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Chapter 112

Earthly images of the lowest Hell

112,1. Firstly, let us take a rich speculator as example. Look closer at this eternally insatiable one. What was the goal of his love and will? Only to acquire – although somehow lawful and permissible – the possessions of a whole country and finally of a whole kingdom, in no matter what way. And once he is successful in this, take also several kingdoms or the whole surface of the Earth. Although he will not completely succeed in such plan and he probably will not realize his idea completely, but he nevertheless does not let it go and he secretly thinks: ‘If I only had an army of at least a couple of million invincible soldiers, then I would gather all the gold, silver, and all the noble stones and pearls of the whole world and pile them up.’

112,2. Also, many have the following wish: ‘If only the pest could break out in the country that would kill everyone except me, then I would be the natural, universal heir of the whole country. And if then people would come from another country who would dispute my inheritance, the pest would immediately grab and strangle them at the border.’

112,3. Look, this is an image of the lowest Hell which you can daily notice among the people of all classes, starting with the simple stallholder to the greatest speculator. What prevents them from realizing such so-called praiseworthy ideas? Only the fatal matter. If we take that away and if we consider then the absolute spirit with the same qualities, then we have the lowest Hell in top condition before us.

112,4. Secondly: There is an officer with a lower rank before us. What is the most important thought which abides in his heart? Perhaps the thought to prove helpful services to the country? O no, that is the last one. ‘To promote’, that is the most important thought. If it were possible, climbing every hour one step higher. Be at least a general in one year and as such be promoted as soon as possible. Suppose he reaches the highest degree, then his plan will be, or at least his most important thought: ‘And now let us go out with great armies to conquer all nations. Once they are conquered and I have the power, then all emperors, kings and monarchs must tremble for my sword.’

112,5. The one who will not have recognized the lust for power in our officer must surely be struck with a sevenfold blindness. And also here, for what reason can our officer not make it happen? The same asabove, the material, natural, limiting conditions. Matter restricts our hero and he must accept his subordinate degree as an officer, whether he likes it or not. That is why he scolds once and awhile and tries to let his subordinates feel his lust for power as much as possible. The least of offenses of a subordinate is punished with tyrannical mercilessness. Take away the material obstacles from this officer and you will have the second, perfect image of the fundamental Hell in an unsurpassed form before you.

112,6. You also will find this image very often, especially in those categories of people who are entitled to carry a sword and also with those who have the privilege to lead a caricature of a so-called noble weapon for their insignificant name. There you will see the lust for power everywhere in a form that really stands out. And this is now precisely the nature of the lowest of all Hells which is insatiable and which wants to extend its imperiousness and lust into infinity. More examples will follow.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-112 Chapter