Trumpet Call of God Volume 2

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V2/01 Regarding the Celebration of Easter

V2/02 Purify your Faith and come to The Father as it is written

V2/03 Do not judge Others, for that by which you judge is how you’ll be judged

V2/04 Embrace the Cornerstone, wherein flow Springs of Living Water

V2/05 God created Man in His Image and from his Rib He gave him the Woman

V2/06 The Great I AM

V2/07 All Things were ordained from the Beginning

V2/08 The seventh Day

V2/09 A Day in the Lord

V2/10 Return Home… your Father calls

V2/11 I Am the Passover and the Lamb... The New Covenant

V2/12 The Holy Spirit

V2/13 Bear much Fruit, the Harvest is near

V2/14 Do this in Rememberance of Me

V2/15 Even to Children is the Spirit given

V2/16 Ensign

V2/17 It is Time... Prepare to meet your God

V2/18 Woe to the Church, called Roman and Catholic

V2/19 Timothy’s Vision of Jesus standing upon the World and its Interpretation

V2/21 Lift up your Hands to Heaven... Behold, your Redeemer lives

V2/22 The Servants of God are sent out to blow the Trumpet

V2/23 Hearts changed - Grace is Given

V2/24 The Lord comes nigh... Make the Way straight for His Return

V2/25 Seek first your own Salvation - Regarding the Mark of the Beast

V2/26 All shall reap that which they have sown, be it of good or evil

V2/27 Have Understanding of the true Baptism into Grace... By Grace

V2/28 Love and Forgiveness awaits all Those who turn from the World

V2/29 Let the Lord Lead, you only need to follow... Let go of your Pride

V2/30 All have been purchased, yet Few have accepted... Few are chosen

V2/31 Innocence destroyed in evil Arrogance, wrought by false Truths and permitted under Human Rights

V2/32 Those with steadfast Faith in Christ are free from Doubt

V2/33 The Judgment of God is true and without Question

V2/34 Escape the Grasp of the World’s Thief... Run to the true Thief

V2/35 Reconciliation