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Chapter 56

Why is one so alone in the midst of all this splendor?

56,1. We are in the pillar-circle and the altar; as you can see, we are here, as you would say, mother-soul-alone. You are indeed saying that this is also strange enough in this world, wherever we come, we may well discover the greatest splendor, and the most wondrous wisdom is gloriously expressed; but the people seem to have an everlasting holiday here and sit amidst this great splendor, in their chambers. It would indeed be pleasant and exceedingly amusing to see even a couple walking together; but we see nothing but the dead splendor, which seems to be almost completely lacking life. So here, too, we are encompassed on this open place by the wonders of human boldness and wisdom; but the builders are, God knows where, hidden.

56,2. Indeed, this main building, in its totality, is something so magnificent and sublime, that we cannot even think of it as a work of humans; for such a thing is only possible for God to build, but for creatures it seem scarcely possible. And if they have earnestly been built by the creatures of this world, they must firstly have gigantic powers; they secondly must have perseverance and courage, of which no human spirit can yet make a concept of; thirdly, they have to possess such aesthetic wisdom, that no man can fathom anything beyond it. And yet there is in this open space nothing to be seen of all these wonderful people. Why not?

56,3. Are these people so shy, so timid, or have they, as already remarked, exactly at this time, when we arrived here a feast day, or because there are no days here, a measured resting time?

56,4. Dear friends and brothers, you have found the right reason in your last words, by virtue of which, at the very moment when we are in this place, these people hold a certain repose or rest. If this is at an end, then you can believe that on earth, not the most densely populated city would seem so alive as in this place.

56,5. For it would not be easy for you to find on earth a more densely populated place than the one on which we are present. You can well believe that there are more than ten million people in this building; for you have been able to form some concept of the size of this building already from afar.

56,6. Just look at this place on which we are still, and you must acknowledge that it is big enough to accommodate one of the largest cities of your Europe; yet it is barely a quarter of the floor surface of this large building. We can therefore only oversee such magnitude with our spiritual eyes, making it bearable for us.

56,7. With your physical eyes you would only be able to look at very small parts at a time; for the scale is too great for the pupil of a carnal eye, and would narrow itself in all directions, and begin to lose something in the blue. From this, however, you can surely come to the conclusion that in the free times, in all these spaces, and in the whole vast area, things are very lively.

56,8. It is especially necessary here, too, that you do not see any of these exceedingly beautiful people until you became somewhat acquainted with the very sublime things which are full of the deepest significance. For if we would encounter these most wonderfully beautiful people before you have looked at everything else important and properly profitable, you would get so distracted by these human beings that everything else so magnificently splendid and meaningful would be to you as if you would get sold a hollow nut! For this reason, I had to bring you to this place at a time when the inhabitants of this place usually have their repose.

56,9. But you will very soon be convinced that they are very much alive here. We will, by our well-known manipulation, ignite this wood on the altar, and very soon the space of this vast plain will begin to fill from all sides.

56,10. You would like to know whether these people have any idea about our presence here, or whether they are able to see us? I tell you, neither the one nor the other. But we shall show ourselves to them here, and also enter into dialogue with them, and so that you may know everything as it is here; for when we leavethis place, we shall ascend from this world as soon as we paid a little visit to the radiant surface of your sun.

56,11. Therefore, let us also show ourselves here to the inhabitants, and discuss many things with them, to experience for ourselves what kind of spirit they are the children of.

56,12. But I warn you beforehand that you do not approach or touch anyone, for that would take you away from this world before you, and you could not bear the power of such impression. You need to take note of this; even I, who have long been freed from all natural things, have to heed this and cannot touch any man who is still living in his body.

56,13. You of course ask why I should not. With me, the opposite is the case. These men have a too terribly great concept of the children of the Lord; and their respect and love for these children of the Lord is too indescribably severe and strong, that they would at once be consumed through my touch, and finally be completely dissolved.

56,14. It should therefore not be a surprise to you if you will see me speaking seriously with these people; for I must do this out of love for them. You should do the same.

56,15. By a seemingly affectionate treatment, you would by far be more harm than good; for all things are according to the order of the Lord.

56,16. The body of man also has different parts which, though they indeed are and have to be part of a common life; but if any man should cut any limb off himself, and desire to attach it to his heart, for the sake of his love, he will not only kill the limb, but also the heart.

56,17. The same order therefore remains among the manifold things and creatures in the immense creations of the Lord. They are all reciprocal to one another and serve each other unto the same life; but they must not transpose themselves and confuse things through a disorderly and untimely love, if they do not want to spoil each other.

56,18. By a just, regular, wise restriction, we can approach all creatures, and place ourselves with them in a just exchangeable rapport, in the manner in which all members of a body stand in constant rapport; what is more than that, is corrupt. Therefore, compose yourselves; I will lay my hand upon the altar, the flames shall ignite the wood, and you will see people hurry hereto from all directions.

56,19. I now put my finger on the altar; see, the wood is ignited by the flames, and now look around as the gates begin to open!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-56 Chapter