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Chapter 69

Heavenly schoolhouse for geography and world history in the kingdom of children

69,1. Look, here is already another and by far larger house; what is taught here? We'll be right there. You know that these little children had never been able to know their place of birth, the earth, for the reason that they died too soon after their birth. But since the Lord's knowledge is necessary to know the place which He has chosen to be the chief place of His mercy, these little children also have to get to know this place more closely, to see when and where the Lord has become a man to redeem the entire human race and establish the earth as a teaching-house for His children. Therefore is the geography of the earth in fact taught here, and this certainly in a much more effective way than is the case with you.

69,2. The method by which the geography of the earth will be presented here, we shall at once convince ourselves of. In the middle of the great hall where we are now, on a large, beautiful shelf, rest an earth globe is almost in the way that you have on earth. You must not merely accept this, but be of steadfast conviction that nothing exists on the earth which have not first existed in the spirit for a long time. Such an earth globe on the earth is therefore by no means an invention, which have not existed for a long time, yes even for an eternity, in the pure domain of the spirit.

69,3. You can also see this very well, if you ask yourself: What was first: the earth, or a globe made by man, which represents the present form of the earth only in a very deficient and poor manner?

69,4. I believe, however, that since the earth has certainly existed for a long time in the spirit of the Lord, it would be a good reason for the existence of this image of the earth. Therefore can this globe, spiritually seen, be quite in order here, and in the fullness of truth it is also considerably better ordered than it can ever be in you on earth.

69,5. Go closer and look at it. Its surface have not been painted, as is the case with you on earth, but it is a sculptured plastic radiation-type, like your so-called images of light, which likewise project even the most inconspicuous object on the smallest scale. The great difference, however, between the external terrestrial radiation type and this inner spiritual, is incalculable; for, in the most precise observation, not one atom must be omitted, and the whole nature of the earth must be exactly represented.

69,6. But that this is accomplished here, you can see at first sight in close proximity here; for the brooklets, rivers, streams, and seas are quite natural; the brooks, rivers and streams flow, and the sea receives them.

69,7. Look on! The mountains of the earth, which are completely faithfully represented on small scale, are evidently from the same substances. The glaciers have their snow and ice, the limestone mountains their lime, the lower alps their pastures, and deeper down, their forests. and just look closely, every city and every village is precisely displayed.

69,8. For example, your city. Look at it, and you will find that nothing is omitted. But also see how clouds and fog even move in the same directions and in the same forms as they are at the same time always on the real earth. See, this is certainly the most perfect globe. It is of course quite large; its diameter, according to your scale, maybe about twenty klafter.

69,9. But how can he be seen from all sides? Very easy; for see, if firstly hangs from or rests on the large frames by means of a powerful (horizontal) spindle parallel to a circular gallery which reaches precisely the height of the poles. Our students are on this gallery, among them their teachers, and they thoroughly examine an entire meridian. Have they investigated this well, the globe is advanced by one meridian, and so on, until the whole earth has been studied.

69,10. But is this the only globe, and have the students finished their geographic studies in this studio? Oh no! Look, there is yet another great hall before us in which is a similar globe, representing the earth a thousandyears earlier, and again another imposing great hall, representing the earth again a thousand years earlier, and so it goes on, back to Adam.

69,11. The students learn in this way also the history of the world together with their geography; only, they always go the opposite way. They begin with the present, and thus go from the phenomena to the cause; which is just as much to say as going from outside to inside.

69,12. You ask here, and say, "On the earth, indeed, changes happen from year to year; how can these be learned by the great globes, which are only depicting every thousand years? Then I say nothing else but look around a little, and look at what is contained in such a great hall. Look, in a certain distance there are ten more, somewhat smaller globes in each room. These represent the earth at every hundred years, and indeed, just as vividly as can be seen in the big one. Behind these ten globes, you will again discover a great multitude more in a good order, showing the earth from year to year, and behind it the last and widest row, you find very small globes of hardly three feet in diameter, presenting the changes on the earth from day to day.

69,13. In the first hall you may notice that a new globe is added in this last row, according to your calculation, every day; that is in the hall, which represents your present millennium. But in order for the students to not have to deal so much with the small globes, the teachers on the great globe are already prefiguring all the changes which have taken place here and there on the earth. As a result, the students already experience everything and can then convince themselves by their own affirmation on the small globes.

69,14. At the end of the last hall, where the earth is depicted at the time of Adam, there is also an opening through which our disciples can see the real earth as if through a tube, in order to gain the complete conviction of all that they have been taught about the earth in these halls.

69,15. How long does such a course take according to your reckoning of time? Maximum of six to seven days; for you have to take into account the far greater and more unchallenged, purely spiritual comprehensive ability of such an awakened child, who can absorb in one minute more than he would in one year on the earth. On the contrary, it is true that in the realm of spirits, which are imperfect, there are situations in which a spirit progresses less in a hundred years, than a man would in a minute on the earth.

69,16. So are there also, on your respective earth, and especially on the Moon, educational institutions for spirits, in which they make very poor progress. But those do not belong here, since these spirits here find themselves in perfection and purity.

69,17. But what do the children learn after these courses? See, in front of us, further towards noon, there is already an enormously large building. What will be taught in this? I tell you: nothing else than what is naturally the foundation of the external earth system; that is, the natural geology and the origin of the earth. If all this is understood first and foremost, it is then transcended into the historical and from this, to the spiritual earth. But as all these things will be presented, you will convince yourself of this just as you have convinced yourself of all things so far.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-69 Chapter