary quality of life. This quality as mother of humility is called divine patience. Each one who possesses a more mature way of thinking will understand that patience is very necessary for eternal life, because this life does not end. It is already the basis for all good and great achievements for the natural life while this life is only a transitory life.

111,13. If our carpenter could create his box immediately as he imagined in his thoughts, that would have been more preferable to him. But where would be the very important exercise in patience and where the mutual outer natural reliability if in this material world, where the spirit is still connected to his body, he could make unlimitedly use of his original, creative ability?

111,14. Although, every spirit receives this ability back after the laying off of the body, but only the good spirit will works in reality, the evil one in fantasy and illusion, because as his nature is, so will also be the result.

111,15. See, in this given example, the difference between the natural and the purely spiritual life is clearly explained, and from this you can see that in physical life the spirit can only realize his ideas slowly and never completely because the coarse matter with which he is covered hinders him in this while in the purely spiritual condition he wants to realize his idea immediately. The will is always the same, as well as the idea, only its execution is limited in the physical life. This limitation is the only difference between both lives. There is no further difference. The fact that this difference is due to the matter must hardly be mentioned. Since this is now completely clear and evident to us, we will at once show very actual images which are the foundation of Hell.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-111 Chapter