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Chapter 113

Another image of the lowest Hell

113,1. Let us take a look now at a real illicit lover, just like a female illicit lover. What is such flesh-lusty person continuously thinking about? If it were possible, and nature would permit it, he would like to continuously have sex with the most beautiful and lavish girls in all possible ways. When such person sees a somehow attractive female being, anyone can read from his eyes that he would like to use her on the spot for his pleasure without taking into account for what reason the sexual act was established and created by God. If civil laws would not hinder him a female being would not even be safe in public places against his lust.

113,2. But this does not change anything because he still sinned out of his lust. Let us assume that such sensual person would have a fortune that would be sufficient to provide him with almost every pleasure he wants. What does he do? He travels to all countries in order to provide himself with several, special pleasures, because despite his great fortune his own place could not offer him anymore enough pleasure for which he stills feels a so-called passion, since he tasted of everything that was in his reach.

113,3. When our sensualist enjoyed everything, and his nature begins to refuse him its vile service, he uses artificial means to breathe some new life into his dull nature. When these do also not work anymore, he provides himself with shameful sex of healthy boys and young men [is prescribed] to such a flesh hero, who has lived to the last drop. By this his nature is again a little activated because the highly-skilled doctors know that the evaporation of the male youth has the greatest effect on a decrepit and fully lived out fornicator. In this way, our meat hero becomes a boy's desecrator. Because of this, his nature changes completely, he has a disgust of women and tries to only satisfy himself with the firm flesh of the manly youth, till this also will disgust him. Then his powerlessness makes him angry about the supposed inadequate arrangement of nature.

113,4. His faith in God was already sacrificed a long time ago, because the sin of the flesh will first kill all the spiritual. By this sin, man becomes a blunt material egoist, loves no one except himself and is of the opinion that everything that he wants in his lust must serve him only. He is excessively in love with himself and therefore he hates everything that does not honor his lust. For this reason he becomes, as said, a purely selfish, hard materialist and already for a long time no trace can be found in him that can be recognized as divine or spiritual.

113,5. Therefore he is also a pure atheist, and the nature – the outer, visible, coarse nature – is his god. He gives offerings to this god of nature, this as long as he can experience with the given power of his own nature that this god can give him these delightful and enjoyable pleasures, thanks to the arrangement of nature. But woe to that god once he will refuse his service to our hero. Anger, revenge, wrath and furiousness are then his extra gifts or coat of arms. You can believe it, the secret anger of such real arch sensualist, when he cannot commit his illicit love anymore goes beyond all human understanding. A pyromaniac, a murderer and a street robber can have more human feeling in them compared to a greedy sensualist whose body refuses its service.

113,6. Are there only few of these men of pleasure on Earth? O no, I can assure you that for every money miser there are a lot of such persons who are addicted to flesh. The father who has a daughter with a charming appearance can be sure that she will often be looked at with lusty eyes, especially in the city.

113,7. One will say now: this does not matter, thoughts and lusts that cannot be executed are tax-free. But I add here: indeed, for the blind of spirit who is not capable to look even one hair further than matter. However, what would a father say when his spiritual eye would be opened and would see all those with lustful eyes before him who dishonor his daughter in all possible ways?

113,8. Her body can be protected, but who will protect her spirit and its radiating sphere of life with which these lusty people come in contact with and influence with their shameful lusts? Do you think that this will not have a negative influence on that daughter? Then you are seriously mistaken.

113,9. If you will often take your daughter to places where she is looked at by lustful eyes, then in a short time she will be sensually changed and secretly mock and ridicule the moral warnings of her parents. Her senses will be more and more directed to places of which she suspects that sensual men will be there. Many will say now: ‘No, this is too extreme, this to too exaggerated. What kind of harmful result can an innocent lust or secret lustful thought have on a strange person without any touching?’ I only say on this: for men with such views and such spiritual attitude this announcement is as less intended as the sun for the center of the Earth. Then I will ask those who have experienced in the so-called clairvoyant mediums and seen for themselves the disturbing effect on such persons at the arrival of lusty people, where this effect comes from and what its cause is? Even when such uninvited guest does not touch the medium, he nevertheless feels a convulsive and often painful effect when such guest comes in.

113,10. Look, the reason of this is that the spiritual sphere of the medium is immediately brought down. This has no bad moral results for the medium because his sphere is more closed up and because every medium will immediately do everything to get rid of such guest.

113,11. Question: does this also happen under the natural circumstances where the sphere of every person is more extensive and wherein he does not perceive the harmful influence? Truly, the reaction under the natural circumstances is much worse than under the mediumistic. And therefore, for such unchaste thoughts and lusts a separate commandment has been given in which it is stated that everyone should abstain from them and reject them.

113,12. So he who observes the behavior of such lusty person will see again a perfect image of Hell. He only has to take away his matter and look at him purely spiritually, then he will see astonishing things. First a lecherous person in every respect and besides that a furious person who wants to avenge himself in a shameful manner and with all furiousness on his Creator, as well as on the whole creation because of the supposed imperfection of his nature. I do not have to say more, for he who has eyes can see for himself. In the next female image we will see the image of this Hell even more clearly.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-113 Chapter