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Chapter 116

In the spiritual condition all secrets come to light

116,1. It happens that such offended young lady will, from sheer revenge regarding her former lover, marry another person for who she does not feel any love. With this deed she wants to punish her former lover in a hurting manner, for he underestimated her. Yes if possible, she even would kill him for this insult. But what happens?

116,2. The first lover does not feel offended at all but cheerfully seeks another lover, and often a better person than the first one. What is the result of this to his first love who is married by now? She becomes moody and silent. Her husband asks her for the cause, but in vain. What suppresses her is too big, too difficult and too suspicious in front of her new husband so that she does not dare to tell him. Although she does not undertake further steps to bother her old love or to trap him, she buries the cause of her wrath all the deeper in her heart. Several years pass by, and since, as usual, time is the best plaster to heal so many wounds, also this one heals. Such people can often still become good friends.

116,3. One will say: ‘Well, in that case, Hell will have received its last part, for when an old enmity is changed into friendship, then Heaven will certainly replace Hell in a proper way.’ This is how it seems from the outside, but this is like a soldier whose body was wounded in many places. His wounds were healed through medicine and time. When the weather is nice our soldier walks around happily and hardly realizes that his body is full of scars. But now the bad weather comes. His scars are breaking out and when theweather gets worse his scars become more painful. He desperately turns around in his bed. He curses the war, all generals, the emperor, yes even God, his parents and the day on which he was born.

116,4. Look, here we can see now a good image of such morally patched up friendships that are the result of the earthly time which makes man to forget. But once the weather turns bad, that means: let the spirits of such friends come together in the beyond at the moment on which they sinned against each other on Earth. Then at the moment on which they can see, through the clear vision of their spirit, the harm that was caused which is the result of their mutual sins, and besides that, also the advantages which they could have had if they had not sinned, we will see that they will treat each other with the greatest contempt and terrible curses. This is then also not a proper Heaven as it seems to be but pure Hell at its lowest potential.

116,5. That is why it is also stated in the Scripture that everyone should carefully examine himself, and if there is something no matter how hidden and secret in man, once it will be loudly proclaimed from the rooftops. That means: no matter how deep man will hide something, it will come out and will be visibly revealed in an absolute spiritual form. Therefore, everyone is explicitly advised to carefully examine every friendly and hostile relationship in which he ever was and to view what reaction it will have on the mind if he will be brought back into that same situation. For every living person here on Earth should be prepared to be lively placed back in the beyond in an absolute spiritual condition into all fatal situations which are here for him the greatest offenses. The Lord Himself gave us an example in this.

116,6. He once was condemned by His enemies and crucified between criminals. After that, His actual soul did not immediately ascend to Heaven but descended to Hell where His worst enemies waited for Him, although there were also many old friends like the old fathers and a lot of prophets and teachers.

116,7. If someone in this world will not have paid back every last cent, he will not be capable to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why it is so important here to zealously go through every old book of debts. Especially those which carry the word ‘love’. Debts of love are the hardest. A robbery of millions will be more easily erased from the spiritual memory than a debt of love. Why? Because such robbery of millions is only an outer great debt which does not affect the spirit, but the debt of love is mostly related to the whole spirit because all love is the actual nature of the spirit. Therefore, nothing is as dangerous in this world as the so-called ‘falling in love’, for this condition seizes the whole spirit. If there are then obstacles by which the premature sexual love between both sexes is not accomplished, the offended spirits retreat and let the inflicted wounds be superficially cured through all kinds of worldly pleasure, but they are not healed in the least.

116,8. When later the bad weather comes up again, these wound will open again. This second condition will be much worse than the first, as the Scripture shows where it is written about the 7 spirits that were driven out. Also in this case the house is cleaned up with outer means after which the evil enemy wanders around through dry deserts and steppes, but since he cannot find any accommodation there, he takes another 7 spirits who are worse than him and moves again into his old, cleaned house.

116,9. The old, cleaned house is the spirit in this world that is cleaned by outer means. The evil spirit is the bad condition in which man has ever lived on this Earth. This is cleaned completely by outer means. Now he wanders around through dry deserts and steppes. That means: the spirit of man heals his wounds and they become scars, so that his wounds dry up and do not bleed anymore. But the evil spirit returns with 7 others. That means: in absolute spiritual condition all wounds become visible again and open again with much greater intensity, and this is the condition which is worse than the first one.

116,10. And everywhere where you can see the one person acting against another in the fiercest, vicious anger, there is also already the lowest Hell completely present.

116,11. Therefore, I, John, as very experienced, eternal servant and helper of the Lord, advice everyone, but especially the parents to warn them most of all against the so-called falling in love. How much the spirit suffers from it, you can already notice in a natural way from every young student who prematurely fell in love, because the life of such young man is certainly degenerated and he is not capable anymore to develop himself spiritually. No matter what kind of passion he otherwise may have, they all can be controlled with good guidance, and so one can still make a decent person out of him. But a certain lively fantasy image, once it has fixed itself in the spirit, is more difficult to remove from a young mind – male or female – than moving a mountain.

116,12. And the basis of such premature falling in love is precisely the greatest spiritual lewdness, for lewdness and harlotry are those things that target the deceit of the spirit.

116,13. Since love is mainly a matter of the spirit, the deception of love or a clear offense against it is the true spiritual lewdness of the worst and lowest degree, or the actual lowest Hell.

116,14. Everyone should well and very consciously take at heart what has been said up to now. After this will follow more and similar observations.

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