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Chapter 114

Lust for power and vanity – the seeds of Hell

114,1. There is generally only little psychological knowledge needed to discover that with the female gender the lust for power is a dominant characteristic, but lust for power and vanity are twins and originate thus from one and the same root. Where can you find a woman who does not possess a certain kind of vanity which shows from the manner of dressing or from the manner she arranges her room or from still many other things.

114,2. Examine the background of this vanity and you will find only the living grain of seed of vanity and the resulting lust for power.

114,3. Now one will say: ‘No, this is a very strict approach. One should rather praise a certain degree of vanity with the female gender instead of mercilessly criticizing or greatly rejecting it. Because a certain degree of vanity is certainly only a child of the female sense of shame and together with this the sense of cleanliness which is obviously only a praiseworthy virtue, but never a vice of the female gender.’ Good, I say, it unfortunately went so far in the world to think that the sense of shame is a virtue, crowning humanity with this honor, and this is the best harvest for Hell, for in this manner people have to fall, while they hardly could fall in another manner.

114,4. One is asking: ‘Then why?’ But I ask: the honor of man is based upon what, on his humility or on his vanity? The humble one strives for the lowest level, where no more honor or homage exists, as the Lord has shown with His great example by which He put His honor in the deepest humility and in that which is actually the greatest shame on Earth.

114,5. A similar honor was already given to His first followers. I ask however: what matters the sense of shame when one is persecuted, scorned and finally slain naked on the cross? How much sense of honor will someone still have in his body and how much sense of shame when he is hanged? I think that in such situation those two esteemed human characteristics will be moved to the background.

114,6. However, if one wants to come forward with an honor, then in some point he should at least refer to Christ as the center of all virtues. Then I ask: did He ever praise the sense of shame or honor as a humanvirtue? On the contrary. He actually forbade His disciples and apostles to strife for another honor when He said to them that they should not let themselves be greeted and honored like the Pharisees who like to see when they are greeted on the street and called rabbi.

114,7. Consequently I really cannot understand why the sense of shame and the lust for power that is connected to it can be considered as a virtue, which comes very strongly forward with the female gender.

114,8. Now one will say: ‘Take away the sense of shame from the female gender and soon we will have only whores before us.’ Oho, I say, do you think that? Then I add very firmly: in this respect there is no better stimulation for the female gender than the sense of shame. Only a little occasion is needed and every female being is as a result of this feeling ripe for lewdness, for nothing is easier ignored than precisely this feeling which has no other foundation than vanity. The little feeling of honor which stands opposite the feeling of shame is such weak support for that virtue that it will immediately be blown away at the slightest breeze.

114,9. However, from this it is clear that in this kind of female virtue a very fatal contradiction lies behind it. To immediately put this into a clear light, I will give you examples from your daily life.

114,10. Imagine you accidentally end up one morning into a dressing room wherein a few young girls are still present in morning dress. They scream loudly and the young girls will flee to all corners and behind curtains, of course only of sheer sense of shame. And on this occasion what did you actually see of all their female charm? At most a head with tangled hair, an unwashed, sleepy face, an arm that was hardly naked up to the elbow, and at most a half-naked breast. But now the girls dress themselves. The arm will often remain naked up to below the armpit, and also the neck and bosom remain uncovered, as far as a certain decency will permit, or it will at most be covered by transparent lace in order to increase the attractiveness of the naked parts. With this came an end to the sense of shame of that morning.

114,11. Question: is the sense of shame only about the young girl or about her morning dress? Let us go further. It is precisely this same very virtuous lady, who almost had a stroke of sheer shame during that morning visit and who at that time did not allow to be touched by a man, who is taken almost half naked to an evening ball and she lets herself unashamedly be grabbed by her dance partner and often let herself be caressed on every part. Question: where is now that sense of shame of the morning? Probably also left at home in the unattractive morning dress. Let us go further.

114,12. On some occasion at the ball, that same virtuous girl has a nice company or had eye contact during a nice, innocent walk with a man she finds attractive. The sense of shame is at each opportunity as much as possible set aside for him. Soon our virtuous one will follow the looks of her chosen one and pay attention to where his looks are directed. Then our virtuous lady will soon take care to really let those parts of her body come out as much as possible.

114,13. However, when the chosen one will meet our virtuous lady in a company where she wants to show herself from her most honorable side, he will have to be satisfied when at a good opportunity she will give him a few hidden looks, but in the company she will try even harder to show her qualities to him. Woe to him if he would forget and come too close to her. But if they would come together, especially in a place where the sunlight is not shining and where the sound waves from the worldly noise are hardly coming through or not at all, then the sense of shame has been overcome completely. And our so virtuous lady of the morning let herself be admired from head to toe. And on such opportunity the free touching is not considered as an offense at all to her virgin sense of shame.

114,14. In this manner the highly praised feeling of virtuousness is lost completely, and my question is: where is now the effect of this highly praised sense? It is gone and it has shown its true face when the mask was taken away. And so every sound minded person can see that it is nothing else but a snake in the breast of the woman, or the first grain of seed of the lowest Hell from which, once it has developed itself, all possible female vices can come up as from a cornucopia. And how this happens, we will further make clearly visible to every eye, just like before.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-114 Chapter