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Chapter 115

Fruits ripe for Hell

115,1. Let us return to our virtuous lady and follow her once more in the company where she, based on her female charms, acts like a queen. Her beloved joins the company also. But what does his favorite lady do now? Does she welcome him? O no, she welcomes a lot of other visitors and let herself be admired now from head to toe. Why actually?

115,2. Since I know very well the world I say: she does not do this to be unfaithful to her chosen beloved, but only to show him how extremely valuable she is. In a certain way she indirectly says to him: ‘Be well aware what kind of invaluable treasure you have in me.’

115,3. But her lover, who does not understand this, takes the matter quite differently. He soon becomes dismayed and turns his eyes away from where his beloved let her be admired. If moreover he takes a sneaky look to that fatal spot, then his looks are already filled with burning jealousy.

115,4. Our young lady sees that, but does not improve her behavior in the least. But she moreover intensifies the game to take revenge on her lover who just started to underestimate her great value just at the moment when she wanted to display it to him mostly. At this opportunity the lover tries to withdraw himself as much as possible from the company with the intent in his heart: ‘Just wait you mean lady, when we talk to each other again in private, I will tell you what I think in a manner that you will remember, because now I only want to take seriously revenge for your unfaithfulness.’

115,5. They meet each other and the fruit of this encounter are angry lectures. The result of this is mostly a separation of the loved ones, only seldom a reconciliation which will however not last, just like the first love did not last. Separation or reconciliation, it always comes down to the same, because if they come together again, it is usually for the purpose to show each other their individual value even more. If they will not continue their relationship, they both will use every means to make each other’s life bitter.

115,6. Out of sheer revenge the young lady will soon exceed all boundaries of the sense of shame and becomes showy. If the old beloved one does not crawl back, then out of that same sense of revenge she becomes a whore after which the lover will ban out every former feeling from his heart. And once our former virtuous lady has tasted the sweet prickle of lewdness, then it is as if no god can bring her back to virtuousness. If she becomes unhappy by that, then with a heart full of grudge she will mostly put all blame on that first lover who shamelessly underestimated her motives and her former virtue.

115,7. And when we look back, what does all this mean? Only the already completely developed fruit of the first so highly praised female sense of shame. The name of the fruit is called: lowest perfect Hell, or also: perfect ripe Hell, when the outward cover falls away. For what would such unhappy girl do to the one who is, although unjustly, the cause of all her unhappiness?

115,8. If it were possible, at that moment that she gives free play to her anger, she would like to see him be torn by a thousand fiery snakes, and this would hardly be a quenching dewdrop on her enraged heart.

115,9. He who cannot believe that, should visit such unhappy young lady and speak with her about that certain person who made her unhappy. At best he will see from the mouth of the woman as if a volcano that is spitting fire. In the worst case, she will say: ‘Please do not talk to me about that anymore.’ If you heard that, you can imagine what will happen. Now we have shown the fruits that ripe for Hell. In what will follow, we will show this into more detail.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-115 Chapter