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The Book of the true Life 2

Teaching 49

The Lord says:

1. Your prayer rises toward me like the perfume from flowers and I receive it.

2. Allow your spirits to taste the bread of eternal life. This is not the first lesson that my Divine Spirit gives you. I already manifested myself as man in another time in order to teach you to be born into humility, to live helping others, and to die on the cross of love. When you hear my word, you regard it as the first teaching received by your spirits because you did not understand the previous lesson. I come again today, seeking those who are sick, which are all of my children who groan in this valley of restitution. Your tears reach me.

3. When pain becomes intense, then man, no matter how indifferent and cold he has been toward my doctrine, remembers God, turns his eyes to me seeking my charity, and in his desperation prays, Lord, why do you not grant me that for which I am greatly asking? If you are not going to answer my plea, then shorten my days on earth since there is no reason to be here if it is only to suffer. How much ignorance you show when you speak in this manner to your Father, who is total love to his children!

4. For that reason I have come in this period to help you comprehend my teaching so that you will not separate from the path of light even while you are suffering on earth. You will soon know that I have not created you to suffer, because suffering did not originate from me but rather from you. Now it is necessary for you to travel the entire path to recover the light and the purity which you had lost when you confronted obstacles along your path.

5. It is true that your life is like a stormy sea where you momentarily fear you will perish. But since you have already descended so much because of your imperfections, at least believe in my presence and my power during those moments when your ordeals are very difficult. Do not make me repeat the same words that I said to my previous disciples who had accompanied me in a boat. Those disciples saw that the sea was becoming rough and that Jesus slept. They began to feel fear and anguish and awoke Jesus telling him: Master, save us for we are going to perish. Do not make me repeat the same phrase that I told them: "O men of little faith."

6. Beloved people, analyze my teachings. Pattern your lives using the examples of those disciples, for you will be disciples also. Remember, my children, that in 1950 you will cease to hear this word through human spokesmen. Take advantage of it now so that it will purify you and you will no longer follow the path of sin.

7. My sacrifice of love in the Second Era taught you how to cleanse the stains which you carry in your material body and in your spirit, including those stains which Sodom and Gomorrah left you as a legacy. I allowed myself to be sacrificed in order to teach humanity the path of obedience and love that man needs to follow in order to attain salvation.

8. After having given you an infinite number of lessons, you are now prepared to save and purify yourselves on your own. I prophesied to you in the past that I would return among men, and I have come to fulfill my promise.

9. If those who hear this word are unable to feel my presence, it is because their materialism, their sin, and the ideas which they have deeply rooted in their minds separate them from the Master. But one moment of repentance will be sufficient to have them feel me in their spirits. The light of my love will enlighten them as it did Peter when he acknowledged the divinity of Jesus in response to a question that the Divine Master had asked him. They will put a stop to their wickedness. They will look upon their past with horror and will begin a new life which is pure, useful, and worthy. That is why I tell you not to judge your brothers. When they join you with their many sins and vices, do not reject them. If you do, you would be similar to that multitude which surprised a woman in adultery and brought her before Jesus to test my justice. What a severe lesson I gave to those individuals who, in comparison to the adulteress, believed themselves to be free of sin. I told them: "The one who believes he is free of all sin, let him throw the first stone against this woman". They all felt shame and left.

10. How understanding, sincere, and humble you will need to be if you do not wish to be called hypocrites as were the pharisees, whom I described as whitened tombs which were beautiful on the outside but filthy inside.

11. I carefully examine and gaze into the deepest part of your being and the most intimate part of your heart. My charity is willing to record your deeds in the book of your life with which you will be judged. Let that book only record good deeds. The spiritual peace that you will experience on earth, from your good deeds will be a sign of the great rewards that await you in the spiritual kingdom.

12. Today you remember the day when Jesus was viewed as a criminal by mankind, when even the children in their innocence, following the example of their elders, also cried out, Crucify him.

13. I found myself in the presence of judges, including those who wanted me to die and who were happy when I was sentenced to be crucified. Like the lamb on its way to be sacrificed, I humbly bowed my head and accepted my torment as it had been written.

14. Today, I am again present before my judges. I show you my truth in order to have you judge it and scrutinize it. I know that you will discover stains which it does not possess so that you might later condemn it. Judge my work, but do not bother any of the human spokesmen through whom I have given you my word.

15. Among the people of Israel today, there are spirits who have been purifying themselves throughout the eras because of previous faults that they had committed on earth. Thus, they will have attained purity when they live in the spiritual valley. These are the individuals who have believed in my presence in this period and who will ask those who persecute my work: What is the imperfection of which you accuse this doctrine? This question resembles the one that Pilate asked the multitudes in the Second Era: What are the accusations that you are making against this man? My voice will become silent just as the lips of Jesus were also silent on that occasion. I will allow my doctrine to be judged by some and defended by others, for in that struggle light will emerge. I will lovingly behold everyone and offer my forgiveness to them.

16. I was presented to Annas and Caiaphas and was accused in their presence. Then I was taken before Pilate and Herod to be judged. Truly I say to you that in this time my work and my word will go before the new Annas and Caiaphas and then before the new Pilate in order to be judged. There will be officials who will believe in my new manifestation and this message, but who will remain silent because they fear mankind. They will allow my doctrine and my followers to be persecuted while they wash their hands, although they will be unable to cleanse the stains that they have placed upon their spirits.

17. I will be given a new cross in this Third Era. It will not be visible to mortal eyes but from high upon the cross I will send my message of love to humanity; and my blood, which is the essence of my word, will be converted into light for the spirit.

18. Today, those who judged me in the Second Era have now repented, and they are practicing charitable and loving deeds with their brethren in order to amend their faults.

19. Before my doctrine triumphs over the evilness of men, it must experience hostility and ridicule, just as Christ suffered on the cross. My light must emerge from every wound to illuminate the darkness of this world that lacks love. My invisible blood must also descend over humanity to once again show it the path of its redemption.

20. The cross which you now offer me is heavier than the one of the Second Era. You did not know Christ then, but now all of you know him; nevertheless, you are going to condemn him. Now you will not see Jesus gasping for breath under the weight of his cross, passing before your house. My spirit will not be burdened by the weight of your sin. However, you will hear my voice saying to you, "I am thirsty, humanity", and my thirst will be for love.

21. Mary, the sweet mother of Jesus will not let her tears fall along the bloody path traveled by her beloved son, but from the heavens the Universal Mother will send you her warmth and tenderness in return for your ingratitude.

22. I will not fall on the road to my new Calvary. Thus, there will be no need for the helper to come to my aid because I am the strongest among the strong; but my eyes will seek my disciples hoping that they are faithful as was my apostle John.

23. Blessed is the one who knows how to interpret what the Master has said on this occasion. The thick darkness formed by the sins of humanity caused the Master to embrace the cross of torment and again walk the path to the Calvary. You are living in the Third Era, and still you offer your Lord the chalice of bitterness; I humbly accept it to give you a lesson of love once again. The blood and tears which I shed in my love for you cover my face, and when you hear my words you also shed fears evoked by your memories and repentance. That weeping cleanses you and brings you close to me.

24. Women who have atoned for your faults be comforted because your sins will be taken from you allowing you to rise up strong on the path. You have imitated Magdalene and have repented from your sins. Be strong; be healed spiritually and physically, and attain salvation.

25. I have come to the sinners not to the righteous; therefore, do not make an uproar. I love all of my children, the healthy and the sick, the pure and the stained; I attend to the needs of each child. One individual asks me for his children to become enlightened; another presents to me his ill mother, yet I grant my charity to all beings.

26. If you have wept a great deal, be comforted. Some of you have asked me to help you to become sensitive so that you may weep for your sins. I say to you: Accept that gift and rest, for tears will offer comfort and bring peace to the individual who is burdened by remorse and regrets.

27. Remember that after I had died on the cross, those who had persecuted me believed that the lamp which had illuminated the path of my disciples had been extinguished. They also believed that when my voice had ceased to speak, everything had ended. However, they saw in the hearts of those who followed me a ray of eternal light that forever enlightens. For while some rejected me, others loved me. Since these knew how to follow me, when I promised them to return, they awaited me, watching and praying, and feeling my presence in all of my manifestations.

28. The same will occur in this time. Those who have understood the essence of my teaching will continue to be vigilant and respectfully await the fulfillment of my words, while others will forget the love which I have shown them along with my desire to save them.

29. I observe the pain present in each heart, and while lips remain silent through their inability to express with words what they feel, the spirit elevates itself to communicate with me. The Spirit of the Father is very near to your heart. It watches over you and blesses you. I also comfort your spirit, dry your tears, and bless all who have come on this day to hear the voice of the Father, which has told you that after the year 1950 you will no longer hear his word through human spokesmen. You are like my apostles from the Second Era because they, too, heard me speak of many things. Carry my word in your hearts so that you can transmit it to those who have not heard me through the spokesman.

30. You who are on earth celebrate dates and days which remind you of the great deeds of your Master in his journey through the world, and I am present with you during those moments when you recall my deeds. Only those on earth have specific days to celebrate the remembrance of my passion with festivities; in the spiritual world such events are not celebrated, for in eternity there are no dates nor days. There, only one day exists which is eternal and never ends. The virtuous beings, who live in that kingdom and who dwell near the Creator, are well aware of the divine deeds that I have fulfilled. Therefore, rather than worshiping the Father only at specific times, they worship Him at all times.

31. O disciples who have nourished yourselves at my banquet and eaten the bread of eternal life for which your spirits yearned, you believe that I die and resurrect from among the dead every year, yet that only happens in your minds, for I live in eternity. You believe that my spirit descends to the low dark places, to the worlds in need of redemption, to give light to those who are lost there. Indeed, I say to you that if you wish it, if you request it of me, I will do it, for I am always offering my charity to help those who are lost to find the path of salvation. I am always with the one who is following his path of restitution and purification. My Spirit is eternally present in all worlds and in all valleys without distinguishing anyone according to his greater or lesser degree of spiritual elevation.

32. Be aware, my new disciples, that you should always honor and offer tribute to the Lord, without awaiting specific dates, in the same manner that the Father always loves you. But if you want to know how to remember my deeds of love on a daily basis without falling into fanaticism, I will tell you how. During your lifetime, you should continually love one another as a tribute to the one who has created everything.

33. Live in that manner, and I will grant you those things that you humbly request in addition to forgiving your faults. I offer you comfort and ease your pain, but I say to you, When your conscience makes you aware of your errors, pray, correct your errors, and with your spiritual gifts attain spiritual strength in order not to commit the same faults again. Thus, you will not have to ask me repeatedly to forgive you. My word is teaching you to evolve and to attain enlightenment and spirituality throughout your life.

34. This teaching is the path which leads you to me. Do you wish to enjoy the blessings of the promised kingdom? I remind you of, and renew, the pact which you have made with me throughout the times so that this alliance is not broken. I ask you, men of Israel, Do you wish to penetrate into eternal life and be close to me? Feel my presence now that I have come to confirm and fulfill the prophecies. Also, I have come to teach you patiently so that, in the future, the words that you speak will be inspired by your spirit. Your spirit will have been prepared by my love beforehand and will be inspired to practice deeds of charity toward your brothers.

35. Begin to practice charity; accept your suffering with patience; work hard for your livelihood. Love one another as I love you, and watch over this nation which I have chosen among all others. I have called this nation a pearl, and I am well pleased with this nation.

36. Do not imitate Thomas in those times when I test you. Do not ask me to allow you to sink your fingers into the wound on my side in order to believe. When I need to give you a lesson that will make your spirit tremble, do not reject me. Do not doubt, for then later you will weep after you have repented. Your life is a path of ordeals and miracles and of pain followed by happiness. Your spirit evolves along that ladder of perfection.

37. Do not be like Peter. Do not deny the one who has delivered his lessons with so much love. Do not be ashamed to belong to this multitude of people and to possess the spiritual gifts which I have entrusted to you. If you were to deny me, you would be denying me many more times than did Peter. You would deny me thousands of times due to the large number of disciples that I now have, and your lack of faith would be felt in other nations.

38. Be vigilant so that my work will not be betrayed and so that the seed of Judas will not germinate in the hearts of men. When those individuals become aware of their mistakes, I do not want them to mistakenly believe, as did Judas, that material death will free them from the guilt of their sins. They would thus later arrive at the spiritual valley without finding any peace for their spirits, which are eternal and never die.

39. Behold how as I come near you and let you feel my presence, I show you the true life. But few of you are interested in knowing it. Most of you are spiritually dying due to your lack of faith, for you did not believe in me when I became man in the Second Era. Today, you again doubt my word and my manifestation and attempt to test me when I have only come to help you attain spirituality in your life and to have you know the truth.

40. My Spirit lives in a state of suffering which never ends. I am constantly being crucified, and the crown of thorns touches my head; my wounds open and I am once again sacrificed so that you might live forever and have in my example a lesson of love toward your brothers.

41. I come to you today in spirit to tell you that I live eternally, whereas, you have weakened and been defeated many times. Though you have me close and have heard my word, you do not know how to receive it in your hearts similar to how the soil receives a seed and allows it to grow. For that reason my seed of love has not produced fruit nor multiplied a hundred per cent as is my will.

42. I am judging the living and the dead in this time. The light of my love pours out in every spirit and physical being. Blessed are those who weep for they will be comforted. Blessed are the humble for they will have honor and glory.

43. When the time comes, beloved people, you will arise and share my holy word with your brothers. You will become scattered throughout the world like good disciples, and you will spread this new gospel which I have brought you. The light from the Sixth Seal will spiritually illuminate humanity in this period, and mysteries will be clarified. My doctrine will become established in different nations and all those things not yet discovered by men will be revealed through the light from the Seven Seals. Then you will speak to humanity about these teachings which you received, and will tell it how to fulfill my law.

44. When my children comprehend the essence of my lessons they will realize that my will has been to communicate from Spirit to spirit with humanity; that I have returned to be among men because my pact can not be broken.

45. Whoever ignores my truth can not consider himself to be truly alive, nor can he consider himself a disciple if he commits evil deeds in spite of having received these teachings. I have come to save those spirits which have lost their way and to free them from ignorance and sin.

46. Live to serve me, and purify yourselves as did Magdalene who was converted by her love and her repentance. Since the world has not awakened to my love, you who have heard me must honor me by obeying the commandment which tells you, Love one another.

47. The nations which today live in war resemble the foolish virgins who did not want to remain alert; they were asleep when the husband arrived and summoned at their door. This nation of people has felt my presence, and for that reason it has been able to maintain peace.

48. I have always been your servant in order to teach you humility. Whenever you have justly requested something, I have granted your request; your will is mine. You ask me for nourishment, to eliminate poverty from your home, and I give you what is necessary. I give you everything without your asking because I am your Father, and I love you. What pain can afflict the child that is not felt by the Father? Which of you has not received bread, or is naked, or is in need of shelter? The pure air nourishes you. The fields offer you their seeds and their fruits to feed you. You have not lacked a fountain that blesses you with water in order to quench your thirst. I have given man intelligence so that he might seek the means to live and have a joyful existence on earth, finding in nature all that is necessary for his well being. Be aware that you are not the ones who have created beings; nor do you maintain their lives. Rather it is I who do so, the one who loves you and sets the destiny for each being.

49. In this era I have manifested myself spiritually to give you my teaching. I say to you, Follow the laws of the Third Testament which I am leaving you. Allow your spirits to quickly come to me. Take my divine blessings so that my light shines in you and the Lord will manifest himself when you speak.

50. Cleanse yourselves with the tears from your restitution and repentance. Elevate your thoughts through prayer so that you may analyze things correctly. Then you will feel my inspiration, and your joy will be great. After you receive this divine inspiration, you will arise to speak to your brothers about my work, and truly I say to you that your word will offer testimony of the truth.

51. I have manifested my doctrine to you through many spokesmen and in many houses of prayer. I have given you this doctrine using only one form, with one single essence, outlining the same path and pointing to the same goal.

52. No one among those who have heard me in this period can truthfully say that he has not understood me, for everyone who has been summoned was previously prepared. My word is a divine treasure that I do not wish you to keep only to yourselves. Do not turn into greedy rich people, for believing that you have much wisdom, you will have none. Truly I say to you that selfishness is darkness and darkness reflects a spirit that is ignorant.

53. My lesson in the Third Era is clear and extensive. It is a lesson which Elijah clarifies with his word and which your spiritual brothers further simplify with their advice to keep you from living in confusion. Which one of my disciples who has received this teaching can consider himself too weak to obey my command to take this message to humanity?

54. I want you to practice all forms of charity, so that you will not tell me: Father, if I possess so little, how do you wish me to share my bread and my money with my fellow beings? If you do not know how to be charitable, then you will not know how to teach these lessons to your brothers.

55. Truly I say to you that if on many occasions you find yourselves empty-handed in the presence of those who are needy, your spirits will always have something to give. When you have nothing material to share with your brothers, allow your spirits to give from the many gifts that they possess. But you must recognize that when it is necessary for your charity to be material, you should not avoid the fulfillment of your duty claiming that your intentions were sufficient. Learn from your Father who gives you everything that you need for your spirit as well as for your material body. Learn from Jesus who taught you how to offer everything that you have as charity toward your brethren.

56. Carry your cross patiently and lovingly so that I can say, Bless you. I observe turmoil in the hearts of some of my children, and I say to them, Be alert and pray for those ordeals will pass and you will see the rainbow of peace shine once again.

57. Tomorrow, when humanity is enduring great suffering, you will be grateful for having strengthened your spirits as a result of the ordeals which you are confronting today. If you were to observe the pain, hunger, and misery which exist among millions of people from nations which are in war, you would not dare to complain. Truly I say to you that many of those individuals, who are your brethren, might not bless me, but at least they do not curse nor speak disrespectfully about me.

58. Be alert and pray. Become worthy of my blessings. Destroy with your prayer all evil things that men seek to do.

59. After the chaos arrives, which is now approaching, men will seek my fatherly love and will find me awaiting all my children. In this Third Era all of humanity will recognize me, and all will unite spiritually in one single worship.

60. Men have imitated the prodigal son, and when they have wasted every last bit of their inheritance, they remember the Father and return to him.

61. I forewarn every one with my prophetic word; listen to it and spread it so that when you see it fulfilled tomorrow, you will understand that it was your Father who had been teaching you.

62. Humanity is not prepared for the spiritual struggle which approaches. How many of my children whose lips have never pronounced my name will be surprised to hear it praised throughout the world!

63. I say to you, only pronounce my name when you consider it necessary in order to teach your brothers respect toward the Father.

64. When you see that the world has rejected all morality, virtue, and justice, you believe that it is impossible for humanity to regenerate, but that is when the greatness of my doctrine will be manifested.

65. Allow my teaching to blossom in your hearts. Treat each other with love, help one another in your spiritual missions, and assist one another in your ordeals.

66. When you have become prepared by fulfilling my law, I will offer signs to humanity announcing your unification.

67. When will you attain enough preparation that will enable your brothers to feel in their hearts the desire to live in the midst of this nation? Be aware that those who heard my teaching through human spokesmen in this era have a very important responsibility and mission.

68. Love one another and you will observe that great multitudes follow you, for humanity is only awaiting an example of true charity and love to rise in the search of truth. When you sow faith in the hearts of your brothers, you will feel my love in your beings. Then there will be no greater reward than peace for your spirits. My Peace be with you!

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