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Chapter 70

Instruction on the nature and origin of the earth in the kingdom of children

70,1. The new building stands in front of us and we enter. What do you see in this great hall? Obviously, you see nothing else but a raised globe, which does not differ from the previous one. But how should geology be studied on this globe? Let's go a little closer, and take a closer look.

70,2. Look, in the first place is this globe divided into two parts in the middle, from pole to pole. You only have to press on it and the whole inner shape of the earth becomes visible from pole to pole. The structure and the build represents the real earth exactly; even the mineral, as you can see it here, is perfectly the same. When you look at the now divided sphere, you will see how the earth still contains in itself a smaller earth, but which nevertheless is connected with the external earth by solid organic bonds.

70,3. In this smaller earth you see more towards the North Pole, a somewhat elongated sphere, split in two; it is full of veins and canals in its interior. Just below the equator you can see a large, hollow space, which here seems to be webbed all through with a fire-like mass. From this fire-mass you see the fire rising to the outside of the earth through numerous organs, and from this inner fire-cavity, you also see, especially at the South Pole, several large spiraling tubes, through which a great number of burning vapors are seen. These burning vapors are produced by the water which continuously flow from the surface of the earth into this furnace, while their powerful outflow towards the South Pole, bring about the daily rotation of the earth.

70,4. It is not time for you now to dissect the whole earthly being, but merely to show the way in which our more advanced spiritual students learn to know the inner nature of the earth. I think it is scarcely necessary to mention anymore, since every one of you can at first glance see that the geology or construction of the entire earth system cannot be taught in a wiser and more sensible way, and be better recognized by the students, than in this way.

70,5. At the same time, here, in addition to material geology, we also point to the fact that all the substances and the organs formed from them are fundamentally nothing but intellectually corresponding forms in which a captured spiritual life is prepared for its liberation. It is also shown how the captured life, rising from the center of the earth, ascends through countless steps, and, on the surface of the earth, manifests itself again in numerous new forms. - See, all this, the students learn in this room.

70,6. You ask, of course whether with so many spiritual pupils, such a globe will be too small? Just look around a little in this hall, and you will be able to look at a great number of similar apparatuses, some of the same size and some of smaller dimensions. And all these globes are arranged in such a way that they can be divided into all possible parts. Now that we have also seen this, we can again move to another hall.

70,7. We are in the second adjoining hall. Look, this one has the form of an exceedingly broad and high rotunda, which is divided all around in about a thousand considerably large and rather deep pillar niches, or in a certain way, chapels. Here, in the middle of this rotunda, is nothing but a floating, white-light gray cloud above a large table.

70,8. What does this mean? Look in all directions at the round windows of the chapels, from whence light is directed straight to this table.

70,9. The collision of the rays produces the apparent cloud. But what should the students learn from it? Nothing but the orderly formation of a world. But how a world arises from such conflict of rays, according to the will of the Lord, can be seen in these thousand encompassing chapels.

70,10. In the first chapel, we see on a somewhat smaller scale the same phenomenon we have seen in the middle of the hall. In the next chapel the formerly disorderly cloud formation has already formed an elongated round shape, which, however, is still rather wavering.

70,11. In every successive chapel, the form becomes more and more permanent, and more certain, also more solid. So we go through a hundred chapels. After the hundredth, we can see a crystal-clear water drop hovering through the slightly transparent mistball. And when we have walked through a few hundred chapels, we will see the water ball in each one, until he finally gets to the size of the former fogball.

70,12. From this time on we see small transparent crystals in the middle of the water-ball, not unlike those smooth, frozen snowflakes, which often fly like small diamond-shaped plates in considerable cold.

70,13. In the following chapels we always see more crystals of this kind, about which the center turns into a sort of bluish network, and in this way connects the previously disconnected crystals.

70,14. In the progression of these chapels, we keep seeing a gray and opaque clump in the center of the water-ball, around which, as in the cold winter, new clear crystals are being formed again, and glimmer like diamonds inside the water-ball.

70,15. As we proceed, we again see these newly formed crystals being bound by a new bluish tissue, and from the ever-darkening lump we also see a lot of round air-bubbles rising up on all sides, already causing a kind of atmospheric air to develop around the water-ball. You can see that this process, as we continue, becomes increasingly greater and more predominant.

70,16. When we have again passed a few hundred chapels in this slow development, we find here a strongly foaming lump in the center of a fairly large water-ball. Great bubbles oozes from it, and are here a carrier of a kind of hazy substance, which spread all over the surface of the water as a light fog, when the ascending bubbles burst. And see, these actions become increasingly violent from chapel to chapel. At the hundredth chapel, we can already perceive here and there inside the already highly crystallized water globe, some glowing spots, from where continually ascends vapors as if in boiling water, in countless bubbles of various sizes.

70,17. Further on, we are already discovering significant crystal tips above the surface of the water and the waterball is here and there free from the vapors floating above it.

70,18. Still further ahead, we already see significant fiery rays from the interior, tearing the surface of the water, churning it violently. Newly formed little crystals are washed into the inner crevices of the earth through this churning, thus rendering the surface of the inner opaque ball increasingly more round and even, as the surface of the water becomes more evenly round in itself as well.

70,19. Continuing further from chapel to chapel, we encounter flashes, produced on a small scale in the vapors, which cover so much of the actual ball, that we can only see them with difficulty.

70,20. Toward the end of this world formation education, we see quite mighty fiery eruptions which elevates the innermost firmest foundation over the surface of the water, thereby forming mountains and other solid dry land. During this progression we discover here and there the bare, solid rock already covered with moss, and in the deeper regions a softer soil, which has formed by the mossy growth of the rock and by the disintegration thereof through the fire.

70,21. In the continuous progression, we already discover animated infusoria, and the formation of the vegetative soil proceeds more rapidly. In the next chapel, we discover a kind of worm in the water. The animal formation in the water becomes increasingly more potent and rich; and thus, by such progress from chapel to chapel, the earth finally reaches the state where man's creation begins. But this is not to be seen here, but in a next room.

70,22. But what measures of time would these chapels represent? I tell you: Although these periods are not of exactly the same length, you can still measure millions of years from chapel to chapel, and you will not be too wrong. For, when you consider the greatness of the earth, you will also be able to comprehend what multiplication of time would be required to obtain a dew-drop from utterly void light-eater, and the latter, after all, The size of the earth, and to finally see it solidified. I hardly need to say more.

70,23. It is self-evident that this way of intuitive instruction way by which the students learn about the formation of a world, is the most practical. We can now proceed to the next room, where the creation of man is presented, and thus also the beginning of the historical and spiritual earth.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-70 Chapter