Trumpet Call of God Volume 3

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V3/01 One Truth, One Church, One Body... No Walls

V3/02 Churches of Men... You were to be the Embodiment of Christ

V3/03 As God is three Aspects, all in one, so too is the Coming of the Son of Man

V3/04 Standing above Reproach

V3/05 I will take My People out

V3/06 Everything that was made exists because of God

V3/07 Worship the Lord your God as I am

V3/08 In and by the Word are God’s Prophets sent out

V3/09 Armageddon

V3/10 Standing upon the Doorstep of Revelation

V3/11 Judgment into Life

V3/12 Submissiveness in Marriage

V3/13 Be not tempted of this World

V3/14 Judgment, Transgression and the Word

V3/15 Weighed in The Balances

V3/16 Transgression

V3/17 Steadfast Faith and Obedience

V3/18 YahuShua is the Gift... Blessed are Those, who know and accept Him

V3/19 For The Glory of God

V3/20 Walk in The Lord... In Love, Faith and Obedience

V3/21 Proclaim not the Hell of the Church of Men

V3/22 To the Glory of God... Designed in perfect Intelligence

V3/23 To the Church who sits upon 7 Hills

V3/24 Woe to the Leaders, who speak in the Lord's Name

V3/25 Deceptions... Regarding New Age Spirituality, Buddhism etc.

V3/26 YahuShua HaMashiach, called Jesus and Christ, is King

V3/27 The Sower has sown

V3/28 The last Trump

V3/29 The Mountains shall crumble and fall upon the Desolate

V3/30 You shall not tempt the Lord your God

V3/31 Woe to the Captives of this World

V3/32 His Branches are grafted in, budding beautifully from The Vine

V3/33 As you have received, so must you give