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Chapter 117

Heaven and Hell – Polarities in man

117,1. Now one will say: ‘It is indeed very probable that the matter will finally take such course and that each wound inflicted to the spirit, will become visible in its absolute condition and will react. But after the thorough explanation about the fundamental Hell we still cannot see how such memories of offended loves in this world will then manifest themselves as fundamental Hell in the absolute spiritual condition, for it will be hard to find someone on this Earth who did not personally experience such offenses or caused them. But suppose such lively memories will manifest themselves in the absolute spiritual condition as fundamentally hellish, then we really would like to know how many people will come in Heaven after they lived a century on Earth.

117,2. Why can such cursed judgment come over man when he actually has to sin in a highly passive condition against a Divine order which he can impossibly maintain because he completely lacks the power which one can only acquire after very long experiences.’

117,3. Good, I say, whoever makes such reproach to me, I kindly ask to consider the following a little closer. There he will find proof that I really did not describe who will come into Hell and how many there will be. I only indicated to everyone what appears as purely Hell in man, for not one person on the whole Earth is that perfect that he does not carry the whole Hell in him, as he also carries the whole Heaven in himself.

117,4. As I sufficiently explained before what Heaven is in man, how it comes into effect in him and how it increases, so I also have to show you how Hell comes into effect in man and how it increases.

117,5. It would be sad and very merciless if man, since he carries the perfect image of Hell in himself, would also immediately become an inhabitant of that Hell. If that were the case then also all angels would be hellish spirits, for also they carry the perfect image of Hell as image in themselves. Would that not be the case, then it would not be possible for any angel to penetrate that place to calm down the revolting spirits. I myself could not show and reveal Hell to you if it were not completely in me. Besides, it would also be very dangerous for the inhabitants of Heaven if they had not the corresponding image of Hell in them, because then they would not be able to see what Hell is planning against them.

117,6. So no spirit in the whole Hell can plan something against us which we cannot immediately see in ourselves.

117,7. Also, Hell and Heaven are in man as two opposite poles without which no existing object can be imagined.

117,8. Therefore, it is useful that everyone be informed that there was absolutely no question as to who comes into Hell, because that would mean that humanity on Earth is already judged, but only as to what Hell really is.

117,9. But everyone can understand that such unfaithfulness in love is actually purely hellish from the fact that such unfaithfulness comes basically from self-love and lust for power.

117,10. Because what is jealousy? Only the awakening of self-love, selfishness and lust for power. A jealous person is not jealous because the chosen one has too little love, but only because the person’s desires become limited, thinking that the chosen one, from whom actually the highest respect was expected, underestimates the person’s value.

117,11. Question: is this not actually the complete opposite pole of the attitude wherein one – male or female – should totally forget oneself out of neighborly love to be completely ready for the well-being of one’s neighbor?

117,12. But how can man suppress this fundamental Hell in himself and not make it active but purely passive?

117,13. This is very easy: the one who offended as well as the one who was offended should, in the name of the Lord, forgive each other wholeheartedly, and the one who offended as well as the one who was offended should bless each other, in the name of the Lord – it is obvious that this should be done in all seriousness. Then the whole Hell in man is already under control.

117,14. Truly, I say to you: a remorseful glance to our good Father is sufficient to escape Hell for all eternity. Look at the criminal at the cross. He was a robber and a murderer, but then he looked up to the Lord andspoke with a deep and grievous remorse in his heart: ‘O Lord, when You will come into Your Kingdom and will judge great criminals, think about me and punish me not too heavily for the great crimes that I committed.’

117,15. And see, the great, almighty Judge spoke to him: ‘Truly, even today you will be with Me in paradise.’

117,16. From this true happening every somehow believing Christian can conclude how little there is actually needed to have the completely lowest, mighty Hell under control forever.

117,17. The example of the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob can be compared to the former one, for the Lord spoke to the woman who had a relation with seven men: ‘Woman, give Me to drink.’ And further: ‘If you would know Who it is who says to you: women, give Me to drink, you should say to Him: ‘give me to drink from the living water, so that I will thirst no more forever.’ These are the true words that were exchanged at that place.

117,18. Who cannot see the small thing that the Lord asks in return from this sinner for receiving the Kingdom of Heaven: only a drink of water. So will also every Christian, who is somehow familiar with the Scriptures, know what happened to the adulteress and the life of Mary Magdalene. The Lord writes the guilt of the first one twice in the sand and Magdalene was allowed to anoint His feet and was the first person to whom the Lord came after His resurrection. Also the story of the lost son and the search for the hundredth lost sheep, how little He asks from a sinner to receive mercy and compassion.

117,19. That is why we did not mention who will come into Hell, but only what Hell actually is.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-117 Chapter